Harry Potter Truth or Dare!

Emma May isn't a normal girl. She has powers. Wonder powers. But, they come with a cost. Follow your favorite Harry Potter characters as they play truth or dare with a mysterious American witch, Emma May, and try to figure out her secret in the process.


3. Chapter 1

Harry stumbled down the stairwell into the Gryffindor common half dragging, half carrying his sleeping best friend, Ron Weasley. He put Ron down on a couch and was about to sit down himself when Hermione ran into the room from the portrait hole.

“You guys just got up!?” she asked.

“Well, yeah.” Harry said with a yawn.

“Don’t you know what just happened!?” she asked.

“I was sleeping in my warm bed?” asked Ron sleepily. Hermione sighed and dramatically pointed at the Gryffindor bulletin board. Both Harry and Ron walked over and read…


Dear Hogwarts Students,

We are please to inform you that some powerful witch from America has found a way to bring back the dead! There is a catch.. in order to see your loved ones, you must participate in a game called “Truth or Dare”. You will not be able to see or talk to them outside these meetings. Every Sunday, you must report to the Great Hall and sign your name upon a piece of parchment, when you do there is no turning back. If you do not show to these meeting, you may never see your loved ones again. If you to participate without seeing any loved ones, that is fine a well. The parchment you sign has an enchantment cased upon so you can not refuse the task given to you.

Hope to see you there,

Professor McGonagall


Immediately, Harry ran up the stairs, threw off his pajamas, put on his robes, and ran back down. “What are you waiting for!” ,Harry said, “Let's get a move on!”

“That’s what I was afraid of.” admitted Hermione.

“What!?...” said Harry but Hermione beat him to it.

“Harry, Draco and his parents are going so they will be able to bring back, umm, Voldemort. Not to mention Bellatrix, Quirrell, and Peter!”

“I don’t care, Hermione. I could see my parents and Sirius, Remus, Mad-Eye, Snape, and Dumbledore.”

“Not to mention, Fred!” Ron chimed in.

“Come on Hermione! All the people we loved, all back in a heartbeat!” Harry said as he tried to reason with her.

“I know but, honestly, all that hard work against the Dark Side for nothing!”

“They won’t be able to leave ,won’t they? I mean the letter even said “You will not be able to to see or talk to them outside of these meetings.” Come on Hermione. Please!” begged Ron.

“Fine. Let's go then.” huffed Hermione. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you. Anyone could tell you what you have to do! Like, for example, someone could dare you to go up to Gilderoy Lockhart and kiss him ,though, I don’t think that one would be that awful.”

“Gross!” both Harry and Ron yelled. Hermione blushed and they walked out of the portrait hole.

As they walked to the Great Hall, the caught up with Ginny, Neville, and Luna. They walked, brainstorming on what the powerful American witch would look like.

“I bet that she a great old hag with mousy gray hair, a hunched back and stubby legs!” yelled Ron.

“Shut up! You just described Madam Pince!” said Ginny. At that moment everyone laughed until waterfalls of tears streamed down their excited faces.

“Okay..hiccup..Seriously, She probably is just a normal witch who is very gifted in magic. That's all.” Hermione said trying to bring the group back to reality.

“I’m so excited to see my mum again.” said Luna “Maybe this lady had the same ideas as her. Or maybe she has found out where all the Mokes are going?” Luna wondered.

“She probably did, Luna.” Neville added. Luna smiled sweetly at him and Neville started to blush and sheepishly look away. They kept walking until they arrived at the Great Hall and sat at there house tables, ate breakfast, and patiently waited for Professor McGonagall to arrive with everyone else. As Hermione predicted Draco and his parents arrived and sat in the corner of the room. Then everyone from Victor Krum to Neville’s Gran came to participate in the game. McGonagall disapparated and left everyone alone to their silent excited thoughts. Then with a BANG!, McGonagall and a young girl about the age of 13 arrived on the spot with smoke coming out of the girl’s fingertips. The girl didn't seem phased when her whole hand erupted with searing hot blue flames, but just mutter something under her breath and the flames subsided. She looked like a normal 13 year old girl, about in her third year of school, if she attended Hogwarts, with light brown bushy hair worn up in a slobbish pony tail. She had eyes that seemed to change at every glance, first hazel then light blue and then a stormy grey. She was tall and thin, sort of the built of Ron but she had that same mischievous look on her face as George. She wore the most basic thing there is, sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes with different color socks, one purple and the other green. Her shirt had holes in a few spots and her pants looked like they had been in a fire pit multiple times.

“Who are you! Get out of here you Muggle. You don't belong here. We are waiting for a powerful witch to show up and bring back our loved ones.!” screamed Draco.

“Fine. If you don't want your powerful witch you can kiss me goodbye!” snapped the girl. Draco looked like he had been slapped and immediately shut her mouth.

“That's what I thought.” the girl snapped.

“Are you okay?! Your hand just bursted into flames!” said Hermione.

“Yeah. It’s pretty normal. Happens once or twice a day. So here I am!” announced the girl.

“This is Emma May. She is the powerful American witch you guys were so excited to meet.” explained McGonagall. Everyone stared in amazement. How could this young girl be able to bring back the dead?

“Where is your wand, dear?” asked Mrs. Weasley.

“Oh. I don't need one. I can do magic with my hand.” As proof of her claim she pointed her thumb at the goblets on the table and made them hop up and down doing an Irish jig. “See.” in a matter of fact tone.

“Okay. Now everyone form a line behind me.” stated McGonagall. Everyone lined up and with a flick of the Emma’s pointer finger a piece of parchment appeared with a ink and quill.

“All right. Everyone sign your name and the person or people you wanted to come back.” said Emma. Once the last person signed their name, Emma made a swooping motion of her pinky finger and instantly, everyone appeared behind her. To Harry, it seemed like a dream or scene in a movie, there his parents stood, living flesh and blood, breathing hard as tears of joy rolled down their faces.

“Harry.” said Lily.

“My son.” said James in disbelief. Harry ran forward and hugged his parents without passing through as he had down before. Finally, he felt the warm embrace of a mother and a clap on the back from a father. He had parents. Living, breathing parents with blood pumping through their heart and veins. Full of life and happiness. All around him there was tears of happiness from everyone. He saw George with a look of joy spread across his face as he saw his twin ,Fred, in front of him. He ran forwards towards his brother and the rest of Weasley family followed. They all cried tears of delighted to finally see their family reunited again. Hugging and laughter preceded for several minutes from Remus and Sirius, Mad-Eye ,and Dumbledore and Snape. Harry finally let go of his parents and hugged Sirius and Remus.

“Well done Harry, well done.” said Dumbledore.

“Thank you but Voldemort is back along with his deatheaters.” Sure enough Voldemort was standing amongst his followers in utter silence.

“Yes, but he and us won't be able to leave so it’s all for the best!” added Sirius.

“Alright everyone sit down in a circle please” commanded Emma. Everyone sat down and Emma explained the rules. “Okay, that piece of paper you signed has a spell on it so you can't refuse a truth or dare. It will only give a few seconds of refusal and then a ginx or hex will be placed upon you until you completed the task. Or it will force you against your will and control your body for a little bit but, that’s nothing from where I’m from.” Emma explained. “Any questions?” she asked.

“Yes. What type of ginx is it?” asked Luna.

“Just a bat boogie ginx or a knock knees hex, nothing too bad but it will be really annoying.” replied Emma.

“One question, Muggle scum,” asked Bellatrix, “Lord Voldemort is the most powerful wizard of all time, surely he can refuse the task with ease, unlike you, Muggle!” screamed Bellatrix.

“First of all I’m not a Muggle. I’ll prove that in a minute. Second of all, I bet my life I could beat this Lord Voldemort and all his death eaters in a duel right here, right now.” replied a fumed Emma.

“ENOUGH!” yelled Voldemort, “We will settle this now.”.

“Okay bring the best you got.” said a non fearful Emma. And so all the death eaters stood up and started to fight the teenage girl. She seemed rather bored, just flicking her pointer finger, as if she has done this thousands of times before, with yawn spread across her face. Once all Voldemort’s death eaters laid groaning on the floor, Voldemort finally appeared for behind them all, alone without his human shields.

“You're a coward, you know that, right?” Emma asked

“DIE!” screamed Voldemort, “Avada Keda…..” but he didn't get to finish. As if she had predicted this would happen, she lazily waved her pinky finger and him and he flew backwards, hitting a book shelf, lying there, somewhat unconscious.

“That was a cowardly move, don't make it again.” she said sternly. Then she faced the group pointing at Voldemort saying, “This is what happens when you question my power! Don't make it again!” she commanded. Everyone stood there somewhat scared and somewhat mesmerized, unable to move.

“You...you just...how...what!” Fred stammered.

“Yes, didn't you just see me do that. This is an example of what happens when someone makes me angry. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so mean, it's just no one gets me or understands me.”

“It’s okay.” Fred said timidly, as if he was scared he would get blasted into space if he chose the wrong words. At that very moment an owl flew through the open window.

Emma opened it, “Okay our first truth is from No Will To Live, “Truth to Hermione, do you like Harry or Ron?” what is your answer?” asked Emma.

“Um…..Ron, sorry Harry but I kind of just see you as a big brother.” answered Hermione.

“It’s cool. I see you as a younger sister so…” Harry replied.

“Okay and our next dare is from No Will To Live too, “Dare for Harry, sing “Weasley is our king” in front of Ron and tell Ron that Hermione doesn't really like him. I’m a horrible person. I’m so guilty” oh this is a good one, Harry? asked Emma.

“Okay. Sorry Ron but here goes nothing.” said Harry. Harry began to sing the song but it turns out that it was the Gryffindor version! “Alright sorry Ron” and Harry took a deep breath and said so fast no one could understand him “Ron, Hermione doesn't really like you!” Harry said with a pant. Another owl flew through the window.

“This one is from IShipDramione, “I ship Dramione so: Dare for Draco and Hermione, make out and Truth for Voldemort, if you could kill only one person, who would it be? Any of the Potter parents, Harry or somebody completely else?” okay hop to it!” said Emma. And with that Draco lunged at Hermione and started to kiss her. She seemed taken aback at first but she shrugged and just went along with it.

“Okay break it up , break it up.” said Harry.

“Oi!” shouted Ron, “Do that on your own time!” They broke apart and Hermione blushed.

“Okay and now Voldemort.” stated Emma.

“Hmmmm. That is a tough one. Most likely one of Harry Potter’s parents, Harry Potter’s girlfriend, Harry Potter’s friends, Harry Potter’s teachers, Harry Potter, or that Emma girl. But since I have to choose one I’ll narrow it down to Harry Potter’s girlfriend or Harry Potter. Hmm. Make him feel emotion pain or physical pain? This is hard. I’m all into emotional pain, I love to see people cry and get anger but, my kind of style is to just get it over with and kill the person. My answer is to kill Harry Potter.

“Okay. That’s a little view of what goes on in Voldemort’s mind for you guys. Nothing but how to cause pain.” laughed Fred.

“That's it for today. Tomorrow, come back and we will do this all over again! Everyone grumbled “hooray” and started to say goodbye to everyone.

“See you soon Freddy.” said a disappointed George.

“And you too Georgie.” said Fred. Emma made the same swooping motion with her pinky finger but reversed and everyone disappeared with a puff of red fog. Then, Emma started violently coughing until she drank some water but it wasn't over yet, whatever “it” is. Her whole body started to erupt in green gas which made her faint while she was being engulfed in the same searing hot blue flames as before. Everyone started to panick. They tried every spell but the flames grew stronger. As sweat trickled down his face, Harry could just make out Emma’s body, unharmed just like before and she was smiling like she was sleeping! Then, the flames suddenly stopped and Emma stood up and asked, “Why are you guys looking at me like that and why are you sweating?”

“Blue flames…..really hot...didn't know if you were okay.” explained Neville in deep breaths.

“Oh. Whenever that happens just wait a little and don't panic. Happens all the time, like I told you. Doesn't even hurt, I don't really know why but, oh well. See you later!” And with that McGonagall disapparated with the girl and everyone went back to bed. As Harry laid in bed, he wondered where in America could that girl be from and how could those blue flames not hurt her! Hypotheses formed in his mind as he closed his heavy eyelids and drifted into deep sleep…..

Thanks to No Will To Live and IShipDramione for those awesome truths and dares! If I didnt pick yours, dont worry. I only pick two random people's request each chapter so yours might be next! Keep up those great truths and dares everyone! See you next chapter…….

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