Finding Myself

I guess... our lives are always in process, but finding ourselves, our purpose, and why we are here is especially hard. I'm taking a course right now called Becoming Fully Human, and I would really love it if I could share my experience with all of you as I hopefully find the meaning to my life!

I'll add on chapter by week!!
xx Amarra


2. Unit 1: Existentialism

The 5 themes of existentialism are:

1. Absurdity- The realization that we, as human beings, will not know the answers to all of the existential questions and we cannot determine the meaning of our lives based on the answers to these questions.

2. Anxiety- The feeling you get that you must determine the meaning of your life and that only you can make sense of that meaning.

3. Alienation- The feeling of being alone in the world due to the fact that not one person in the whole world will truly understand your meaning of life in its entirety.

4. Existence Precedes Essence- The idea that we are born without a destiny or a fate and we find our meaning as we learn and grow.

5. Bad Faith- The things that we use as barriers to prevent us from finding the meaning of our lives. These things don't have to necessarily be bad, but they get to a point where they take over our lives (i.e. working, studying, exercising, etc.)

I seem to think that I have overcome all of these except the fourth one. I have accepted that I will never know all of the answers to the questions that I have, that I and I alone will be able to find the meaning of my life, and that I am the only one who will be able to fully understand that meaning. I have also gotten over any barriers that may prevent me from finding this meaning... but I still do not know what this said meaning is. I know that I am here and that I do not have any predetermined destiny that I must fulfill... but I still do not know why I am here or what my purpose is.

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