When Mr. Grey Met Mr. Cross

What would happen if the two hottest CEO's on the planet had a chance meeting one night?

Christian Grey and Gideon Cross are two highly successful but deeply troubled businessmen. After a couple of Armagnac's, all the secrets of their traumatic pasts are revealed. Could spending one hot night together obliterate some of their demons?



I stare out of my office window at yet another gray Seattle day. It's a crappy day, that's come at the end of a long crappy week, culminating in a long crappy month since Susannah's departure.

Did I do the right thing in letting her go like all the others? She was pretty, great body and the sex was amazing...but could I be with her 24/7?

She was a brilliant Sub, but not great with conversation. She just tended to agree with whatever I said - which started out as flattering, but ended up being tedious. There just wasn't enough about her that would make me want to come home to her most nights. I sigh and run my hand through my hair.

How many Subs have I had?

I grab a pen and begin to jot down names. When I tally them up I'm amazed there have been fifteen of them since Elena. Not that I really class Elena as one of my Submissives or my Domme anymore. She was more like my teacher - guiding me in the erotic art of BDSM...

My desk buzzes, jolting me rudely out of my reverie.

"WHAT?" I snap down the line.

"Sir," Andrea begins coolly. "I have a Mr. Gideon Cross on the line for you."

My eyebrows shoot up. "Cross? As in Cross Industries?"

"That's what his secretary said, sir."

I frown as I stare into space across my office. "Give me thirty seconds Andrea and then put him through."

"Yes sir."

What the fuck does Gideon Cross want with me? I've met him at a few charity functions and he seems a decent enough guy - built up his empire in a similar way to me...Surely it's not in financial trouble?

My phone buzzes and taking a deep breath, I pick up the receiver.

"Mr. Cross? What can I do for you?"

"Good morning Mr Grey." A deep confident voice begins. "I'm not interrupting anything important am I?"

"Nothing that can't wait. And please call me Christian."

"Thank you. Please call me Mr. Cross."


A deep chuckle down the line makes me smile.

"You got me." I grin.

"Sorry Christian couldn't resist. I hate formalities with someone I consider an equal."


"Umm...thanks." I squirm uncomfortably at the unexpected compliment. "Considering the huge empire you built from scratch, I'm honoured you would think that." I relax back in my seat. "So, what can I do for you?"

"I have a security issue. I'm in Seattle on business and my guy has had to rush back to New York on a family emergency. I can't get anyone over on short notice, so I wondered if I could borrow one of your guys for the three days I'm in town?"

I consider his request for a moment.

There's no way I'd lend Taylor out to anyone...but Sawyer? He could probably cover the three days if he was well briefed by Cross and Taylor...

"I might have a guy I can assign to you, but he would need a thorough briefing and I'm sure my head of security would need to go through a number of points with both of you." I pause for a moment. "Why don't you come round to my place tonight? We could go through it with all parties."

"Are you sure it's not a bother? I know only too well how precious down-time is."

"No, honestly you'd be saving me from probably working for most of the evening. Is around eight thirty okay with you?"




"So, you're happy with what's required, Sawyer?"


"Gideon - anything you wish to add?"

"No...I can't think of anything. You run a very tight ship, Grey."

I beam. "I like order."

Gideon nods, his jet hair moving silkily across his pristine shirt collar. "A fellow control freak! I like that."

I grin. I must admit I've enjoyed spending the last hour in Gideon's company. I don't really have many male friends who aren't family members or in my employ and certainly none who are so similar to me...

I turn to Taylor. "Can I leave you to finish off, Taylor?"

"Certainly sir. I'll get everything set up with Luke now."

"Thanks." I stand up.

Gideon also rises with an easy grace. "Thank you Taylor," he says warmly shaking his hand. "Sawyer, I will contact you tomorrow with times and full details."

"Yes Mr. Cross," Sawyer nods as he shakes Gideon's hand.

I gesture to Gideon and we leave the room.

"Are you in any hurry to get back to your hotel? I have a nice Armagnac in my Library..?"

"No - like you, I'd only spend the evening working if I head back. The Armagnac sounds great...Plus I'd like to know a bit more about the mysterious Mr Grey."


My step falters slightly. "Not much to know," I murmur as I lead the way.

Gideon looks over at me as we cross the main room. "You keep your cards very close to your chest, Christian."

I open the Library door. "I just value my privacy, that's all."

Gideon nods as he enters the room. "I can relate to that."

I close the door after him. "I sensed a kindred spirit."

Gideon's impressive shoulders visibly tense under his designer shirt and vest.


He turns slowly around and fixes me with a stare. His eyes are the most extraordinary shade of blue and their intensity sears me. I find I cannot look away.


Suddenly it's like the windows to his soul have been opened and a major secret has been revealed. I recognise the signs immediately. This sophisticated, successful, incredibly wealthy businessman has been hurt. Deeply, deeply, hurt. In that instant, I can see his raw pain revealed before me and I gasp involuntarily.

"Something terrible has happened to you, hasn't it?" I hear myself whisper.

He nods slowly, his intense ocean-blue eyes not leaving mine. "You too." He croaks.

FUCK. Busted.

"Yes." I breathe. The word is out of my mouth before I can stop or deny it.

He blows out his cheeks. "Wanna share?"

"Do you?"

"I will if you will."

Shit! The mysterious, enigmatic CEO wants to go toe to toe with me in sharing his darkest secrets.

I take a deep breath.

"Bring it on."

Gideon smiles. "You first."

I smirk and rub my chin. "I think you'll find this is MY house, Cross."

He turns and glances at my pool table. "Grab the Blackball. First one to pot it starts."

I consider his proposition. "Mmmm...Okay, I like a challenge. I'll get the stuff - you pour the drinks."

He beams at me and suddenly he looks years younger. He has the most striking face - those amazing blue iris set against golden skin, inky black hair and the physicality of a Roman God.

I open the box, grab the white and black ball and place them into position as Gideon pours two tumblers of Armagnac.

"Would you like to break?" I ask graciously, smiling sweetly as I offer him the cue.

Gideon takes a sip of Armagnac. "As you pointed out before, this is YOUR house."

I grin and lean over the table. I aim the white ball past the projection of the black, so that it bounces off the back cushion and hits the black on the way back; my strategy to nudge it ineffectively into the relative safety of the middle of the table - hopefully buying me enough time to gather my thoughts.

Gideon hands me my Armagnac and takes the cue off me. He walks with lithe grace around the table assessing the best angle. When he's satisfied he bends; his designer trousers and vest stretching over his perfect form. He pulls back the cue...

....and hammers the cue ball with all his might.

I stagger back from the table in shock as the black ball ricochets off various cushions, before rolling into the top left pocket.

"What the hell did you do that for?" I exclaim, as Gideon places the cue on the table.

"I want to share and want to do it before I lose my nerve." He says through gritted teeth, a muscle twitching in his highly strung jaw. "Lock the door, Grey and switch off your phone. I don't want any interruptions."


I'm about to argue the point about it being my house, my rules, but one look at the waves of agitation coming off Gideon and I do as he asks. I send a quick text to Taylor about not being disturbed and kill my phone as I lock the door. When I turn, Gideon has undone his tie, the top three buttons on his shirt and all of his vest. He kills his cell and places it onto the pool table before sinking into one of my plush armchairs. I grab my drink and sit in front of him. His head lolls back against the headrest of the chair and his eyes are closed.

"My father..." He begins slowly. "He committed suicide when I was a young boy. He took a lot of people's savings and invested them in a scheme that went under. My mom remarried quickly and had another son within the space of year. I didn't handle any of it very well - I was constantly arguing with my mom and getting into fights at school. So my step-dad got me a shrink."

I raise my crystal tumbler of Armagnac. "I'm so sorry." I begin. "Did the shrink help?" I ask as I take a sip.

Gideon sits up and looks directly at me, his sapphire gaze burning with intensity. "The shrink sexually abused me for years."

I choke on my Armagnac.


The thought of Flynn sexually abusing me makes me feel sick. But I was a brawling teen when I first saw him. I would have taken him down if he'd tried anything. Gideon was just a child. A poor defenceless child...

"I didn't...I didn't realise it was wrong. He said it was...part of the therapy. A way of relieving the anger and grief. He'd jerk me off to show me how to do it...and wouldn't stop till I..." His throat closes and he swallows hard as he tries to keep his emotions in check. "Well I think you get the picture," he finishes tightly.

"Oh...Gideon..." Is all I can manage.

He nods. "Your turn." He sighs as he gulps down the remainder of his Armagnac and sits back.

I take a slug of my drink and let the silky burn slip down my throat before taking a deep breath. "I was the illegitimate son of a crack whore. I used to play with my toy car on a green sticky rug, whilst her bastard pimp would bring men round to fuck her. He used to beat the crap out of both of us." I swallow the bile that rises at the memory.

Gideon's eyes widen. "I...I...had no idea."

I nod. "One day she didn't move. I kept trying to wake her because I was hungry. So, so, hungry." I take a deep breath. "I heard the pimp behind the door, so I hid under a table. He came in shook her, slapped her around and then he sat down and lit a cigarette. I thought he'd leave, but then he found me under the table, dragged me out and..." I screw my eyes shut. "And used me as an ashtray." I whisper.

"Jesus." Gideon hisses.

I sigh deeply then open my eyes slowly and stare into my tumbler. "Then he backhanded me across the face and knocked me to the floor. When I woke up, he was gone but she still hadn't moved."

"She'd OD'd?" He asks gently.

I nod. "Then he left me there. Left us both there. Four fucking days passed...before someone finally found us." I choke.

FUCK! I'm crying in front of Gideon Fucking Cross!

I move to swipe away the tears, but in one lightning move, Gideon is kneeling in front of me, swiping my tears away with the pads of his thumbs.

"I'm so sorry, Christian," he mumbles. I look up and see his cheeks wet with his own tears.

CHRIST...This is NOT how I saw this evening panning out...

I reach up and brush my knuckles over his cheek. Our eyes lock and time seems to be standing still. I'm getting lost in the glistening bright blue...


We lunge at the same time, but Gideon is up on his hunches, throwing me back so hard my chair rocks on its back legs. His mouth is hard and demanding; his tongue lashing against mine as I fight back. I grip his silky hair and try to push back, with hard thrusts of my own tongue, but he has me pinned - cradling my head into the back of the armchair, his taught chest pressed so hard against mine I can feel his shirt buttons through my t-shirt.

And his erection as it presses into my thigh...

What the FUCK am I doing? I'M NOT GAY! And as far as I know NEITHER IS HE! But holy fuuuucccckkkkk...This feels... sooooooo goooood...

I can feel my own erection now growing in my jeans. Gideon still has me pinned as we writhe and kiss ruthlessly. He's leaning between my legs so I kick off my loafers, lift my hips and wrap my long legs around his waist - using my bare feet against his rock hard ass to rub myself against him. He groans deep in his throat and the noise reverberates through me, making me moan. He rocks himself against me - our erections strain and rub together and I'm amazed by how much I like it. Suddenly he rips his mouth away from mine and I blink up at him panting hard. He's panting hard too and suddenly he grasps his shirt, ripping it in two. Buttons ping everywhere, ricocheting in all directions - revealing the kind of ripped body that would make Michelangelo weep. He doesn't move out of my legs - in fact he grabs the backs of my thighs.

"I want to fuck your ass." He growls at me.


It's not going to be the first time I've had my ass fucked, but never by a man.

And at this moment in time, I can't think of a better man to fuck my ass, than this epitome of male perfection.

"Okay, then it's my turn." I pant.

Gideon grips my thighs. "Christian...I'm...I don't think I can."


I feel a tremor move through him. "My shrink..." He croaks as his blue eye glisten with moisture.


I quickly sit up and grasp his hands. "Fuck! I'm so sorry, Gideon. So...nobody has touched you there, since..?"

"No," he breathes, his eyes wide with panic. "I don't let anyone touch me there."

I undo my legs and he lets go of my thighs as I stand.

Gideon steps back against the pool table and puts his head in his hands. "Fuck...I've...I've ruined everything..." He gulps.

I step towards him and cover my hands with his. "Gideon. Gideon. LOOK AT ME."

My alter ego has reared his Dominant head.

Startled blue eyes find mine. "The only thing you have ruined is your designer shirt." I let go of his hands and smile reassuringly. "Come. I want to show you something."

I grab the Armagnac, unlock the Library door and poke my head out. The penthouse is shrouded in darkness apart from the dim light glowing from the kitchen lights and the windows. Gideon kicks off his shoes and socks behind me and then I nod my head towards him and like two naughty schoolboys we race stealthily up the stairs in bare feet and I breathlessly unlock the door to my playroom.

"Brace yourself." I whisper.

I open the door and usher him inside, quickly locking the door behind us.

Gideon's large frame fills the centre of the room as he looks around.

"I'm a Dominant, Gideon. This is my bondage and submission playroom. I fuck my Submissives in here."

Gideon nods, but he still has his back to me. I walk around until I'm standing in front of him. His expression floors me.

"Why are you...smiling?" I ask, confused.

"This room..." He begins. "It's so...Cool!"

I expected some kind of reaction - shock maybe - but...Joy??

I look in astonishment as Gideon steps past me, walks to my bondage cross and runs his hands over the smooth wood. He fingers the restraints then grasps them and pulls hard.

"So...you handcuff men to this and then fuck them?"


I march over to him. "Women, Gideon. Women. All my Submissives are consenting women. I'm not gay!"

His head whips round to me. "Seriously? Sorry, Christian. Word around town is that you are. And in the Library...You got hard...For ME."

"I know!" I snap. "I know everyone thinks I'm gay - it's to stop people discovering the truth. And as for me getting hard for you I seem to remember you got pretty hard for ME!"

"I'M NOT GAY EITHER!" He roars.

We stand there glaring at each other and then suddenly we lunge again like two feral lions. Gideon grabs my face and plunges his mouth and tongue onto mine - kissing me with a wild abandonment I've never felt from anyone before. I respond with demanding kisses of my own - my momentum pressing him against the cross. I grab his hands off my face and lift them away, linking my fingers with his. He immediately pushes me away.

"Don't restrain me." He snarls.

"Don't touch me." I snarl back.



Our lips find each other's again and with our fingers still interlocked we wrestle and writhe against the cross. Gideon releases my hands and I feel his fingers move to his crotch as he releases himself. He moves his head away as he gives my shoulder a gentle push.

"Whereabouts in here do you want to be fucked?" He rasps.

I look down his body to where his hand is stroking one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen.


"I'm waiting Grey...and you're still dressed."

I tear my eyes away from his impressive cock and fold my arms. "Gideon," I begin gently. "That's not how this works."

His face falls. "I...don't understand."

I square up to him and very gently place my hand over his as he holds his cock. "Gideon...what happened to you must have been terrible...and on top of that...it must have hurt like hell."

Gideon inhales sharply. I gently place my other hand on his shoulder. "Hush. Easy now." I take a deep breath. "I was fortunate enough to have an amazing teacher who taught me what it was like to get fucked in the ass for pleasure. I was her Submissive for six years."

"YOU WERE A SUBMISSIVE? You let a woman fuck your ass?" He gasps in shock.

"Yes. I'll admit I was a bit scared at first, but I promise you, done properly, it's amazing."

He smiles. "Okay then. I'm ready when you are!"

I shake my head and squeeze my hand over his so we both squeeze his cock. He shudders. "Gideon...you thrust that in my ass, you'll rip me in two. This is what I mean by doing it properly - for both our pleasure. This is both our first male on male experience. We need to ace it."

He takes a deep breath. "Okay. I bow to your superior knowledge, Sir. My cock is in your hands. Treat it well." He smirks.

I chuckle. "I will cherish it as if it was my own."

"Talking of which," Gideon begins as he removes the remainder of his clothing. "I've shown you mine..."

Shit! He's right! He stands before me naked and vulnerable and all I've taken off are my loafers!

I quickly pull off my t-shirt, unzip my jeans and whip them and my briefs down in one hit, before stepping out of them. I stand upright to face him but his eyes rest on my groin. "Nice cock." He smirks.

"Thanks." I look from one to the other. "But I think yours is a tad bigger. Christ, your head is HUGE! Woman must cream themselves over what that can do!"

He grins knowledgeably." I've had no complaints. And I'm sure with your size and wealth of experience, women can't get enough of you either!"

"Yeah...You'd think..." I mutter

"What is it, Christian?"

"Nothing...Everything..." I sigh in frustration and run a hand through my hair. "I need to find another Submissive. It's been four weeks since I ended my previous arrangement."

"FOUR WEEKS!" Gideon is appalled. "Don't you go out banging random women like I do?"

I shake my head in irritation. "No! I prefer this lifestyle." I say waving my hand in the general direction of the room. "It takes time to find an appropriate Sub. Then there's all the necessary paperwork and..."

"No wonder you're eager to have your ass fucked." Gideon interrupts.

I bristle and glare at him. Gideon holds his hands up.

"I'm not judging, Christian honestly. I'm sorry if I came across that way. I just think you deserve a medal in self-preservation. There's no way I could go that long without sex."

I lean against my storage chest. "And just how long has it been since you got laid?"

Gideon smirks naughtily. "Twenty-four hours."

I roll my eyes at him.

Lucky bastard.

I open the top drawer of the chest. "Come and have a look at these."

Gideon obediently follows then gasps as he sees the contents.

"Christ, Grey. Do you really need all that shit?"

I frown at him. "Don't tell me you've never used sex toys with your partners, Cross." I snap.

He looks up at me his eyes wide. "I haven't. I swear. I've never needed to."

I sigh in irritation. "Well I never NEED to, but they do add another element of pleasure." I grab a silver butt plug, the smallest one I own. "Take this." I say handing it to him.

Gideon rolls it around his large hands. "What is it?"

"It's what's known as a butt plug."

Gideon's body visibly jerks and he almost drops the plug. "Oh no, Christian!" He breathes panicked, and tries to push the plug back into my hand.

I place my hands over his. "Hush, hush. Gideon it's okay. I promise it's okay. No one's going to hurt you. Please just relax. Take some deep breaths." I gently let go of his hands and grab the Armagnac as his body heaves in shallow breaths in front of me.

FUCK. I hope I'm not pushing him too far too quickly.

I take a mouthful of Armagnac and grab his face. Before he has time to react I push my lips to his and slowly let the warmed Armagnac drain into his mouth. I kiss him deeply and he groans low in his throat as I feel him relax. I gently pull away. "Easy now. I'm not going to make you do things you're not comfortable with okay? How would you feel about playing with a plug in MY ass?"

He gasps. "This one?" He asks holding it up.

I shake my head. "That one is for total beginners. Like you. I'm used to playing with plugs, so I can go up a size." I glance down at his impressive cock. "Or two. The butt plug will prepare my ass for your cock. That's what I meant by thrusting into me when I wasn't ready."

I reach in and grab a larger silver butt plug and some lube. I shake it at him. "This stuff is also pretty essential when it comes to these things."

Gideon nods. "Now THAT I have used numerous times before. I know I can easily hurt a woman without some extra help."

"Good." I take the small plug off him, place it back in the drawer and hand him the lube and larger plug. "Work your magic on those whilst I prepare the bed."

He nods and takes the items off me. I walk across to the bed and bring all the pillows and cushions to the bottom end, by one of the wooden posts on my four poster bed. Opening a drawer by the bed I bring out a selection of condoms and place them by the cushions.

"I'll lean over these cushions, then you can lube me up. I'll tell you when to use the plug. Is that okay?"

Gideon nods and offers a small smile. "For the first time...I'm actually getting excited about touching another man...And not feeling gut-wrenching fear."

I beam at him. "I'm delighted Gideon. How about some music? I have most of the classics in here..."

Gideon screws his face. "Can't say I'm a huge fan of that stuff. You got something with a pumping base?"

Now it's my turn to screw my face. "I find that kind of music is okay in small doses. There must be something we both like." I walk over to my music unit and rifle through my CD's. "Kings Of Leon?"

Gideon chuckles deeply. "Perfect! I can sing 'Sex On Fire' when I'm fucking your ass!"

I grin and slide in the CD.

If anyone would have told me this morning I would be standing naked in my playroom with none other than a naked Gideon Cross - whilst I prepare myself for him to fuck me in the ass - I would have personally taken them to Flynn!

Flynn...Fuck...Not sure how I'm going to tell the good Doc about this...

Gideon's blue eyes meet mine. His large hands and the butt plug now glisten with lube. "You ready?" He whispers.

"Yes," I rasp. "Do you know about safewords?"

Gideon nods. "I've used them on occasion."

"Good. As a rule I use Yellow as a limit is being reached and Red if a limit has been reached. If either of us say Red the other stops immediately. Agreed?"

"Sure. Sounds good." His stance alters and he throws his shoulders back. "Bend over, Grey." He growls.

Smirking I widen my legs and lower my torso over the cushions, exposing my most vulnerable area to him. "Coat your index and middle fingers with the lube then rub it into my anus," I breathe.

He doesn't answer. I twist my head and look for him. He is standing directly behind me, his intense blue eyes staring down at me, but he doesn't move.

"Gideon..?" I whisper softly.

He takes a deep breath. "You..." He begins hoarsely. "You have the most gorgeous ass. I...I can't believe it."

"Not all asses are created equal," I smirk. "But WE may have lucked out!"

He grins and seems to visibly relax. He coats both his fingers with lube and then I feel them tentatively make contact with that most secret part of me. I shudder and moan softly. "That's it, Gideon. You're doing really well." I whisper encouragingly as desire begins to course through me.

I look back over my shoulder and he looks at me in wonder. I give him an encouraging smile. "Do u think you can try slipping a fingertip in?"

He swallows but then nods and I feel him gently push against me. I close my eyes and as his finger slowly slides in, I accept it with a pleasured moan,

"CHRISTIAN...Holy Fuck..." He breathes.

I open my eyes again. "You okay?"

He nods wide-eyed. "Now what?" He whispers.

"Pull out, then push back in with both fingers," I breathe.

He takes a deep breath and does so and I can no longer focus on him as my body gives in to the sensation and my head lolls forwards. Gideon withdraws his fingers slightly and then gently probes forwards again and I clench around him and groan. He does it again and again.

"This feels good to you?" He asks in a shocked tone.

I slowly open my eyes and hazily focus on him. "Take your fingers out and give me your hand." I breathe.

Bemused, Gideon does so and balancing my weight on one hand I grasp his offered hand and circle my rock-hard cock with it. "You did that, Gideon. YOU. You were slow and gentle and made it feel amazing. Not dirty or humiliating. AM-A-ZING."

His blue eyes glitter. "I honestly don't know what to say, Christian. I never thought it could be like this."

I shake my head. "You're the brave one here. I know how much this must be costing you emotionally. Now...you ready to try the butt plug? It's just the same routine as you did with your fingers. Just go easy."

"Of course."

Gideon's hand remains on my cock as I feel the slick metal press against me then gently slide in. I slowly draw in a deep breath as Gideon eases the metal plug fully inside me.

"Yes..." I rasp squeezing his hand. "That's it...Ahhh...Fuck..."

I hear his sharp intake of breath. "You okay?"

I turn my head towards him. "Yes. I told you I'm used to doing this."

He nods then eases the plug out slightly before pushing it back in - his handsome face a mask of pure concentration. He continues these slow, gentle thrusts as a mixture of pleasure and desire ascends within me.

"Gideon..." I pant. "If you still want to fuck me...it has to be...NOW."

Gideon immediately stops and gently withdraws the plug. He then pauses and looks at me.


"If you want to stop this, just say the word," I whisper.

He shakes his head. "It's not that. It's just...Can you lie down on your back? As nice as the back of your head is, I'd like to see your face. I PROMISE I won't touch you."

CRAP! Lie on my back whilst he fucks me? That's like totally submitting to him. In this position at least I still feel like an equal - still feel like I have some...CONTROL...

"Christian..?" His voice is a pained whisper, his face endearingly etched with need. His eyes are so full of hurt, even my dark ravaged soul aches for what he must have gone through.

"Okay." I acquiesce. "For you, and only you Gideon, I will."

A joyous smile lights up his face as he steps back and I straighten up and turn around. He grasps my jaw and for the first time he kisses me softly, his lips moulding gently over mine.

"Thank you." He breathes. "I know I'm asking a lot."


Gideon rips open a condom and slides it over his impressive erection. I divide the cushions, pushing some up the bed and then clamber after them. I place my butt on the top cushion as I lie flat on the bed with my knees bent. My feet are on the edge of the mattress, so my hips are tilted at angle towards him, my own erection lying hard and heavy across my belly.

"Christ but you're a damned handsome fucker, Grey." He growls as he places his erection in position.

I smirk. "Views not too bad from here either, Crossssssssssssss..." I hiss the last syllable as the wide crest of his cock enters me.


I was right about the tip of his cock. The sensation of those top two inches alone almost has me climaxing immediately. I inhale deeply, willing my highly aroused body to relax around him and allow every further inch to slide deep inside me. His large hands are on either side of my hips and I grip his wrists as my back arches and my head tilts back. My eyes close as a pleasured moan escapes my lips.


My eyes spring open and as my body settles back on the mattress, I search for him. His ruggedly handsome face regards me intently. "I'm okay, Gideon." I assure him. "I was right about your cock feeling amazing."

"I can't believe you've taken all of me." He whispers in wonder. "You feel so...perfect. So. Fucking. Perfect. Christian."

"I don't think anyone's ever called me perfect beforrrrrrre."

Gideon's slow withdrawal and gentle thrust forward has me practically purring. I've often used butt plugs and vibrators on myself whilst I've been fucking my Subs, but nothing has ever felt as good as Gideon's cock in my ass. My balls grow heavier with every thrust and I know I can't hold on for much longer.

"F-faster Gideon...PLEASE...I'm gonna come..." I moan in a voice I barely recognise as my own.

Gideon grunts and picks up the tempo pushing me closer and closer to the edge, until with a loud cry I free fall as I explode, my cock shooting jets of hot cum over my chest. I clench down on him as I writhe on the red satin sheets, moaning incoherently. Somewhere in the distance I hear Gideon's deep rasp. "Fuck! That was so...HOT..."

My blurry eyes find him smiling at me. I manage some kind of lopsided smile in response. "Yes it was." I finally breathe. "Now it's your turn."

He looks at me in trepidation for a moment but then he seems to accept his fate. He lets go of my hips and leans forwards, placing his hands either side of my shoulders. His lips find mine again and I reach up and fist my hands into his silken inky hair as we kiss passionately. Maybe he was right about altering my position after all. His hips begin to grind against mine with every deep sharp burst into my ass and I'm balancing precariously on the borderline of pleasure and pain.

Thank fuck I prepared myself first. He really would have ripped me in two...

Suddenly he yanks his mouth off mine, making me gasp in surprise. His eyes are screwed shut, his whole face contorted in passion and anger.

"Le-let go, Gideon," I pant. "Release the demons. It's okay." I assure him, as I clasp his face and remove a stray tear.

"BASTARD!" He roars as he throws his head back and for a moment I think he means me. But then his head drops and his eyes find mine and there's such a reverence in them I almost stop breathing. Gideon freezes as he looms over me. We are suspended in time; two powerful, successful but ultimately broken men, sharing an amazingly perfect moment that neither of us would have ever dreamt possible.

"I'm coming, Christian..." he moans.

He pulls back and thrusts deep, as I feel his cock pulsate inside me. His eyes don't leave mine. "...I'm coming...so fucking hard..."

I release his face, grab his fine ass and hold him tightly to me. I can feel the tremor run through him; feel his balls clench against mine as he empties his load. We are both slick with sweat as Gideon lowers his frame onto me. He doesn't touch me - in fact it's me who wraps myself around him, as he kisses me softly.

"I never thought it could be this way, Christian." He whispers.

I smile softly. "To be honest, neither did I. I think we can certainly say we aced that!"

"We sure did." He smiles. "It's not nearly enough of what I want to say, but thank you, Christian. You'll never fully know what tonight has meant to me."

Oh Gideon. I think I can guess.

I grin at him. "What can I say? We aim to please..."











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