poems by me

The title explaines it all


5. you will always be the one

i was lost in my own world 

everyone said i was out of my mind 

because true love was all i wanted to find 

but you proved i wasn't insane 

because when you came

you proved that we were one and the same

i remember when we met

the rain was soaking me wet

and you gave me your coat

i was shiverring from the cold

so you put your arms around me and i felt your soul 

you were a gentlemen and you only kissed my cheek

and i knew you were the one i seeked

after everything we have been through

my life isn't miserable because i have you

we will always have each other

and there will never be another

no we are both seventy

and our love is like a dream

our story will never end

it will be talked about again and again. 

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