poems by me

The title explaines it all


8. peter pan

~Oh Peter pan can you come to my window and take me away from here?
Take me away where I can live with the lost boys and I can forever disappear
I'm a fast learner so teach me how to fly
We can fly anywhere, the limit is the sky
I can also tell stories and I can kill captain hook
Please come to me so I can believe that you aren’t just in a book
You can be my Peter pan and I'll be your Wendy Darling
When you finally meet me you'll see our eyes sparking
I promise there won't be on my window any bars
I'll always be waiting for you there while counting the stars
I guess I can't do anything but wait and dream of you to come
And crying in this cruel world while wiping my tears with my thumb
Take me away and fly with me Peter pan, take me away and grab me by the hand

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