poems by me

The title explaines it all


11. a love that burned

she was the girl who grew up too fast 
the girl that was an outcast 
she began to write 
writing about love at first sight 
and girls who waited for their knight 
but she realized boys were brainless
they didn't care about feelings so that made her faithless 
she didn't mind being alone 
after all a boys heart is made of stone 
but then one boy came along 
he was so wrong 
he wore everything that was black 
he was so rude she wanted to give him a smack 
but then they became friends 
she thought their friendship will never bend 
after that he became the love of her life 
she thought she will end up as his wife 
but she was tricked 
it felt like her heart was being kicked 
but she doesn't regret loving him because she learned 
that sometimes she will get burned 


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