Skater Boy

When you say my name it has a different sound. A different meaning. And damn, it fucks me up so hard.


4. What The F*** [Chapter Three]

It had been a few weeks since I found out his name, and I had been thinking about messaging him. But every time I wrote out a message, I deleted it instantly. He would probably think I was a stalker or something. I jumped a little as I got a notification on my phone, grabbing it. And my eyes couldn't be any wider.

Andy Commented: "What the fuck"

I frowned in confusion, not knowing what he meant. I logged on and gasped at what I saw. Someone had posted a pic of Andy and I on my band fan account, tagging our two personal accounts. Red writing with hearts on it said 'Ally + Andy' and hearts were in the caption. I checked his account and realised he had blocked me. I quickly deleted the picture and logged onto my personal, wondering who had done that. And then it hit me.


We had swapped phones the other day. I must've left myself logged in. I quickly went into DMs and chose Andy's name, not even thinking about what I was doing.

'Hey I'm really sorry about that picture. My friend must've thought it would be funny to make a picture of you and I, tagging both of us. I deeply apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.'

Clicking send, I logged out of Instagram and clicked on contacts. Pressing Jazmine's number I called her, tapping my foot impatiently.

"Hey Ally!"

"What the actual fuck Jazmine? Why did you post a picture of Andy and I?"

I heard a deep breath and some shuffling from Jazmine's end, and I let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry! I thought it would be funny to do that, and I didn't think he would see it! Please forgive me Ally!"

"Of course he would see it! You tagged him! What the hell Jazmine!"

And right then, I hung up. If I were to be in one of those funny cartoons at this very moment, red steam would've come out of my ears. I put my phone back in my pocket, grabbing a jacket angirly. I stormed down the hallway, picked up an apple and my bag.

"I'm going to school. See ya."

Without waiting for a reply from my mum, I slammed the door shut and continued walking at a fast pace. I breathed out angrily, slowing down once I felt my legs burning. I continued with a steady pace, looking at the sky. The bright blue sky, it could make anyone happy, don't you think?

"Yo Ally! Watch where you're going!"

I looked up just in time to see a pole in front of me, and my friend grinning from behind the fence. I stepped in the school barrier and smiled a little.

"What's wrong with you?'

I shook my head slowly, "Nothing. Don't worry about it."

And with that, we walked to our class to start yet another day of hell.

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