Skater Boy

When you say my name it has a different sound. A different meaning. And damn, it fucks me up so hard.


3. Name [Chapter Two]

One Year Later...

'I found out his Instagram! Check it out! -Emi'

Clicking the link, I held my breath as the page loaded. His Instagram, which seemed to hold a lot on a persons life. And maybe, just maybe, it will on his too. Hoping it wasn't a private account, I smiled as it loaded. Nope, not private. My eyes scanned over the screen, smiling slightly at what it said on the top.


His name. The name I've been waiting for over a year to find out. I was sure it would be something like Lucas, maybe even Tyler. But not once was I expecting Andy to be his name.

'Thx Emi. -Ally'

Sending the message to my friend, my finger hovered over the follow button. What would he think? A new follower? Maybe he would be happy that yet another person would be able to see his skating. Or maybe he would think I was some kind of weird stalker.

Groaning, I logged off Instagram and threw my phone across the room, watching it land on top a pile of clothes. Which reminded me of the various chores I needed to do. Sighing, I decided it would be best to leave them until the weekend. Looking at the clock beside me, I frowned at the time. 11 at night. I pulled my blanket up over me and snuggled down into it. There's always tomorrow.



I grinned and nodded, showing my teeth.

"Yep, his name is Andy!"

"I wasn't expecting that."

I laughed at Jaz and Lee's expressions. None of us had been expecting that, that's for sure.

"Yep! Anyways, hang tomorrow?"

Lee groaned and shook her head, furrowing her eyebrows.

"Not for me. I'm going to see nana. Hey, at least I get wifi."

I frowned and nodded, turning to Jaz.



I smiled as the final bell rung, sounding out through the school. I grabbed my bag and said goodbye to Jaz, walking out of the classroom and over to where Lee and I usually hung out for a good two hours. Not that we wanted to, our parents enrolled us since they didn't trust us home alone. We quickly signed in, chucking our bags down in a corner and sneaking out the doorway to where we would always sit. It's where I could see Andy, yet still look casual and non-stalker like.

"He won't be here for another half an hour you realise."

"So? I hate being trapped in that shitty hall."

Lee laughed and nodded, showing her agreement in the statement.

For the half an hour, we listened to Green Day and talked about scenarios that could happen in our books that we were writing. I was about to tell her about how in my story, Ella was going to find out that Edward cheated, but heard the noise of skateboards coming in the direction of the gate.

"Act natural!"

"It's not like he knows you exist."

I ignored the statement and watched as his mates and him skated through, fluffy blonde hair flying around. One of his mates said something to him, and he looked back. Right towards us. He grinned cheekily before skating back off, turning the corner out the next gate. I sat there with my mouth wide open, eyes basically popping out of my head.

"Well I was wrong. He knows about your existence."

I nodded slowly, still processing what happened through my head. He smiled. At me. Like an actual smile. I let out a small squeak and turned to Lee, standing up.

"I think I may need to go inside now."

And with that, I skipped off inside. What the hell just happened?


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