Skater Boy

When you say my name it has a different sound. A different meaning. And damn, it fucks me up so hard.


2. Beginning [Chapter One]

'I found out his Instagram! Check it out!'

That was the message that changed my world on the warm, Autumn night. My ginger hair fell over my face and created a kind of barrier around my face, as I clicked on the link my friend Emi had just sent. His Instagram page. Him.

And even better?

His name.

You may be thinking; 'Wow! Another girl with a hopeless crush on a boy she can't get!'. But we all know a good story doesn't start from the middle. Like Cinderella. How weird would it be, if it started when she lost her glass slipper? So, we may as well start from the very beginning. A day in 2014, at my High School R.B.S. Better known as the Athlete School. Minus me. So let's begin from the beginning, shall we?


"Ugh, homework sucks ass!" I groaned, leaning my head down on the table that had piles of paper stacked up. It was only the third week back, and I was already loaded with the stuff.

"Don't blame anyone but yourself. You're the one who refuses to do it!"

I faked a smile over at my best friend Lee. Her chestnut hair was pulled up into a ponytail, and a smirk was on her face. I opened my mouth to retort, when I heard one of the sweetest sounds this world could muster. The sound of wheels on concrete. The sound of skateboards.

"Wait, since when do they come through here!?!?!"

My best friend's sentence was cut off as I turned my head to look out the window, just as the gang of skaters zoomed through. I smiled as I saw them move in sync, not one person too far ahead or behind. I stood up and walked outside just as they left through the gates. I smiled fondly, silence now taking over the school. But it didn't last long.

"Guys! Wait!"

A strangled cry interrupted my peace, as the sound of another skateboard filled my ears. I peered around the corner that was blocking my vision, just to be knocked backwards by a strong force.


I landed on the concrete with a thump. Groaning, I winced as a skateboard hit my ankle. I rubbed my eyes to attempt to gain my vision back, and looked over to where another figure lay on the ground. He groaned as he sat up, blinking and looking around. He had messy blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes. A uniform from one of the other schools in town was what he was wearing. A dark blue t-shirt, and some green shorts.

"Where's my board?"

I squeaked, standing up and grabbing his board at an awkward angle. Obviously, the non proper way to hold a board.

"Uh, here? I have it."

He looked over to me, smiling slightly as he stood up. He was at least three inches taller than me, which surprised me. I usually was taller than most boys in the school.

"Thanks a lot. Hey, are you okay? Your elbow is bleeding really bad."

I handed him his skateboard before looking down at my elbow. And, as he stated, blood was all over my elbow and dripping down my arm.

"Ah, yeah I'll be fine. Don't worry about it."

Before I could say anything else, he ran to the drinking fountain placed on the wall beside us. He grabbed a jacket from his backpack, and wet the sleeve.

"Uh what are you-"

He placed the sleeve gently on my elbow, cleaning up the blood. I blushed at the sudden contact, as he was now on his knees, holding onto the sleeve to prevent it from falling.

"Thanks, you seriously didn't have to do that. It would've been fine."

He took the jacket sleeve away and smiled slightly, pearly white teeth showing. 

"No problem."

I gasped, as I saw the jacket. It was covered in water, blood and gravel! 

"Your jacket-"

"Don't worry about it. I won't wear it today anyways, it's really hot."

He shoved the jacket back into his bag and grabbed his skateboard, smiling at me.

"See you around."

And with that, he skated off. I watched as he skated off, his blonde hair flying around and the sound of rubber wheels on concrete was music to my ears.

"Yeah. See you around." I whispered to myself.

"Ally! Ally what was that! Ally who was that? Ally!"

I looked over to see my other best friend, Abi, standing off to the side. She was grinning widely as she skipped over to me, nudging me in the side.

"So, who was he?"

"Honestly... I have no idea."



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