Am I living?

Jamie was your average teenage boy. He had a regular life, regular friends, regular parents. But that changed when he met Holly


1. 1

"Jamie, get your ass to the party! Your a single, virgin who needs to, how do I put this? Take one. You know- forget that. Just dress up nicely and come to Charlie's house!" And with that, Oliver ended the phone call.

I groaned, wiping my brow and walking over to my wardrobe, feeling slightly lightheaded.

Honestly, I'm probably the only 17 year old virgin the the state if Florida. In the world to be honest. Guess that probably changes tonight.

I opened the mahogany knobs of the door leading into my wardrobe. All I had was the regular summer TShirts and cargo pants. And the suit for my moms wedding to Alexander, my stepdad.

I could wear my black jeans and a grey hoodie. It's probably the best thing I have!

I grabbed my car keys and revved the car up to the right gear and set off.

It was only 8'o clock, but as I pulled up to the street, blaring music was playing and people were making out in the garden, already intoxicated with the alcoholic substances.

I locked the doors of my Nissan and made my way to the open doors. Oliver and Calum, my friends, were there, kissing this girl in turns, and swigging from a bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey.

This is gonna be one hell of a night...

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