Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


20. Wanting but not able to

It was the first evening as the boys played for the fans, I chose to look around in the bus. I noticed quickly that there wasn't direct a way that I could leave the bus. Liam had put two bodyguards, one on each side, just to be sure. I gazed up at the ceiling and I noted that there was an opening there. A gap that could be opened and through there came fresh air. I stepped up on some boxes and I peered closely at it. Okay, maybe I was too big to take me through, but at the same time I saw that I could easily destroy it, if I only had the tools? I peered around in the bus and I tried to think of something to use. I heard the music began to play and I knew that they were now busy with singing. A knife? Why not?


For one hour, I devoted my attention entirely to this cover. I managed to open up a bit more and I quickly found out that there was an opportunity to get out of it, just if I just got off a few screws and the cover. My arms ached in the end and I was forced to take a break. I sat down. I heard the fans screaming and I heard that Harry was talking to them. Talk about that no one had any idea that I was there. Not a soul in the stadium knew that One Direction had a girl on the bus, as they totally took advantage over. I felt hopeless. It was as if I ended up again in no man land. Why couldn't I just think of a way to get out? I sighed and I heard that they sang. Actually, I was tired and I realized that I had no chance. I looked up at the ceiling again and I realized the truth. That wasn't my way out. Therefore, I put away the knife and I made everything in order so that no one saw what I had tried to do. I went to my bed and I just wanted to sleep, or at least forget about everything.


I woke up because Liam slid down next to me. He took his arms around me and that was all. Maybe he thought I was asleep? Or maybe he just wanted to have me close?
"She's still here?" I heard Niall whispering and Liam seemed to nod.
"She is exactly everything that we wanted."
I frowned. No, I wasn't at all what they wanted.
"Are you going to sleep with her to night?" Niall asked quietly. Liam seemed to nod again, in reply and then everyone went to bed for the night. Liam remained behind me.


I don't know what I felt. I wasn't allowed to leave the bus and I didn't have many things to do. Every night I went through all corners of the bus. I didn't lose hope yet, I just realized I was stuck. It was as if they had thought through everything and the whole bus was like a prison.


"We have a surprise!"
The last morning waked Harry me up and he kissed my cheek. I yawned and I tried to be interested. He took my hand and he made me stand up. I was surprised when he pulled me toward the exit. The door was open, and even though it rained, I realized that I would be out for a while. He held my hand tightly and I understood that he was on his guard. Niall, Liam and Louis stood outside waiting for us. Then we ran quickly across the road and into a restaurant. My heart was pounding and my legs were weak. Now? Maybe it was my turn to have the luck? I quickly realized that the only guests were those who worked for the guys. Besides our bus, stood other three buses outside and everyone seemed to know that I was there. I chose to be quiet and I chose to keep me next to the guys. Harry put me on a chair, they ordered the food, and they talked as if this were life.


Okay! I called the entire premises. The only place that I might get to go to was the toilet. It was located furthest inside the premises and I assumed it was a window in there. Maybe they would let me go to the toilet alone? Maybe I could open the window and maybe ... I hesitated. I looked around at all the people. Everyone was talking and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Personally, I felt just desperate. How could all these people let these guys get away? Didn't they understand that I was a victim?


Niall sat beside me and I saw that he was holding my plate under supervision. I chose to try to eat, and pretty soon I was satisfied. It was no use to force in food when I had other things to think about.
"Are you going to eat that?"
Niall looked at me and he asked the question in a nice way. I realized he was hungry. I smiled and I shot over the plate to him. Directly he began to eat even my food. I had to smile. He was like a pig. Okay maybe not a pig, but he loved the food.
"I have to pee!" I said a bit apologetic. Niall looked up at me and he seemed to think. Then he looked at Liam.
"Hey!" he exclaimed, and immediately caught up Liam's attention. "She needs to pee!"
I saw immediately that Liam hesitated. Even though I had been their dream girl this week, he didn't trust me fully. He thought for a few extra seconds.
"Can't you wait until we get to the bus?"
I shook my head quickly and I tried to look as if I really needed to go. He sighed.
"Who follows her?"
Louis wanted, but they all said no. Therefore, Harry stood up and he took the responsibility. I hoped he wouldn't be with me all the time.


There was one toilet for girls and one for boys. When we reached the door, Harry hesitated. There were women who worked for them, and I hoped that he wouldn't go in and let them see him in there.
"I'll wait here!"
My whole body cheered. Quickly I slid into the toilet. Inside, there were booths that you peed. The sinks were lined up outside and I looked quickly around on the walls. I saw a window, a small and direct, I went there. I had to struggle to get up the latches to move and I had the time against me. Damn, they were stuck. I was close to giving up. Damn!


"Are you done?"
Damn Harry opened the door. Quickly I slid down on the floor and I started to wash my hands. He came into the bathroom and he smiled at me. I felt like a fool. Why couldn't I open up that window? I wanted out, I wanted to get away! He came over to me and he stood behind my back. We were alone in there and I was sure he knew that. His hands slid around my body and he stood close to my back. No, not again! He moaned and he pressed himself against me.
"A quickie!" he whispered in my ear. I was given no opportunity to respond. He pulled up my dress and he pulled down my panties. He also took them off. He turned me around and he lifted me up on the counter. Without a word he penetrate. I tried to be with him in his movements, but all the time I stared at the window. Why was I so unlucky? Harry groaned and he held me tight. He brought the hip rapidly back and forth and he put his lips against my cheek. We were in the same place but in a way not. I stared all the time on that path that could have been my resort. Harry didn't seem to notice that I was absent. He moved faster and faster. He pressed himself against me and finally he came. I felt how he squeezed in and I felt him shaking. I frowned. Why hadn't I only smashed the glass?


Harry pulled me back, over the sink, and now I became aware of him again. He put on the tap and he smiled big. He brought his hand down and began to wash me down there. I gasped. What was this all about? Then I understood. He caressed me. For each time that more water came against my skin, I became more and more excited. He brought his fingers softly against my clitoris, over and over again. I whimpered and I parted more on my legs. He smiled and he kissed me. I took my arms around his neck and I accepted his hand. More water, faster movements and he made me forget. I groaned higher and then penetrated his fingers. I almost jumped. Deep inside, faster in and out, thumb over my clit. I bit him almost in the lip and then I came. I felt the whole sink was shaking. I pressed my lips against him and I trembled.


"I love you so much!"
Harry hugged me and he held me hard when I landed in reality and with that I realized that I now had lost hope. He kissed me and he showed me love, but for me it was just a step back.
"Isn't she done yet?"
Niall put his head through the door and when he saw us he understood.
"Oh, sorry!"
Harry stopped kissing me and he smiled at Niall.
"I just took care of her."
He was grinning.
"I see that!"
Harry took me down to the floor and he seemed to think I was as happy as he was.
"But the bus are ready now." Niall continued. "Everyone starts to leave now!"
Harry sighed.
"We are coming!"


I got on the bus without panties and without hope. I looked one last time at the diner, and I just felt disappointment. I slid back in the bus and I sat down. Liam quickly popped up and he smiled at me.
"You deserve a reward!"
I wanted to give him a cold look, but as always I swallowed my pride. He sat down and he looked straight into my eyes.
"You'll see us perform to night."
Hope came back!
"What do you mean?"
He leaned toward me.
"I have arranged for you and two bodyguards to stand so that you see us and we see you. You deserve it."
I was happy because of another reason, but that he had no idea about.
"May I?"
He nodded happily.
"Yes, and you'll hear what we sing."
I hugged him, just to be on the good side with him. Liam hugged me back and he laughed a little bit.
"I know you are happy." he said cheerfully. "We are also happy that it works so well between us."
He pulled me up on his lap, so I sat astride in his lap. He pulled his hands over my back and he looked straight into my eyes.
"When we get home we will celebrate."
Okay? Celebrate what?
"You have been with us for almost two months and we were thinking of having a party."
I reacted. For two months? It felt like a whole year.
"Wow!" I got up. "Time goes by quickly?"
Liam took his hands down over my back and he discovered that I wasn't wearing any panties. Direct became his smile bigger. I froze.
"No, not here and not now!"
He pressed me against his part down there.
"Why not?" he moaned quietly. I frowned.
"They see us."
He laughed.
"Everyone has seen you and we know what you look like?"
I tried to think of another reason.
"Please, I don't feel like it."
Liam forced me anyway to slide back and forth. Slowly over his hard part. I gasped and I was angry at myself. No, I wouldn't like it. Yet my body said yes.
"Come on!" he muttered hoarsely, and he started to kiss me. I took my arms around his neck and I lost the ability to resist. He steered me harder and faster back and forth. I whimpered and I felt how wet I was. He took it out, he penetrated and I ended up in the usual state. I rode him and I felt we both got what we wanted. Hopefully this was the last time!

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