Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


3. The truth!

On the bed lay a dress, underwear and a cardigan. I understood that it was the clothes as Harry had brought to me before. He quickly left the room and locked the door carefully, before he went away from me. I sighed and I looked down on the bed. This wasn't my clothes, but I sensed that I was compelled to obey them and choose the one they chose for me. I again took a quick shower just to get rid of Harry's fragrances. I was ashamed over what had happened, but I realized there was no point brooding over my bad choices. Instead, I took deodorant under my arms, brushed my teeth and got ready. I put on the clothes that they had chosen, the only thing I lacked was shoes.


I didn't know what I would do in the room. I had no possessions there and it was no funny things to do with only one bed. I therefor stood by the window and peered out. All I saw was the forest around the house. I noted that there was a wall around the entire yard and only one gate was the opening out. I sensed that it was locked. So I couldn't just escape? I looked down at the white bus, which was probably the one who had brought me here. I could drive and actually it was a thought that occurred to me. I could take the keys away from them, start the bus and drive through the gate? Okay, it wasn't a good plan, but it was the only thing I could think of. I even tried to get arguments why they would let me go. There were other girls who surely would take my place, or maybe not? But I was still trying to figure out those arguments as could get them to replace me with another girl.


It sounded in the door and then it opened. Liam put his head inside and he looked pleased at me and my dress.
"I have no shoes!" I fast got forward just because I was unsure when it was silence. He smiled a little bit, and he opened the door completely.
"We'll eat now." he said and held out his hand to me. "You can join us if you want. All we guys want you to be there when we are together and we want you to feel like part of the family."
I was about to say that they weren't my family, but I bit my tongue and I chose to go with him.
I swallowed my pride and I swallowed all the nasty comments as I could had given to him.


The kitchen was large, actually quite well planned. There was a large kitchen table with chairs and the kitchen were renovated. There was everything a chef needed and it smelled really good. Liam showed me to a chair and I chose to sit down in silence. Harry sat down on the opposite to me. Louis sat on my left side and Niall beside Harry. Liam sat on end and he seemed satisfied.
"Nelly should get food first." he said with a firm voice. I chose not to say a single word and Louis made sure I got food on the plate. Actually it was good. There was rice, chicken and a delicious salad. The sauce was perfectly good and I realized that I was actually hungry. I almost hadn't eaten breakfast and this was my first meal since I had got there.


"So Harry, how was it to fuck her?"
I put food in my throat and I looked up at Liam. What on earth? How did he know that I had accidentally had sex with Harry?
"She was great!" Harry answered, and immediately I felt the color spread on my cheeks. This wasn't a conversation I thought I would hear.
"Yes, we have to teach her everything." Liam continued, as if the subject didn't concern him and he then looked at me. "In this house, we are open to what's happening and in fact, I personally, think that you did the right thing. We all want you and you must at some point begin to give us a little love."
I just stared at him. Give them love?
"But I don't love you?"
He laughed, and he was amused.
"Not yet, but you will!" he responded quickly and he began to eat. "It's anyway a good start because we now know that you can give us a little bit of yourself."
I swallowed.
"Give you what?"
Liam looked up at me again, and he raised his eyebrows in surprise.
"Yes, sex, and that!"
I didn't know what I would thing.
"You mean I should do it with all of you?"
Everyone just stared at me and I noticed that no one considered it as a problem.
"Yes!" Louis quickly got up and he smiled at me. "We want everything as you have in a normal relationship."

Niall agreed with him.
"It's just a question of letting us get what we want." he said cheerfully. "I don't mean that we'll be with you every day, but more often than never."
I lost my appetite. I put down the cutlery and I just stared at them.
"Are you crazy or are you sick in the head?" I got up. "I don't want to have sex with you and I'm not going to stay here for another night. I want to go home and you can't force me to stay."
Liam smiled awry, I understood that he already knew that I couldn't do anything about this.
"Darling, eat your food!" he said instead. "We will take one thing at a time and I promise you will be the winner here. You get four good looking men, you get clothes and everything you need."
I frowned.
"No, I have no freedom!"
Liam didn't seem to care about that.
"You have freedom in here, at home with us, and that's enough for you. Out there it's still a cruel world, and here you get more love than any other girl."
I rolled my eyes.
"You give me no love."
Louis disagreed. He took his arm around my shoulders and he looked straight at me.
"I'll show you what love is later." he whispered hoarsely. "I promise that you will feel more loved than any time in your life."

These guys were really odd. They lived in a fantasy world where they thought I might like to be. They didn't see that they took away from me everything that I had and they didn't see that I didn't want to stay. How could I get the arguments against four wacky guys?


I understood that all the doors were looked. After dinner, they allowed me to walk around the house. I found a room with a big TV, I found a gym in the basement and they even had a movie theater. This house was built with a thought. They had everything they needed and they could stay here forever. They even had a recording studio. Maybe one of them liked music?


I came into a library. The walls were filled with books and there was everything. Actually, I was impressed. I chose to walk around and look at the books. I pulled my finger over them and I wondered if I'd read. Perhaps that could make me think about something else, than this life as I now got? Maybe I could find a book as was about a girl who managed to escape?
"You can read everything in here."
I spun around and saw Harry enter the room. He smiled wide and he seemed almost happy that I was there.
"Why did you tell Liam that we... did it?" I got up because I had become irritated by that part. Harry seemed to understand me and he came up to me.
"We have no secrets." he whispered thoughtfully. "Here we are honest with each other, and we talk about everything as happens in our lives."
He stopped in front of me and he smiled. I noted that his green eyes were friendly but I didn't trust him.

"I don't want to stay here." I honestly therefor said. "I want to go home to my life and I'm not eager to be your whore."
Harry raised his eyebrows in surprise, and he laid his head askew. He ran his hand through his hair.
"You're not a whore!" he muttered hoarsely. "You are beautiful and I'm so grateful that you are here. You are more valuable to us than anything else as we own."
I swallowed and I come up with many comments to give him.
"You don't own me, you can't own a human being."
He laughed a little bit.
"That wasn't what I meant. We don't own you, but we want to get to know you and care for you and ensure that you get a good life."
I just wanted to scream at him.
"No thanks, can you be so kind now and take me out of here, now?"
quickly shook his head and then he lifted up his hand, and put his fingers under my chin. He forced me to lift my eyes.
"You shouldn't be so hateful." he said kindly. "I want you to feel good and I promise you, give us a chance you will understand."

Niall turned up and I realized that he had heard the last thing I had said.
"You wont leave us." he got up and he looked at me suspiciously. Harry smiled a little bit and he looked at him.
"No, I mentioned that we'll make her feel comfortable here, and you know we have many things planned for her?"
Niall came up with a faint smile, and he nodded.
"Yes, we have many things to do with her."
I wasn't even curious. I didn't want to know what they planned, because I suspected that I still wouldn't like it.
"Have you seen your clothes?" continued Niall questioningly and he looked straight at me. He expected that I would be curious.
"No?" I got up. "Harry took away my clothes I had on yesterday."
Yes it was meant as an ironic response. Niall laughed and quickly he took my hand. He pulled me towards the stairs up and he was excited.
"You have your own wardrobe." he said proudly. "We all got to choose clothes and jewelry for you."
Why not? Of course they had bought clothes and everything, because they had planned to kidnap me in half a year. I followed him and we came up on the second floor. We walked past my bedroom and up to the end of the corridor. Where there was a locked door and Niall unlocked it. He opened up a huge wardrobe, which not only contained a girl's dream, but also a sofa and a table to sit and do makeup.
"This is all yours!" he said cheerfully, and he looked at me again. "You own everything in here, and if you want more, we buy it for you."

I felt no happiness. They believed that I would laugh of happiness or scream like a crazy pig? I swallowed and it just felt uncomfortable. Niall didn't seem to understand that I had such feelings towards the whole thing, he seemed to think I was happy in a quiet way.
"Certainly this is everything that a girl want?" he said instead and he took me into the room. He quickly showed where the jewelry was, where shoes were and where everything was. I followed as if I were dead. This wasn't my things. I didn't feel that happiness as he expected that I would feel and I wanted to just walk away.
"I'm tired!" I therefore said out from nothing. Niall looked at me for a few more seconds and then he nodded dissatisfied. He had certainly thought that I wanted to live in my closet, but I hadn't the pleasure of wanting that.
"Okay!" He said therefore a little quieter. "I will take you to your room, if that's what you want?"
I nodded and I went ahead of him out from my so-called wardrobe. He almost seemed to understand that I didn't feel the joy as he had dreamed about. He took me to my room and as soon as I had gone through the door, he locked me in. I sighed and I walked over to my bed. This was crazy. This wasn't something that could happen to a girl like me. It was like a dream. I was with four guys who literally wanted us to live as a happy family, where I was everyone's girlfriend.


    I crawled under the covers and I tried not to think about everything as had happened. It felt as if I would be just as crazy as them, in an opposite manner. This was something that was well planned? I was sure that they would soon buy a car for me, but I would never get to sit in it and leave the yard. I sighed and slowly it dawned to me that I was really stuck. They had locks on all doors and they had me under control. They had certainly gone through all the details and they were aware that they could change me, by convincing me of things that weren't true.
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