Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


5. The recognition

Niall didn't seem to be as crazy as the other. He made no attempt to seduce me and instead he was always in a good mood. Slowly, I began to get used to this life. It is strange how easily one can change the thoughts and habits. It was like I forgot that I was kidnapped. Maybe because I knew deep down that I had no chance to get away from the house. I was stuck and it was just as well to get used to that idea.


I understood that Niall was the one who loved the music studio. I happened to walk around the house and by chance I heard him play on his guitar. He sat alone in there and he was totally inside the musk. I saw and I heard immediately that he could really his thing. He had a soft voice and he seemed to be accustomed to using a guitar. I opened the door slightly and I peered at him a few minutes. I had no idea what he was singing, but to my ears it didn't matter. In the end, he couldn't avoid to see me and immediately it spread a big smile on his lips.
"Come in!"

I hesitated, but at the same time, there was nothing else to do. I went into the room and the door was closed behind my back. I was always unsure when I was alone with one of them, because I knew that they were always looking for my body, but Niall was different. He indicated with his hand that I should sit down on a chair and actually it felt okay.
"Do you have a favorite song?" he asked. I smiled a little bit, and I placed myself on the chair. For the moment I didn't even know if I was allowed to have my own opinions.
"You want me to just play randomly for you?" he continued kindly. I chose to nod. He started again to play and he sang with a wonderful voice. Actually, he that good that he should get paid to play in front of people.


I started to look around the room. There were drums, a bass guitar and all instruments they needed. On the wall hung the pictures as actually was the ones that caught my interest. I saw some pictures where they stood and showed up themself and other images were there also was a fifth guy. I stood up and I went to one of the pictures.
"One Direction!" it said. I frowned, and I recognized the name. The picture showed them all. Harry was there, Louis stood and smiled wryly and Liam and Niall were next to Louis. Slowly I realized that they were actually a group. They were One Direction! Niall had stopped playing and he put down his guitar. He came over to me and he smiled big.
"You didn't know who we were?"
I shook my head quickly and I then looked at him.
"You are a group?"
He laughed a little bit and he nodded with satisfaction.
"Yes, we are on tour and we have fans."
I understood nothing.
"So why do you need me here for?"
He hesitated. I saw at him that there were things I didn't know. He shrugged a little bit on his shoulders and he avoided looking at me.
"You don't..." he swallowed. "Maybe we are tired of all the screaming girls and we want something as belongs really just here for us." this time he looked at me. "We want you, and we don't want anyone to destroy this, as we are trying to do."

He was honest. I saw at Nialls blue eyes that he really wanted to be the one who didn't lie.
"What are we creating?" I asked. He hesitated, and he looked at the picture again.
"We're creating something as nobody else has." he replied. "It was an idea that popped up when we recorded a song called
Stockholm Syndrome."
Actually, it sounded like a reasonable explanation.
"So you want me to love you, although you have forced me to stay?"
Niall smiled a little bit, and he chose to nod.
"Louis said it don't work in reality, but Liam had a different opinion. We started to talk about how criminals can get the victims to like them and one thing led to another." He gave me a quick glance. "We chose you with care and once you come here, it was as if we realized that it's possible."
I frowned.
"So I'm just a experiment?"
He laughed and he shook his head again.
"No, you are not such a thing. You are the one we want and actually I like having you here."

I looked at the pictures again and I pointed to the fifth guy.
"Was he in One Direction?"
Niall nodded.
"Zayn, but he chose to leave us to live a more normal life." he replied cheerfully. "We miss him, but I know he got tired of dashing around the world all year round."
Many questions came up. I realized that Niall was the only one of the guys who didn't lie to me.
"What happens when you are going on tour again?" I asked uncertainly. "Will you just leave me here without food and let me die?"
Niall hesitated. Probably he hadn't thought about that thing before and he frowned.
"It will work out in a way or another." he answered. "I know that Liam has planned everything, and he knows how we will resolve all the details."
"So he decides everything?"
Niall smiled a little bit.
"No, perhaps not, but it's easiest that one person has control. It will be fairer then."

I looked back at the pictures. Much information! Niall seemed to understand me and he stood silently beside me. I looked around at the walls and actually I started to recognize both their group name and their faces. I had a vague recollection of having heard their songs on the radio and seen their faces on TV.
"You are known?"
My question made him smile a little bit. He followed me and he seemed almost happy that I now knew more about them. I stopped completely and I looked straight at him.
"But you can get whoever you want in the whole world and yet did you take me?"
Niall nodded. He walked up to me and I was surprised when he let his hand slide through my hair.
"Yes, because you are the only one who all agreed that we wanted."
That wasn't a good answer.
"But you can get your own girlfriends and you can get a more normal life. You don't need to kidnap a girl to get everything you want?"
He didn't seemed to care about the point of my question.
"Nelly, we don't want that part. We don't want a bunch of jealous girlfriends and we do want to share our life together as a group. We want to share everything, even you."

His hand continued to caress my cheek and he seemed almost to dream himself away.
"But I don't want this life!"
He continued to be unsympathetic.
"But you'll still like it and I know you already know you loved by us all."
I wanted to back off, but he had time to react. He took his hand behind my head and he made me stand still. He looked straight into my eyes.
"You must understand that we have so much to give to you." he whispered hoarsely. "You must learn to accept it and move on."
He leaned forward and kissed me. I resisted this time.
"Niall, please!"
He groaned and he took both hands behind my head. He allowed his face to stay only a few inches from mine and I could feel his breath on my face.
"I wont force you into a single thing." he whispered hoarsely. "I just want to kiss you."


In an end he pushed me up against the wall and he kissed me. I felt compelled to answer it, and I realized he was right. I was forced to accept the situation and I was forced to agree to be a part of them. He groaned and he chose to kiss me softly. I was surprised when he took my hand and he brought it to his stiffening part. I didn't know what to do down there, so he put his hand over mine and did so that I massaged him. He wanted me to touch him? He moaned against my lips and he pressed my hand harder against his pants. When it was totally hard, he pulled the pants down and he did so that my fingers grabbed hold of it. He put his hand over mine again, and he brought my hand up and down, all the time with his lips against mine. In the end, he released my hand and I did what he wanted.


Niall was leaning against me. He had an arm on each side of my head and he kissed me more passionately. I had never done this before, and I was ashamed over what we did, but I continued. Despite everything, he didn't forced me to do more than what was required.


Niall brought his hip back and forth. I just needed to keep my hand down there and he did so that it slid back and forth between my fingers. He was red all over his face and he ended the kiss. He put his face against my neck and he groaned higher. He seemed to forget that I was there and he just wanted to get there, then he would come. I was disgusted, but at the same time relieved that he didn't do more with me. Niall wasn't like the others, and he didn't require me to lie down in front of him. He contented himself with the little in life. He took his shirt off quickly and he took my hand away. He took down the fabric over his hardness and he brought his hands, with a sweater, over it. He groaned and he leaned his forehead against mine. He came, he was shaking and he was panting. I understood that he didn't want to mess my clothes, and he chose to do it in his clothes.


"I'm not much for violence." whispered Niall and he released the sweater down on the floor. He took his arms around me and he hugged me. "I'm not a guy who can force girls to do thing."
I chose to hug him back.
"Thank you!"
He smiled a little bit.
"No, it is I who should thank you for this."
Okay, from that moment I chose to have Niall as my favorite. I suspected that he was also aware that they did wrong, and maybe I could get him to help me away from that house. He wasn't like the others, and he seemed to have a heart.
He hugged me with love, and he expected nothing in return. I felt him landed in reality, after that as just had happen, but he remained standing there with me. He held me as if he was afraid I was angry. He wanted to be sure I was happy and that I didn't hated him.

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