Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


8. The playroom

I woke up on the morning that Harry woke me up. I lay on my stomach and I hugged the pillow. I felt his lips against my back and he kissed me along the spine. It was pleasant and actually, he was the only one who might have given me a little tenderness. I felt his lips slid down and finally he landed on my butt. A hand slid down along with my buttstock and down over my clitoris. He parted a little bit on my legs and I bit my lip easily. He slowly began to caress me, light movements, almost like a feather. I wanted to turn around, but immediately took he the other hand and laid on my back.
"Lie still." he whispered hoarsely. He let two fingers to penetrate and I liked it. He continued and he made me wake up. Small simple movements but only so effective. I closed my eyes and actually I enjoyed. I did begrudge him to hear my little moans and he knew I was affected. He made so that I came almost all the way, until I was close to coming. He then took his hand away and quickly he lay on top of my back. He penetrated into the correct hole and he took me by storm. I screamed when I came. It was as if the whole body just stopped being normal. I had never felt this way before and I was almost surprised over myself. He came right after me and when he was done, he still lay there on my back. His lips landed on my ear and he smiled.
"I knew you'd like that." he whispered hoarsely. "I've looked at you for several hours now and I couldn't keep my hands away."
I chose to smile. I felt the fact that my whole body was satisfyed and I liked that feeling. He slipped out of me, but he remained over me and he kissed my cheek, my neck and my hair. It was comfortable and I liked it. Maybe I could get even Louis and Liam to like me in the right way? Niall seemed half on my side, and Harry seemed at least to care about little old me. It was a new thought that popped up and I realized that I was forced to earn their trust.


When we came down to breakfast, I realized that I now had my three days away from them. I could say no and I could choose to do what I wanted to do. I liked it and I knew that I always had that laws to point at, in case they wanted something different.
"You look pleased?" Niall exclaimed as soon as I sat down. I nodded with satisfaction.
"I'm free for three days now."
There was silence in the room and I understood that they hadn't been prepared for that. Liam frowned but I was sure he remembered the rules.
"It doesn'
t mean that you are totally free!" he hissed slightly irritated. I smiled and I looked straight at him, without hesitation.
"You have typed them up and they are in my room. I have one day with you and one day with Louis, one day with Niall, and last night I was with Harry. I have three days off now as I may be alone on."

I saw at him that he wasn't happy, but I wasn't going to give up. I was going to fight for the few rights as I had left. Harry smiled a little bit and he gave me an amused look. I hoped that was a good sign and I chose to continue to eat.
"Zayn coming over this weekend." Louis began a little hesitant. I noted that everyone enjoyed that fact. I remembered that guy from the photo, when I had been in the music room, but I chose not to show interest. He was their friend and maybe he knew that they had kidnapped me? I could only imagine what they had said about me.
"How fun!" Liam responded quickly. "Nelly need to see him. He's a very hot young man."
I reacted and I gave him a cold look.
"But he doesn't belong to this family?" I got cold out. Liam laughed a little bit and he seemed to understand that I wanted to mark my place.
"I know!" he murmured happily. "But perhaps even Zayn needs a little love? He has broken up with his girlfriend and he used to have many hot nights with her."
I become angry. I understood what he thought I would do.
"It's just for your four I do things." I mumbled cold. "I'm not fucking want to be with your friends."

This time was Niall on my side.
"And he's not even in the band anymore?"
Liam snorted.
"Who cares? It's just about a little love?"
I growled.
"Please, let me have my three days. You can do whatever you want with me next week."
Liam took it as a challenge and he almost became fond of that idea.
"Don't say too much, love!" he received as a warning ahead. "I see it almost as a challenge and I don't say no to any challenges."
I become quiet and I ate the last on the plate. I didn't like the feeling that I had in my body and I hated the idea that I would be forced into more than necessary.


That day was still good. I read books, I walked around the house and it seemed as if everyone was busy with something. I had wanted to be on the yard, but then had one of them been forced to be with me, and everything could happen if I let them be alone with me. I didn't want to expose myself to any more than necessary.


Niall took my hand. We were alone on the lower floor and he took me down to the cellar. We glided through the corridor. We walked past the door to the gym and we came to the end. Where there was a bookcase with books and I was almost disappointed that there wasn't something more he wanted to show me. Niall smiled and he pulled in one of the books. Direct slide the bookcase aside and there was a secret room. A secret room? Niall pulled me into the room and immediately I was about to lose my breath.
"50 Shades of Grey?"
Niall nodded. He closed the door and he lit a lamp in the ceiling. I was about to vomit by what I saw. There were chains to hang people in. There were whips and all sorts of toys for those who wanted to hurt each other. I frowned and I just wanted to walk out from there.
"Does this mean that you like that?"
Niall smiled a little bit, and he shook his head.
"No, it's Liam and Louis who likes whips and such things."
I looked at him and I felt disgust in my mouth.
"Why did you bring me here?"
Niall swallowed and he almost seemed to regret that I was there.
"If you play with them and try to go against them, they will punish you and then you will end up here. I just want to warn you."
I understood that Niall cared about me and he didn't want to harm me or that they would harm me.
"But I have three days off?" I got up. "Liam can't punish me for the rules as he has decided over?"
Niall smiled a little bit.
"No, he can't, but maybe he will because other things?"
I frowned.
"Like what?"
Niall shrugged.
"I don't know, but now you know that they have this kind of place?"
I nodded and I chose to look around. I stood in the same place but I let my eyes slide over all the cabinets and drawers. It was dildos lying a little here and a little there, and there were handcuffs. I realized that everything in here was there as they would enjoy. Okay, I had read that book, but this was worse.


Neither Niall and I was prepared when the door opened and Louis came in. I understood that he knew we were there, since he wasn't surprised to see me. Instead, he seemed happy and he smiled contentedly at us and then only at me.
"So you have seen the playroom?"
I frowned and I stood closer to Niall. I couldn't help but imaged what he was using the room for.
"And?" I got up. Louis just seemed smug and he went away to a bed as stood in a corner. In it sat firm straps to tie a person with. He sat down on the bed and picked up one of those ropes.
"You know you can find more pleasure by not being able to move your body?"
Niall defended me. I understood that he was totally against that they had made this room in the house.
"Lou, not everyone is fond of your games and Nelly isn't such a girl who would like to test this."
I agreed in some part.
"You never know until you tried?"
I backed toward the door because I was afraid that he wanted to test me with all that. Louis understood my reaction and he smiled slightly askew.
"Okay, I promise not to do anything with you today. Like you said, you have three days off and tonight will Zayn come over here."
Niall sighed, and he rolled his eyes.
"She's not here for his sake, and I will actually protect her if you offer Zayn something as has to do with her."
Louis laughed a little bit and he put back the rope on the bed. He looked straight at me and it was I who brought out his fantasies.
"He has a big thing between his legs and he knows what a girl wants. It doesn't hurt to try him?"
I got up many things to say, but I chose the meanest.
"So try him by yourself, if he's that good?"
Louis grinned and he stood up. He came over to me and he looked straight into my eyes.
"Don't push it, love. I like threesome!"
I swallowed and once again I wasn't sure what to say or do.
"But not I!"
He smiled and took up his hand. He held up my face so I looked just at him and he breathed heavily.
"Nelly, I can get your little body to like what I like. It's about trust, and so far you don't trust a single person here. But I know that the day will come when you see me as more than just an idiot." He was close to kiss me, or maybe it was my imagination. "Your body is like an unwritten book." he whispered hoarsely. "And I intend to write things that you could only dream of doing."

Niall went straight between us and he did so Louis was pulled away from me.
Louis just smiled. He didn't care that Niall was angry at him or that he scared me.
"I'm just telling the truth." he murmured. "She will like it and I know what I can do with her body."


Niall pulled me away from that room and I saw at him that he was angry at Louis.
"He thinks he's God." Niall muttered hoarsely, and he gave me a quick glance. "He brought in a girl once who liked it and after that day, he believes that all the girls will love that he turns on them and do things with them."
I said nothing. I just followed him up and then I decided to go alone to my room. I had seen what they could do with me. The memory of the chains and and all the stuff, led me to imagine that one day I would end up there. I didn't want to be Louis toy, but I was sure that no one could protect me from him.


Zayn arrived late in the evening. I heard how everyone cheered, but I was locked up in the room. In a way, I was grateful for that. I didn't feel like being social with a new person and I wasn't eager to meet this man. I heard that they laughed and talked and then they showed where he would sleep. It was as if they forgot that I was in the house and I was a little grateful for that.


Yet I heard their voices more clearly than I should. Maybe it was because the whole house was quiet and the voices echoed off the walls.
"So when do I meet the girl?"
I stood by the door and I tried to hear what they really was talking about.
"Tomorrow!" said Liam. "She's lovely and you will like her."
Louis snorted.
"She's a cat. So far she hasn't been shaped by what we want, but she has only been here just over a week."
Zayn laughed a little bit.
"I never thought that you would dare to do it." he said cheerfully. "But now as you have her here, it must be exciting?"
Liam replied to him.
"It's like having a girlfriend, but so far she thinks she'll get out of here."
I reacted. Yes, I wanted to come home. There was something in his voice that told me that I would never get my freedom back.
"It will be fine." said Zayn quickly. They began to walk down the stairs and quickly
vanished their voices away. I stood there and I felt like a hopeless idiot. Yes, I wanted freedom, and I didn't want to stay. But perhaps I was forced to get used to this life and to all this as happen? My parents would never find me, and the police had probably already other more important things to do than to look in the woods for a girl?

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