Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


14. The "plan"

Harry lay on top of my back and I woke up when he parted my legs. I felt how he pulled away my panties and I felt when he penetrated.
"Harry?" I got hoarse forward, because I was caught off guard. He laid his head on my cheek, and he put his elbows beside my head.
"Just a quickie!" he muttered hoarsely, and I felt how he began to move on his hip. I frowned and I didn't want that he would wake me up in that way.
"Not everything is about sex?"
He kissed my cheek and he didn't care what I said.
"You are so wonderful." he murmured instead, and he pushed up the thighs against my thigh. I felt he pressed himself down on me, and he seemed almost to believe that I would only set up on his needs. I liked Harry, but for the moment, I felt that there was no difference between him and the others.
"But I don't want to!"
He groaned.
"Nelly, I love to fuck you!"


Somewhere between the movements, I heard that the door become opened. Harry didn't seem to care. He continued and he looked toward the door.
"It's my day!"
Then I heard Liam's voice.
"We must have a meeting now." he said firmly. "Can't you do that a little later with her. I have things we need to talk about."
The door closed. Instead of quitting, he began to quickly be inside me, quickly and hard. It was as if he didn't care and he was desperate. He groaned and he really wanted to come. That meeting wasn't important and I assumed that he thought that I would take his time and not the others. He came quickly. It was as if it was the one thing that was important for the moment and as soon as he was done, he left me. He rolled off me, step down on the floor and caught up his clothes.
"Take a shower and then go and lie down in my bed again." he muttered hoarsely. He took the clothes over his sweaty body and then he left the room quickly. I lay there and I felt empty. Again, I became aware that I was the lowliest person in the house. I had nothing to say and I didn't even needed to attend in the meeting.


I chose to go over to my room and I showered. I put on my clothes, and instead of going back to Harry's room, I went to the stairs down. I was curious. I wanted to know what they were talking about. They were in the library and I couldn't help but put my ear to the door. I heard their voices and it tingling in my stomach.


"Should we vote?" I heard Liam say. "You know that we have to plan everything, now as she is here, with us, must this really work."
"But if she doesn't want?" I heard Niall say. "I mean, it's about a week? And who will oversee her here?"
Liam snorted.
"We vote and then we go through the plan. I've actually thought about both things and I know what I'll do."
There was silence, and they voted. I then heard Liam's voice again.
"So she goes with us?"
Harry laughed a little bit.
"Good luck with to plan that."
Louis seemed irritated.
"But we must have her under surveillance and you know we can do it in the best way in the bus and not here at this home."
Harry didn't seem to care.
"Employ a few bodyguards and set them on the yard. I'm sure they can handle it."
Liam sighed.
"She will be with us in the bus and that's decided from now on. We have people there who are behind us and that will help us." He took a deep breath. "It will work, and I know she will like to come out from the house. The only thing we have to worry about are those who don't know she's here."
I breathed deeply. What was happening?
"But if she runs away?" asked Louis angrily. "Then it becomes a panic?"
Liam seemed quiet.
"I have everything in the bus that I need and I have asked them to so some changes, so that it suits us, even her."


In the afternoon, I found out the news. Liam took me into his room and he sat me down on his sofa. He placed himself on the bed, a few meters away from me and he smiled big.
"We'll make a few appearances for a week."
A little did I know already where this would lead.
He swallowed, and it was as if he still planned everything for the purpose.
"And you're going with us."
I felt my heart pounding.
He laughed a little bit.
"If you take care of this in the best way, we will reward you." He looked straight at me. "You will spend your largest time in the bus and I have already seen that it's safe. You can't run away, but you will have more freedom if we believe that you deserve it. Maybe we eat in a restaurant or you get to sleep in a hotel room. It's up to you."
I felt the whole body tingled. Maybe I could even escape? I smiled and I tried not to look hopeful.
"And the rules are followed?"
He nodded with a smile.
"Yeah! You are mine on the Monday, and so on. It's my big day and I'm not going to miss being with you." He corrected on the back. "We may not have the time as now for you, but that's because our work requires a lot of our time and we have fans to meet."
Sure? I didn't care about their work or their fans.
"But we will try to give you our love and time." he continued. "It's just about one week."


Harry stood outside the door waiting for me, but nothing could fuck up my dreams now. I had a week when I would go with them and I was sure that I during that week would be able to find a gap in their plans and escape.

"My room!" Harry mumbled. I just smiled and followed him. Actually, I could see before me how I got home to my parents and how I got my life back. Harry closed the door behind us and soon he began to strip me naked. I smiled all the time and I couldn't even bother me when he penetrated.


"You like me?"
I felt him slumped over me. We had done it again, and I had lost the count of how many times they had forced me.
Harry kissed my cheek. He was sweaty and I felt how he slowly slipped out of me.
"You smiled all the time? You like me?"
I hugged him and I chose to lie.
"Yes, I like you."
He laughed a little bit and he raised his head. He looked into my eyes and actually it was okay to look at him.
"Nelly, I love you," he whispered hoarsely. "I know it's early to say those words, but you're all that I want."
Okay, dream you dream about me! I'm gone that week when you shall have the tour. Then I will run from you.
"It's okay!"
Harry kissed me. His lips were soft and he was one of those who really knew how to kiss a girl. I felt how he almost held his breath, when he kissed me, and I wondered if his feelings were a lie, just as much as everything else was a lie? I was living in their imaginations, and for me it wasn't something I wanted.


Have you ever realized that you have one chance, during a week, although you don't know if you can plan it, it takes up your time? I felt that way. It was as if the guys' words echoed back in the head and they couldn't take away the hope of freedom. It was like it didn't matter. What's now happening in the house was the thing that would be behind me. Instead, I wanted to try to take back my freedom and I would get my life back. One week when I would do everything to get away. A week when I was forced to concentrate on details. If for one second they weren't paying attention, I'd take the chance.






I'm sure the guys isn't in this way in reality. For those of you who are against these books, stop read! This is my fantasy and I know many fans are against when you writing that they aren't normal.


It will be more..... :)



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