Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


22. The morning

In the morning I panicked. I woke up to that pounded on the door and I heard Liam's voice.
"We know she's there! Open up!"
Direct Zayn picked up my clothes and showed that I could take them on. He gave them to me. I obeyed. Then he took my hand and we ran out onto the balcony. It was just a railing over to the neighbor's balcony. Quickly we climbed over the railing and Zayn knocked on their window.
"I take care of the guys!" he whispered hoarsely. "But you can't be seen by them."
I was weak. I realized that I actually didn't want to return. I wanted to go home and I wanted to live my normal life. An elderly lady opened the balcony door and she looked surprised at us. Zayn had only underwear on, and I was sure that I didn't looked like an ordinary-looking girl. The dress hung askance at me, and my hair was uncombed.
"Please," said Zayn quickly to her. "Can my girlfriend hiding here? Her ex is looking for her and he's standing outside our door!"
I was surprised. What a great lie! She hesitated, and immediately Zayn looked at her as if he meant every word.
"He's going to beat her, and he's dangerous. I don't want Sara to die."
The woman looked at me and I understood that she believed his lie. She nodded and she took my hand. She pulled me inside and she looked the door. Zayn disappeared back and immediately we heard screams from our hotel room. She took with me back in the room and we put ourselves in a place where you couldn't see us, from the balcony. She heard Liam's angry voice.
"She's here! Look everywhere guys. We're going to hell to find her!"
She seemed as scared as I was.
"Is he your ex-boyfriend?" she whispered quietly, and she was referring to Liam's voice. Immediately we heard Harry.
"Damn, you should give her to us."
The woman jerked didn't understand. She heard five guys and she couldn't hear who as could be my ex. I blushed. I didn't know what to say.
"He's the one who screams!"
She nodded, a little bit.
"Should we call the police?"
I shook my head quickly.
"Oh no, it just gets worse."
She understood. Meanwhile, Harry had taken himself over to her balcony and he started to look through the glass. The woman was scared and she just stared at him with wide eyes.
"Is that him?"
How would I explain to my ex was four guys? I chose to nod and I realized how wrong it all was. Normal girls had enough with one guy and I had lived with them.
"He looks scary?"
I smiled a little bit, without that  she saw it. Harry was the one who was the least violent and he was the one who was more loving.
"You can't imagine!" I whispered, and I almost had a laugh on its way. I bit my lip and I managed to be quiet.


"Sara, maybe I should call the police?"
She looked at me with kind eyes. Zayn had said that I was Sara and I understood that it was me as she talked to.
"No!" I whispered hoarsely. "If we get the police here, it's a serious risk that he throws himself upon them, and they know he's dangerous."
She looked sad.
"But what can I do to help you?"
I was just happy that she cared. I hugged her and I smiled.
"You've already done more than you can imagine."


The hotel room was turned upside down. Everything was chaos and I noted that they also had taken apart the bed. Talk about that they would have to pay? Zayn wasn't there and I sensed that he was trying to get them away from me. I felt uncomfortable because I had no idea where I was. I chose to leave the room and I chose to take the elevator down. I sensed that the boys had left the hotel. Why stay there when they didn't see me?


For the first time in months I was alone out on a street. I couldn't help but smile. I peeked at all and I enjoyed the freedom. The people didn't understand how lucky they had been. They could walk down the street without fear. Self, I chose to walk along the wall of the house and I was careful not to select an empty street. It was as if I assumed they drove around in a car and was looking, in the end, I had to laugh at myself. They had of course gone to any other place. They didn't run around in the aria, they certainly had chosen to look further.


I found today's news in a trash can. Direct I took it up, and I looked in it. It was then I saw a notice about me.
"Jenny, 18 years old, is still missing. Police put down the search for her, because the chances of finding her now are small. A police spokesman says that if you can't find the victim within a specified period of time, chances are that he or she is dead. "
What? I wasn't dead. I lived. Immediately I realized that I had to take myself to a police station. I got a goal, I had a purpose. I felt that my stomach started tingled. The police station? Where can I find it? I stopped a man and I tried to look natural.
"Excuse me, but where can I find the police station?"
He smiled and he talked about where I would go. It felt wonderful to talk to a man I hadn't met before. I had to make my choice and I could go wherever I wanted. I was happy even though I was sad that everyone thought I was dead.


It was perhaps not a great weather, but still I enjoyed. I chose to walk fast. I wanted to quickly come forward and contact the police. I wanted to mention that I was alive and I was here. It felt strange that everyone thought I was dead. Actually, it was like a nightmare or an old horror movie. I was forced to smile. It sounded so wrong, Me dead? I moved on the legs and I breathed. So I was alive, and I wasn't dead?


At the police station, there were many people waiting for their turn. All took a queue ticket and everyone seemed to have important matters. I hesitated and I took also a ticket with a number on. I had to smile. "69" was my number. Yes it suited for a girl who had been with those guys? There were twenty people ahead of me and I realized that it would be a long time. Still, I felt safe. I was sure no one would look at a police station for me.


"What can I help you with?"
I sat down in front of the woman and actually I didn't know what to say.
"I've been kidnapped and now I want to get help to inform my family that I'm here."
She eyed me carefully and she yawned.
"Excuse me, but we're not in the mood for jokes." she gave me a note. "Enter your registration here and give it to me then."
I frowned.
"Excuse me, but I ask you to inform my parents that I'm alive." I was annoyed. "My name is Jenny and you have been looking for me. Today I read in the paper that you put down the search, because you think I'm dead, but I sit here?"
She wasn't amused.
"And if you'll excuse me, I have work to do. Such as you come in daily and says they are missing."
I growled.
"Look me up in your registry. I'm serious."
She was also angry.
"And I mean this seriously. Just fill in the form and do as you're told."


I cried when I left the police station. I ran out into the street and I felt small. What would I do now? How could I get the world to see the fact that I was alive? I tried to take me foreward, but I was weak. My stomach was hungry and I was tired. There was no one who cared and everyone rushed forward along the street. I chose to sit down on a bench and I tried to collect myself. Okay, maybe I could get someone to call my parents? Perhaps there was one kind person who wanted to help me? Maybe I couldn't come home? I looked up the street and I was trying not to cry. There was no panic. The chances that the guys could see me was quite small. They had a large area to search through and they had no idea that I was sitting on a bench. I sighed. This wasn't well planned. I had no money and I had no ID with me. It was as if I weren't here.

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