Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


24. The meeting

I woke up to Harry's voice. He sat talking in the cell phone and he tried to whisper. I quickly realized who he was talking to.
"But now I and Nelly have decided this." he whispered hoarsely. "Please, can't you understand that she has chosen me?"
I opened my eyes and I looked at him. He sat next to me and he was still naked. He seemed almost sad.
"But Liam, she want to only have me and not all of us, and I'm now her boyfriend. Her parents met me."
I sat up and I was annoyed. Harry was surprised, and he knew immediately that I had heard. I quickly took the phone from him.
"Now you listen!" I got cold front and I knew Liam heard me. "I'm tired of being with you and I want only to have Harry,"
Liam gasped.
"But darling, that is to break the agreement."
I snorted.
"We had no deal."
He seemed sad and it was as if I hurt him.
"Can't you come home and talk about it?"
I snorted.
"There's nothing to talk about."
It sounded like he was crying.
"Please, come home and let's talk about it?"


We lied to my parents and we said we were going to the apartment, but the truth was that we were going to the house. I had agreed to talk with them and now I was strong enough to resist. Harry was hesitant but he let me decide. This was the first time I saw where we drove. We went out on the highway and we took off towards the coast. It felt strange that I could see where I had found myself locked up.


"Are you sure about this?"
Harry stopped the car in the middle of the woods and he looked straight at me. I nodded.
"I need some time to end it all."
He frowned.
"You know I'm behind you and if they lock up, I will help you again."
I nodded and I tried to smile. I was forced to trust him.
"I know!"
He started the car again and he ran to the house. We came in through the gates and we stopped at the stairs. It felt strange to be back, but at the same time it wasn't the same Jenny who came to the house.


I held Harry's hand tightly and we walked through the door. Directly I saw Liam and he wasn't the same person. I saw he had been crying and he looked as if he had lost everything.
"She's here!" he shouted, and immediately came Niall and Louis out to the hall. Although they seemed to be changing and it was as if they were afraid. Maybe they thought I had told the truth to my parents? It gave me strength and I understood that it was I who held the strings this time. The power wasn't with them, it was with me.
"Should we put ourselves in the kitchen?" asked Liam uncertain. I smiled and I swallowed.
"No, we go into the office."
I wanted to show who was boss here and I was the boss.


I sat down on a sofa and all seemed hesitant, even Harry. He sat down quickly beside me. The others sat on another couch and looked straight at me. It was quiet for a few minutes before Liam opened his mouth.
"Now you have met your parents?"
I nodded with satisfaction.
"Thanks to Harry."
Liam smiled weakly.
"And what did they say?"
I hesitated.
"Many things."
Liam looked straight at me and I understood that he was afraid. He wasn't sure, and he was small.
"I was with the police." I got up and everyone gasped. "But you have luck on your side. They didn't believe me."
All puffed out.
"But if you so much as hurt me again, I will go out with the whole truth."
It was still quiet and everyone seemed to think. Even Louis avoided looking at me and he was now red in the face.
"So you don't intend to be with us?" Niall whispered questioningly. "I mean, we were here for your sake."
I remembered what Zayn had told me and I knew that from the beginning they wanted to do something good with me. It was just that they chose the wrong girl.
"You are wonderful when you don't force me to fuck with you." I got up. "The first mistake you made was to kidnap me. The second you did was to take away everything from me. You don't do that with a person you love."
I chose to tell them everything.
"And Louis!" I looked straight at him. "A girl like me don't like to be beaten. You must understand that you can't do that with anybody. You have to seek out the right person who wants to do the same."
I looked at Niall.
"And those films disgusted me. I'm not excited or happy to see what you have done to others. It's nasty what we did in bed."
Niall blushed a little bit.
"But I haven't filmed what we did, you and me?"
I snorted.
"It's about respect for the other girls." I soon developed. "You shouldn't do things behind the girl's back."
I then looked at Liam.
"And yes, you were kind and you tried, but you didn't take no for an answer and you decided over my head. I could have been with you at your meetings  and you could have asked what I wanted to do."
Liam looked down at the floor and then he looked at me.
"And Harry?"
I smiled.
"He was the only one who wanted to be with me and not all over me. He chose to give me freedom again, and that you took away from me. You can't just conclude that a girl should want to be with you in that way, just because you are famous."
It felt wonderful to talk about what I felt.
"And when I saw you on stage, I realized who you are for them. You could be the same persons with a girl without forcing her. I'm sure I had liked you much better if you were yourself, as you are to the fans."
Louis seemed to understand and he smiled a little bit.
"Do you like us now?"
I shook my head.
"Not after all that you have done. You have to understand that you can't force love. It comes by itself if you get to know a person."
Liam nodded little bit.
"We did wrong, but we really wanted to have you here and we wanted to take care of you."
I rolled my eyes.
"You forced me!"
Liam smiled apologetically.
"Sorry we hurt you, and sorry that it become wrong."
Niall hesitated.
"But if you make the decisions and if you get your freedom to do what normal do? Would you like to have us then?"
I was startled,
Louis smiled and he seemed to be on all that, as Niall was talking about.
"We'll take care of you and you will be free. We live together and we live under the same roof."
I sighed again and I shook my head.
"There's no one outside these walls who would understand and what will you say to your fans? They will believe that it's disgusting."

Liam disagreed with me this time.
"You can have Harry as a boyfriend outwardly, but inside the walls you have all?"
I was surprised when Harry seemed to like that idea.
"Come on Jenny!" he got up. "You get all four and you have everything you can dream about. I can be like a boyfriend when your parents want to come to us and no one needs to know the truth."
I hadn't thought that way before. I just stared at them. Niall lit up like the sun, and he seemed to understand what they were talking about.
"Jenny, we promise that everything will be as you want it and I promise not to tell a single person that you are everybody's."


I wasn't ready, everything changed. They wanted me to stay on my terms, only they had me. I had to think about it. Did I wanted to live that way? That meant I would have four guys and they shared me? I had seen online how some men had several women and that they lived under the same roof, but that I would get that proposal was like taken from the cinema.



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