Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


19. The bus

I understood that we would go away now, that week was here. There was a tingling in my stomach and I watched as Liam packed a bag with clothes. He seemed unsure about me and it was as if he was thinking about leaving me in the house. It had been good for me, because then I had more opportunities to try to run away. Harry appeared later with his suitcase and then Niall came to the house. He also had with him a bag for me.
"I packed a bit of everything." he said cheerfully, and he was proud over himself. He hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Sorry I haven't come here, but I've been with my parents."
I smiled at him.
"Niall, it's okay!" I got up. "Liam took care of me and Harry has made me company."
Niall understood but then he looked like a question mark.
"And Louis?"
Harry appeared in the hall and he gave Niall a meaning face. The Irishman immediately understood that Louis had done something mean and that's why he looked at me again.
"Are you okay?"
I smiled uncertainly.
"Yes, but I got fever and I had pain in my body."
Niall seemed to care. He raised both hands and he caught up my face. He looked straight into my eyes and it was as if he was suffering with me.
"Darling?" he muttered hoarsely. "No one feels good after Louis have been with them in that room and I know what I'm talking about."
Harry agreed with him.
"She was bruised and she was sick."
Niall kissed me lightly on the lips.
"Then it's good that I'm here now?"
I heard Harry's laughter.
"She did well without you."
Niall didn't listen and he smiled at me.
"I will take back everything that we missed and I promise to be kinder to you."
Harry snorted.
"Niall, she's fine with me and Liam. She doesn't need your filthy movies."
Niall frowned and he looked at him.
"Says he as lying to her?"
I reacted.
Harry blushed and he seemed to hesitate. Niall got up a big smile and he took his hands away from my face.
"Harry prefer guys sometimes and he loves to suck cock."
I gasped and Harry seemed almost like dying.
"Stop Niall!"
The Irishman didn't give up.
"Tell her the truth! We are all idiots and we all have different systems in our body, but you are the only one who can do it with a man."
Harry became angry and I saw at him that he didn't like the truth, at least not when I was around.
"But I don't force them to do things as you do."
Niall growled.
"A film does no harm?"
Harry snorted.
"No, but you're filming the girls without them having any idea about it. What do you think that all one hundred girls thinks about your films?"
I gasped.
"A hundred?"
Niall swallowed and he blushed a little bit.
"I don't know if it's a hundred in number."
Harry laughed cold and he came over to us.
"To be exact, and I have counted your movies, you have over a hundred!"
Niall growled.
"But I don't fuck ass?"
Harry snorted and pushed him.
"Well, I saw one of your movies and you were in any holes that you could access. What's the difference?"
Niall pushed Harry hard, to give back.
"They are girls and they wanted it."
Liam popped up quickly and he went between them. He looked angry and he forced them to calm down.
"Come on!" he murmured cold. "We all have something behind us, but it's here and now as counts."
Harry didn't agree with him on that issue.
"Says he as thinks he can have whoever he wants with his big cock?"
Liam frowned.
"Stop it! We wont get anywhere if we fight."

I backed away. Why did I always find out the information as I didn't want to know about? They told me everything, but no one talked about why they had me there? I chose to go up to the bedroom and I crawled under the covers. Yes, everyone had skeletons in the closet, but what did I have? I had nothing that could shock them. One time I had had sex with a guy, but at that time I wasn't sure about myself and he had only taken me. It felt wrong to talk about such a memory.


I woke up in the middle of the night by Niall as now was behind me. He was close to me and I heard his breath. He kept his arms around my body and he pressed himself against me. His hips slid up and down and he was naked. Well, now the old Niall was back? I chose not to show that I was awake. He was pretty quiet and he didn't make any sharp movements. He panted and groaned quietly. He spanned the entire body and I felt that he had done it for a while. He pressed his lips against my hair and I felt how he pulled up my nightgown. He pulled down my panties, but only so much that his hard part came to my skin. He groaned louder and he didn't seem aware that he was behind me. Finally he came. I felt how it came across my back and he was shaking. He whimpered quietly and then he was still.


In the morning I showered carefully, and I threw the clothes. I didn't want to keep them and I was almost disgusted by Nialls behaviour.


"Good morning!"
All smiled at me when I showed up in the kitchen. They were gathered around the dining table and they ate breakfast. I slid down on a chair and I chose to take food in silence. Liam talked all the time about the bus journey that lay before us. I didn't listen directly to what he said. I realized that Louis wasn't here yet. I looked up at Liam and I chose to ask.
"And Louis?"
He was silent and then he smiled a little bit.
"Louis don't go with our bus. I have sent him with the workers in another bus, so you don't need to worry."
I chose to smile and I tried to make them believe that I was grateful. My new thoughts began to drift around how I would escape from them. It was almost the only thing that spun around. I saw before me how I would run away from them. Maybe they were quicker against me, but if I were smart, I ran when no one was looking, and then I still got a chance.


Their bus was great. It contained beds, seats and a TV. They also had a fridge and a toilet that could be used. I was impressed and I liked it. So this was our new home for a week? I understood that they had an eye on everything. In the front in the bus there was a door, which was locked between us and he who drove it. The outdoor was on that side of the bus and I had no chance to get through the door without a key. The windows appeared to be bulletproof, and there were no areas that suggested that there was another way out. I was a little disappointed, but I didn't lose hope.


Liam showed me where I would sleep. My bunk was in the back of the bus. I had a quilt and I had two pillows. It was perhaps not a big bed, but I was glad that only one person could fit in there. Maybe the luck was on my side? I couldn't worry about it all, and I chose to glide with the wind. I sat down on a seat and I looked out on the street. We were in a fenced area, and there was no one saw us. I saw how they picked things into the bus and I noted that everyone seemed so well planned. When the bus started to roll out onto the street, I enjoyed that I got to see people. They were strangers to me, but I was still happy to see them.


"It will be a long journey!"
Liam sat down next to me and he smiled big. I chose to nod and I looked back outside. It was interesting to look at all the houses, all the people, and finally on the highway. We all was in place and it was quiet in the bus. Liam began to read a book, as also Harry did. Niall sat and practices the guitar and he showed off how skilled he was. I chose to just enjoy being on the road to something new. This was better against to sit in a house and I liked to look at everything as we went by.


When we stopped to eat dinner, didn't anyone allow me to go with them. Instead, the guys went to a restaurant and ate. They took with them food back to me and they also brought water to drink. I realized that they were on their guard. They were ready to throw themselves upon me, if I tried to do something wrong. Maybe it was a warning? I still was happy for the food, and I ate it all up. It was wonderful to get something to eat and I was hungry. They had candy on the bus and everything you could imagine, but for the moment my thoughts was on the future. What if I missed the chance just because I hesitated?


Harry took my hand and he pulled me back in the bus. He showed me that I should put myself on the bed and then he vanished away. I frowned, and I suspected what he wanted to do. He came back and he smiled big.
"Lie on your back and spread your legs."
I wanted to say no, but I obeyed. He slid in next to me and he pulled away my panties. I felt he brought there a doldo and he pressed the vibrator on. I whined. He smiled big.
"I just want you to come!" he whispered hoarsely, and he brought it over the area. "I want to see you coming!"
I closed my eyes and I felt how he massaged me to that state. He brought it slowly in and out and he let it sometimes slip over my clitoris. I whimpered slightly and I tried to be quiet. I didn't want the others to show up. Harry started to kiss me and I responded the kiss. I took my arms around his neck and I parted more on my legs. He liked it. He moaned against my lips and he let his tongue slip in. He brought the dildo faster inside me and he knew exactly what he would do. I whined louder and I brought the hip up and down. It tingled down there and I felt that the body was wide awake. I liked the feel and I liked that he did this. Faster, harder, and I was shaking all over.


"Why don't you fuck her?"
Niall had seen us and he was standing next to us with a silly smile. Harry ended the kiss and he looked down between my legs.
"Everything isn't about to do that, Niall!"
I couldn't hide that I was close. I put my lips against Harry's neck and followed the movements. Niall liked to watch and I knew why. He loved to see and at the same time to do it. Liam appeared also beside us and this time, I was embarrassed. All stared at me and it was as if I were in the public domain. I felt the dildo was moving and I felt my whole body was getting ready.
"She likes it!"
Liam's comment made me almost stop. Damn, couldn't they just let me be? Harry kissed me softly and he didn't seemed to care.
"Place her on the floor!" muttering Niall on. Harry ended the kiss and he looked at them.


I slid down to the floor. Harry laid me gently to the carpet. I felt that they pulled off my panties. The dildo was still in me and I had closed my eyes. I felt someone pulled up my dress and someone kissed my breasts. A couple of other lips landed on my clit and it was as if they wanted to make everything okay. I moaned now loud and I did everything to reach there. Someone bet and someone sucked. It was as if my whole body knew exactly what they were doing.


A pair of hands grabbed my legs and lifted them up. The dildo slid out and instead someones hard part penetrate. I chose to just have closed eyes and I didn't want to know or see. Lips sucked my nipples and I liked it. I felt someone took me hard, fast movements, in and out. I whimpered. It tingled all the way into the stomach. I heard moaning and I heard that everybody did something. A pair of lips found my lips and I responded to the kiss. A hand caressed my clit and I was like crazy. Everywhere on the body, I felt something, and eventually it became too much. I dissolved into fragments. I was shaking and I yelled out the orgasm. My whole body stopped obeying and it was like I couldn't control myself. I even felt how I was filled with cum. It was as if everyone came and I heard the sounds buzzing around me. I kissed the lips and I took my arms around his neck. I didn't care who it was, because everyone was still all over me. Someone else came into me. I felt hands all over me and I felt how someone took me back. There was no end and I chose to just go along. I kissed desperately. A pair of lips down there, between me and the person who took me. I again began to come to life. I felt a tongue made me go crazy again. I whimpered and I was shaking at the same time. I forgot who I was and I stopped to remember who they were. It was wonderful and again got the whole body rocking. I didn't know what was up and what was down. It was all a big fog and my body stopped being mine.


A new pair of lips met mine and a new person down there. This time, I was tired and I tried to just go along, until I a third time landed in an unreal dream. It was as if everyone knew what to do, and together they made me crazy. I pressed my lips against the new face and I held his body hard with my arms. I brought up the hip and I felt how full I was. I screamed this time and it was as if I was shattered. It was wonderful and my whole body rocked.


I opened my eyes and I looked directly into Nialls eyes. He kissed me quickly, and then he smiled big.
"We love you so much!" he whispered tenderly, and he pulled his fingers through my hair. Harry sat under me and I saw at him that he was satisfied. Liam was on my other side and he pulled up his pants. I frowned and I knew it wasn't right to tell them about that this was wrong. My body had come three times and who complained about that?
"This will be a long week?" I got hoarse forward. Liam laughed and he agreed with me.
"But don't think we do like this with you every day."
No thanks! Harry smiled at me, and he put on my panties.
"You are our everything, darling!"
I swallowed and I chose not to get angry. I sat up and I realized that it had really happened. Niall sat behind me and he took his arms around my body.
"You are the best!"

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