Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


1. The beginning

"Nelly, are you aware that there are four guys by the bar as stare at you?"
I shouldn't have listened to Sandy's words. I would rather have seen the warning signs and tried to hide myself, but I was in a good mood and I was among friends. We were at the disco where everyone went and I were there to dance. Maybe I was young and naive, but I saw no obstacles in that four guys peered at me. And when I looked toward the bar they seemed to do everything they could do so that I wouldn't see them. They had caps on their heads and in retrospect I know that they wore fake beards just to not be recognized. I just laughed and I didn't trust her. Instead, I continued to dance. It was Friday, I was eighteen years old, and life lay before me. I wanted to have fun and I did want exactly like everyone in my age, I wanted to be seen. Maybe they saw my challenging dance? Maybe they chose me because I had a challenging dress on, but I'll be honest, it wouldn't have mattered what I had done. They had chosen me much earlier and they had planned everything. The only thing they now had to do was to remove me from the people I socialized with. They wanted me to be alone and


"Those guys inviting us for free drinks!"
Sandy had no bad thoughts about people and when we was invited by a guy, you didn't said no. It was her team. She pulled me to them, to those who had been staring at me and I didn't think they had a plan with that. Instead, I smiled wide and I tried to be myself. They put up drinks befor us and we were so stupid that we received them. I didn't know the fact that they had poured the powder in my glass. I didn't know that my time as a free woman were numbered. I had no idea about a single thing. The only thing I did was to say yes to one single wrong thing. I had never smoked in my life, I hadn't taken drugs and this was the first time guys invited me to anything.
"You deserve it!" said one of them, and I chose to just smile. They stood around us, as if they protected us. They were near us and they were aware that they were forced to act quickly.
"You are too kind!" said Sandy quickly and perhaps she thought that they were interested in her? I chose not to say much, and instead Sandy talked, as if she knew who they were. They were like friends, but for her it was the first time and the last time she saw them, talked to them and it was also the last time she saw me.



My head ached when I woke up. I felt that my body was weak and I sensed immediately that something had happened to me.
"Lie still!"
The voice sounded friendly, yet serious. I realized I was lying on the floor in a bus. My head was in a knee, but I saw nothing. Everything was black and I glimpsed only faint light from outside when the vehicle passed the lights from houses. I tried to sit up, but my body said no and my head screamed in pain.
"What has happened?"
Yes it was a stupid question, but I had to find out something.
"You fainted!"
That was a lie. The truth was that they poured some into my glass, I was
affected by it and before Sandy or anyone else suspected anything, they took me out from there. I was easy to take, because I lacked the ability to function normally.
"She must have air!" they had said to the guards and all people outside thought I was the girl who had poured too much booze.


"Where are we going?"
I remained with my head in the person's knees and I heard whisper in the bus. I realized I wasn't alone with this guy. There were more.
"To a special place!"
I didn't realize that I was kidnapped. I didn't understand that they took me away from all that was my life, my free life. I suspected nothing. The only thing I thought was that they would help me.
"When will I go back home again?"
He didn't want to answer that question. Instead, he remained quiet and I fell asleep.




Before that day, I had been a normal person. I had many friends and was living with my parents in a house. I had a normal life and I had completed high school without problems. I dreamed about of becoming something big one day and I had applied to various colleges just to get away. I wanted to be independent and I wanted to build my own life, outside my parents' safe homes. Maybe I wanted to be adult too quickly? At home, I had my parents and I knew how everything worked.


I had chosen to go out with friends that night, simply because we would then go against different targets in life. Sandy would travel around the world with some others and all had plans for the summer. Personally, I had thought that I would go to the cottage, by the sea. I would bathe and get tanned. I would enjoy the last summer of freedom. That summer didn't become as I had planned. Instead of freedom, I ended up in captivity, and I lost everything that I was. Instead of lying on the sea and swim, I ended up in a room, in a house as I couldn't leave.


"Trust us!"
I only remember that someone lifted me up in his arms. I heard the sound of the forest and I was carried into my prison. I had no idea that it was the last time as I felt free and as I had choices.
"You'll get some sleep."
I felt how I landed on a bed. They took off my shoes and they put a blanket over me. I was then grateful. I just wanted to sleep and I just wanted to get rid of the headache.

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