Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


4. Stockholm Syndrome

I woke up early in the morning. The sun was about to go up and the whole house was quiet, except for a small sound, which probably had caused me to wake up. I had heard my door open and closed. Then appeared someone behind me. Someone crawled into bed and lay down close to my back. I was stiff all over and I tried to play asleep. Hands around my waist and right as it was, I felt lips against my cheek. A body pressed against mine and I felt the hard part against my butt. He moaned and I felt he brought that part against my buttocks, back and forth. I just wanted to spew straight out. What would I do? I was stiff all over and I didn't want to be anyone's mistress, whore or whatever they wanted me to be.


When my panties began to slide down, I was compelled to do something. Quickly, I lay on my back and immediately I looked into Liam's eyes. He was anything but that calm person, as he had been during the day. His eyes were wide and he tore off my panties.
"Darling!" he muttered hoarsely, and he smiled a little bit. "I want you."
I was
about to say something mean, but he had time to put his hand over my lips.
"Let me make it good for you and you can talk afterwards."
I heard something was putting on, a vibrator? With the other hand he brought a dildo between my legs and without expecting me to say yes, he brought it over my clit.
"You have to be horny!" he whispered hoarsely, and he didn't let me go with his eyes. "I have the honor to own a big cock and you really need to be moist."

When I tried to resist, he lay down almost directly over me and he pushed me down. He brought it up and down over my sensitive part, and I realized he was purposeful, or at least he had a goal and I couldn't stop him.


Okay, that vibrator made action and I felt how he got me to thinking about something else. When he noticed that my legs parted a bit more, he smiled wide and he looked pleased.
"Oh, darling!" he muttered, and he took his hand away from my lips. Instead of keeping it there, he started to kiss me. At first, I did everything to avoid his lips, but in the end it was impossible to resist. He kissed me and his lips were as purposeful as his own. I answered the kiss, and without thinking about it, I spread my legs as much as I could.
I ended up in another state and unconsciously I took my arms around his body. He was naked. I couldn't understand that I so easily followed him in his movements. I felt the dildo penetrated. I felt his lips were as cut for my lips. I groaned, but I wasn't aware of that and I felt it vibrating dildo filled me time after time, again. Liam slipped up more over me and finally he was lying almost on top of me. I brought the hip in his pace and I showed with the entire body that I liked it, although I should I have done the opposite.


I was close to reaching that end, when he finally threw away the dildo and instead, he replaced the emptiness with his hardness. I had to hold my breath. He filled me to the brim, almost too much. He filled me all the way inside and it was as if Liam took up all parts of me. He placed an elbow on each side of my head and he continued to kiss me. I didn't know if it was pleasure or pain as I felt, but I couldn't stop. I felt how he began to bring the hips up and down and I could hear his breathing became more intense. In the darkness, I saw how his sweaty body worked and actually, I liked what I saw. Liam was the one of the four guys who looked more manly and somehow I forgot that I was there because of them.


Liam grabbed my legs and forced them to slide around his body. He almost pushed me up and he put his elbows just over my shoulders, so that I would lie still, he kept me in placeHas brought up the thighs under my butt and he almost snapped me in bed. I could just receive. I held my arms tightly around his body, and I tried not to cry out what I felt for the moment. It was as if we forgot about time and space. The only thing I was aware of was this, what happened here and now. The whole bed moved and it began to pound straight into the wall. None of us cared. None of us thought about that everyone heard what we did and maybe Liam wanted that to be heard? Now all heard that I did it with him and everyone was aware that he was taking me hard.


Liam turned around and he landed on his back. He forced me to lie down on top of him and he held his arms tightly around my neck. He brought the hips up and down and that's when I ended up in the fog. I pressed my face against his sweaty neck and I almost bit him. I shook, I suffered, I whimpered, and finally it was as if I stopped working. I screamed out everything that was washed over me. It was as if the whole body just stopped working and I couldn't control anything. Afterwards Liam reached the same results. He almost kept his arms around me convulsively and he showed with the entire body and face that he got there. It was as if he lost control and I felt how he filled me with hot liquids. Then he sank together and we were just lying there in bed. The whole I was totally exhausted, but still I was happy with myself. That had been amazing, everything as I for the moment felt throughout the body, and I was forced to admit to myself that this had been fantastic, but that was never something as I told Liam


I woke up a few hours later. I stayed in bed and I felt that Liam was behind me and he kept his arms around my naked body. Actually, I didn't remembered how I had taken off my dress, but I was well aware of why. Partly, I regretted what had happened, but at the same time, I was now satisfied with everything. Liam had taken advantage of me, but at the same time, I loved it. I just couldn't let go of that feeling as was left deep inside me and I couldn't deny what had happened and the fact that it had been indescribably.




All was quiet at breakfast. I guessed why, and actually, I was blushing. Niall grinned a little bit when he saw the blush on my cheeks and he looked at me.
"I couldn't sleep last night."
I froze and I understood what he meant. Liam smiled big and to my great relief, he chose to be silent about the night's events.
"I couldn't sleep."
Louis almost laughed out the words. I chose to look down on the food and I chose to be silent. I still felt that Liam had been inside me. It didn't hurt, but it felt different. My whole body had changed and I had no idea why. Maybe that what had happened was something as I hadn't expected me and my body reacted by becoming just different?
"I was asleep?"

Harry was like a question mark and I realized that his room was further away from my bedroom. He looked at everyone and then he let his eyes stay on me.
"I guess you also slept Nelly?"
I become just more red all over my cheeks and I heard how the others giggled. Damn, this was embarrassing.
In the end it became too much for me. I put down the cutlery and quickly I took myself away from the kitchen. I felt panic. I couldn't continue in this way. I didn't want to be a part of their family and I wanted to get out of there. I didn't know where I would go, but I chose to run up to my bedroom. I was annoyed when I realized that my door was locked. I couldn't get into my own bed. I continued farther away and finally I sat inside my big wardrobe. I closed the door and I then started to cry. I knew I should feel hatred towards Liam, but at the same time I didn't. Was this the way prisoners felt when they were caught? They began to like the location?


I slid in under the clothes so that I was almost hidden. I tried not to sob loudly and I was shaking. Yet Louis heard me and he came into the closet. He closed the door and he sat down in front of me, with legs crossed.
"You don't need to be ashamed." he whispered uncertainly. "It was we who were childish and I apologize for our behavior."
I looked down at the floor and I leaned against the wall. What would I tell him? Would I admit that I was split into two parts?
"I know he's a great lover!" Louis went on and I know that he was talking about Liam. "I understand that you liked it and actually I'm glad he gave you that time."
I swallowed.
"It's so wrong to live like this."
Louis smiled. He raised a hand and he pulled his fingers across my cheek.
"No, this is how many people want to live." he whispered tenderly. "In many countries, a man can have lots of women, then what is wrong with a girl who have four boyfriends?"

I frowned and I gave him a quick glance.
"Louis, don't you hear what I say?"
He laughed a little bit and he leaned foreward. I was surprised when he kissed me on the lips and
although I didn't answer it, he seemed so happy.
"I hear what you telling me, but you don't really give us any chance? We are here for you and you shouldn't feel ashamed or feel discomfort. Enjoy and take advantage of the moments when we are giving you all that we can give you."

He kissed me on the cheeks and down my throat. I heard his breathing became deeper and I sensed what he wanted to do. Direct I took myself away from the corner and I stood up.
"No, stop!"
Louis was quick. He stood in front of me and quickly took his arms around my waist. He pushed me up against the wall and it was as if he wanted me to resist.
"I love you." he muttered hoarsely, and he began again to kiss my neck again. I tried to get him off, but he was strong.


I ended up in a nightmare. He tore my panties off and he lifted me up against the wall. He held his hands under my butt and he pressed me against the cold surface. He penetrated, he took me hard and he was just looking to satisfy himself. I screamed, I tried to tear him, and I tried to get away from him, but he managed to keep me there and he groaned only higher, the more I tried to resist. In the end I gave up and I let him do it. Louis moaned and he pressed it into me. He shook and he achieved the goal he had.


He stood with me in his arms and he pressed his lips against my cheek. He seemed to gather the feelings and maybe he realized that he had raped me? I dared hardly to breathe and I didn't know what I would do or say. In the end, he slid out of me and he dropped me on the floor, still with his face against my cheek.
"I'm so sorry!"
His words sounded hoarse, and he seemed to regret everything. I swallowed.
"You hurt me."
Louis didn't answer. He stood still and it took me a few seconds to realize that he really meant what he said. I felt the tears ran down on me and I realized he was crying.
only wanted you." he whispered hoarsely. "I just wanted to feel how it is to be with you."
His hands slid down along with my hip and then one hand landed between my legs. I wanted to say no, but he was still purposeful. He put his fingers over my sensitive part, and he seemed to know that I would like it.
Against my will I let him continue. He fiddled with me a few minutes before I felt a finger penetrate. Louis still had his lips on my cheek and I felt his breath against my ear.
"Let me do this." he whispered hoarsely. "I want to hear that you like it and I want you to enjoy."


Louis put me all down on the floor, on my back. I gasped when he let his face to land down there, between my legs, and he used his tongue and his lips. I just stared at him, but at the same time, this was something I hadn't experienced before. In the end, I put my head down to the floor and I let him lick me. I took my hands to his head and I stopped to think. He made me get there and when I whined straight out were all grudges against him gone.


Afterwards, I couldn't blame him. Louis raised his head and he smiled big. He was happy that he had done something good, but what this really good? He kissed me a few times, down there, and then he sat up.
"You are amazing." he said thoughtfully. "You're such a girl that we all love and this will certainly go well, just you give us a chance."



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