Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


16. Saved from playroom

Louis slipped away through the playroom. He opened a door and I saw a toilet. He smiled at me.
"Come and shower with me."
I stood up. My body ached and I felt that my legs were weak. I almost couldn't move my arms, but I wanted really to have a shower. We slipped into the bathroom and Louis put on the water. We went in under and I felt the hot water was only good for my body. Louis stood near my back, and he helped me to get shampoo in my hair. He cleaned my body and actually, this was something that I needed.
"Are you okay?"
I sighed.
"I don't like violence!"
He smiled and he spun me around so that I looked at him. He kissed me tenderly.
"I didn't mean to scare you."
I frowned.
"And that's exactly what you did. I have pain in the body, Louis."
He pulled his hands lovingly through my hair.
"I'll massage you then. I've got oils and such that softens skin up."
As if that would help?


Louis lay me down on my back on the bed in the playroom. He removed the straps and he sat naked down on the edge of the bed. I felt how he slowly began with my shoulders. He had oil on his hands and actually it was nice. He rubbed one arm at a time and then my back. He smiled all the time.
"I love to see your body." he said hoarsely. "You are beautiful."
I sighed.
"And I still hate..."
He interrupted me.
"Lie quietly down and just enjoy."


When he was finished with my legs I spun around and lay on my back. He started from the top and massaged the way down. It was wonderful and actually he massaged my muscles. The pain disappeared little and the discomfort disappeared.
"Spread your legs!"
I rolled my eyes, but I obeyed him. He took more oil on his hands and then he began to massage me down there. I whimpered and I felt the whole body waked up. Slowly he brought his fingers over the area and I liked it. In circles, slowly up and down. The fingers on one hand penetrated and the other hand continued to massage. I moaned and I closed my eyes. He could really do this? I felt a tingle down there and I felt he brought everything forward. I whimpered and I bit me harder in my lip. The fingers moved faster and faster. I moved on the hip, and I approached. I spread more on the legs and I felt he took over my mind. I heard the sound from a vibrator. I felt that he let it penetrate. A dildo. I whimpered and I let him play with me. It was as if the whole body was rocking and I liked it. He brought the dildo in and out and still he massaged me down there. I lost my ability to control myself, and finally ran it all over for me. I came! I didn't scream, but it was close. I brought up the hip and I felt the whole body came deep into the fog. I wasn't aware of anything and when it was over I sank together on the bed. Louis turned off the dildo and removed it. He lay down on top of me and he penetrated. I was left in the fog and I took my arms around him. I kissed him and I took my legs around him. He took me hard and he showed me more affection. It was like he had two personalities. I liked the nice Louis and I hated the evil Louis. Fast movements, deep inside me, we groaned and we made love. I came again and this time it was as if I exploded. I screamed and I felt the whole I embraced Louis.


Louis was out of breath still on top of me and inside me. We held each other and we were totally tired in the body. I felt his lips on my cheek and he kissed me. He showed that he could also be a good boy and he showed that I was worth more than what I had imagined.


The door opened and Liam came in.
"What the hell Louis, you wouldn't do it with her inside here!"
We couldn't almost not bother us about him.
"She's all right!"
Liam disagreed, and he came over to the bed.
"Get off her!"
Louis obeyed. Liam quickly pulled me up on the floor and he stood in front of him. He went around me and he growled.
"You gave her bruise?"
Louis grinned a little bit.
"She likes me and she doesn't mind."
Liam didn't like his answer.
"Nelly, did it hurt?"
I chose to be honest and I nodded tired.
"Yes, he hung me from the ceiling and I didn't like it."
Louis became serious.
"But the last thing I did, you loved?"
I gave him a quick glance.
Liam was pissed. He picked up my clothes, and then he took my hand and pulled me with him. We left the playroom and he pulled me up to my room.
"I can't leave the house one second until he doing nasty things." he murmured cold. "He promised to not take you in there but now I know that I can't trust him."
I couldn't bother me. Liam put on me clean clothes, and he made sure I looked reasonably. Then he even took on some shoes on my feet and I was surprised. Shoes? That meant that I had to come out? Liam took my hand and pulled me down the hall. He caught up the car keys and he took me out.


In silence, he drove through the dark roads. I sat next to him and I was just tired. I felt the pain came back in my butt and actually I began to realize what had happened. I looked out over the dark forest and I couldn't even think about running away from them.


"You'll be home with me!"
Liam's voice made me wake up. At home with him? He meant in his private house and not in One Direction's house. I looked at him and I did begrudge him a smile. He gave me a quick glance.
"But don't think you can escape. I have security at home too. I can lock all the doors and I have cameras everywhere. I do this because I don't trust Louis."


Liam lived on the outskirts of a city. His house had walls around it and actually it looked like a nice home. We drove up to the house and I saw that the gates slowly was closed and locked. Still, I hadn't the strength to run away this night and I couldn't even plan to escape.


Liam took me up to his private bedroom. It was a large room with a double bed, and he had really made it cozy. He stripped off my clothes, and he helped me get under the covers.
"I'll take care of you and promise to tell me if you need anything."
I nodded and I yawned.
"I promise!"
He smiled and he sat down on the edge of the bed.
"I have work to do and I have to do it now, but I'm in the room below you."
Did I care?
"I come here as soon as I'm done." he then kissed me on the cheek. "Try to sleep and tomorrow we must do something about your body."


I lay a long time listening to the sounds of the house. I heard cars driving past and I smiled slightly. It felt partly nice to be close to other people. In their other house it was always quiet at night, and here there was sound. I heard that Liam was talking on the phone, but I heard only hum. I liked the sound and slowly I closed my eyes and slowly I fell asleep.


Liam crouched down beside me. He was naked, but he wasn't looking to do anything with me. Instead, he took his arms around my body and I felt my back was close to his body.
"I'm here now!" he whispered tired and he kissed me on the neck. "Good night, sweetheart!"

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