Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


13. Niall

Niall went straight into my room. He took my hand and without a word and without a single facial expression, he pulled me with him. I was weak. He was anyway not happy and maybe it was because I hadn't indulged him my attention? I was afraid when he pulled me down to the cellar, but relaxed when we instead went into their cinema. In front of the big screen was a couch, which he probably had put there now, I hadn't seen it before. He had placed candles in the room and next to the couch stood a table with snacks.
"Off with your clothes!"
I frowned.
He gave me a cold look.
"Yes now!"
I understood that he would choose the film, because he went to a small room on the side and he was in there a few minutes extra. I blushed because I stripped myself naked. But I should been used to it by now. I stood with my back to the door and when I had just the panties left, I hesitated. Why should we sit naked and watch a movie? I instantly felt a pair of hands around my waist, and a pair of lips on my shoulder and neck.
"Okay let panties be!" Niall muttered hoarsely, and he kissed my skin. I didn't know what to say.
"What will we look at?"
He laughed a little bit and I felt that he rubbed himself against me. He was naked, totally nude and he moaned a little bit.
"A secret or maybe a surprise."


We sat down on the couch. I was grateful that he had a blanket which he quickly took around our shoulders. Perhaps he understood that this was pointless? He took a box and he pressed a button. Direct started the movie and I soon realized that it wasn't a movie that I recognized. A girl went into a room and she seemed lost. Maybe it was a horror-movie? I frowned when I started to imagine. That was One Directions private porn movie! I just gaped and I saw Niall. He walked up to her and I guess they did so as they do in such films. I almost got a shock. Would I see when Niall had sex with a strange girl? I turned my face to Niall to say something, but it wasn't Niall as sat there. He had changed and his eyes were now dark.
"Yes, I fucked her and many before her." he whispered hoarsely. I noted that he had already sat and passed his hand over his hard part. The blanket was moving slowly up and down and he had now red cheeks.
"Was she here before I got here?"
He smiled wryly and he gave me a quick glance.
"No, you're the first!" he muttered hoarsely. "But we had many fans who want to know us and have some of us. We gave it to them."
I was disgusted! I didn't like what I saw and I didn't think we would see this kind of film. I tried to avoid the screen, but it was hard when it took up the whole wall.
"Oh, she was a virgin." he muttered hoarsely, and then he pulled me closer to him. He had his arm around my shoulders and he smiled big. "She signed a contract before this so she can't go to the police."
I swallowed. How many they had had before me? How many girls had been abused? I frowned and I hated that information as he gave to me. I saw how he lay down on her and he didn't even seem to care about her feelings. I sensed that she was afraid, but it was difficult to see, because the room was almost dark.
"Oh what a night that was!" he continued, as if he were proud of that. He moved his lips to my cheek and I felt how he started to kiss me. He also moved his hand from his part and laid it quickly between my legs. Regardless, he let fingers penetrate and I whimpered since it wasn't directly wet yet.
"I want you." he muttered hoarsely. "I like to have sex in front of the movie screen."


Niall pulled me up on his lap, one leg on each side of his thigh. He held his left hand still down there and it was a miracle that the pain turned to something else. I took my arms around his neck and I felt how he quickly got me going. He kissed my lips, and he was almost clumsy. I understood that he had never learned exactly what to do and he just cared about himself. I slid down and he penetrated. He took his arms tightly around my body and he forced me to slide up and down.
"I like sex!" he muttered hoarsely. "But I can only do it if I'm like this, really horny."
I frowned. Was that why he hadn't touched my body before? He needed to watch movies?


Fast movements. Our sound was mixed with the sound from the movie and I was glad that I had my back to it, but Niall seemed to follow the action all the time, even though he knew what would happen. I heard there was a new movie, I heard new groan, and I knew that he would look at all the movies that he had recorded.
"Do they know about that?" I asked hoarsely. He looked into my eyes and he smiled mischievous.
I frowned.
"Have you filmed me?"
He kissed me.
"Not yet!"


I landed on my back with him over me. I felt myself slowly drifted there, although he wasn't exactly pro on my body. Niall pulled up my legs up and they landed around his elbows. I was double under him and I saw his face over mine. He kept up with his body with his hands and he looked straight into my eyes.
"Damn, you are so owned." he whispered hoarsely. "We own you!"
I shook my head.
"You can't own me!"
He grinned and he groaned. He peered at the big screen again, and he seemed almost getting horny just thinking that he saw himself. I took down a hand and I started to bring it over my sensitive part. I didn't want to walk away without feeling anything. Niall discovered it and he looked down with big eyes on my hand. He moaned, and he worked with his hip harder. I took the other arm around his neck and I felt that I reached there. I closed my eyes and I ran over the edge. I was shaking and I pushed myself up. I whimpered and I felt how it flowed through my body. I embraced him, inside me and I felt all the muscles clenched.


Niall was quick. It wasn't needed no more for him! He came and he filled me and he slumped over me. I could feel his sweaty body pressed against mine and his lips landed on my ear.
"Now you know my secret!" he muttered hoarsely. "I just get excited by watching others doing it and not by one single body."
I had already understood that part. He kissed me and he lifted up the head.
"Yes, you can call me crazy, but I do't beat you, like Louis and I don't need to own you as Liam."
Yes, they were really four different people. Louis had his playroom and Liam wanted to actually own the land that I went on. The only one who hadn't problems was Harry, but it felt wrong to talk about him now.
"I love you!" Niall continued hoarsely, and he put an elbow on each side of my head and he smiled weakly. "You must never doubt my feelings."
I could have said that I didn't love him back, but I chose to be silent.
"And it was good to do this with you."
He sounded sincere and honest. He smiled bigger and he kissed me quickly.
"You're mine, even when you are with them. I own you, and I'll teach you everything I can."


I just felt uncomfortable when I stood in the shower. I didn't know about all of their dark sides, but maybe it was all right if I knew about it? One thing was certain. If the police found me, I would show them all the films that Niall had recorded. I should mention that there was a barn and I would tell them about the playroom. I would tell them all that I had heard, and I would make sure that all affected girls would be vindicated.


I was about to fall asleep when Harry came into my room and crawled under the covers. He lay down behind my back and he held his arms around my body. He kissed me lightly on the cheek and then he put his head down to sleep. I understood that his day had now begun, it was now after midnight, and he wanted to be normal with me. I almost couldn't sleep, because I just become more and more annoyed over Niall. I understood that Harry might also had a dark personality? Perhaps he also had something unusual and that I during the day would have to know that part well? I chose to stop to ponder. I started to get tired and eventually I fell asleep.

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