Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


12. Next day

"Take it easy!"
I opened my eyes and I heard Nialls voice. He lay next to me and he kept his arms around me. Exactly! It was his day? I closed my eyes again, because he was no threat. He wasn't violent and he wanted after all just to be friends with me. I was therefore surprised when he slipped up on my back and he parted my legs. He pushed my stomach against the mattress and I felt that he had boner.
"Don't be afraid!"
I frowned. What was he doing? He put a hand over my lips and then he started rubbing himself against my butt. He moaned quietly and I thought he should explain himself.
"Do you feel?" he muttered hoarsely. "Do you feel me down there?"
I didn't know what to say or do. He began to moan and he put his face against my cheek. I was almost disgusted by him. Why did he do that? He pulled away my panties to the side so that he landed with his hard member between my buttocks. He groaned louder and he brought the hip up and down. He lay stretched out over my back and I realized he had something on him. He was naked.
"Oh, I'm just a bit hot!" he continued hoarsely. "I just want to feel close to you."
I chose to lie still. This was better from what the others had done, and he didn't hurt no one? The only thing he wanted was to feel close and I allowed him.


Niall pressed his face against me and the entire body. He groaned loudly and he got the whole bed to get rocked. He parted more on my legs and he worked quickly with the body. His breaths were quick and deep. He almost snorted at me and I could do nothing more than remain under him. Right there it was a knock on the door. It just ended. Niall quickly ran into the bathroom and he closed the door. I looked toward the bathroom and I realized that maybe he didn't want the others to see him in that state? Harry opened the door and he stuck his head inside my room.
I turned my face to him and I got a smile to Harry.
He came in.
"Breakfast is ready. I'll only ask how it's with you after yesterday?"
Without seeing it, I pulled back my panties and I sat up.
"He actually wasn't at all like I had imagined." I got up because Louis deserved some praise. "He's quirky, but he's pretty nice when he wants to be kind."
Harry laughed a little bit and he seemed to understand that he had nothing to worry about.
"And today it's Nialls day?"
Okay? Niall was on the toilet. I chose to nod.
"Yes, I know, and tomorrow I'm with you?"
He nodded with satisfaction and he put himself by the door again.
"Come down and eat!"


I quickly left the bedroom. It felt silly to remain and perhaps Niall then had continued? I put on a robe and I followed quickly with Harry down. I sat on my place in the kitchen and I started wondering why Niall was so odd. He wasn't the type of guy who did like that, but that as happened in the morning made me wonder. In the end, came Niall down and he played silly. It was like nothing had happened and he sat down on his chair.
"Your day today." said Liam quickly to him. Niall neither blushed or showed a single sign of something.
"I know!"
He picked up what he would eat and then it was over talking about that part.


I showered and I put on my clothes. Niall wasn't like the others. They were careful to be with me, but he avoided me. In a way, it was okay, but at the same time, Why?
"Do you want to be outdoors a little on the yard?"
I turned around and I looked at Louis. It was a nice question for him to ask.
"If I may?"
He smiled a little bit, and he nodded.
"You may be out, but remember not to do anything stupid."
I nodded and I felt how the hope for a normal life came back. I followed him down and he opened the door to the back. It was wonderful to get out in the air and it was wonderful to feel the sun on my nose. I stood on the green grass and I enjoyed. I almost moved on the toes just to feel the grass under my feet. I saw birds and I saw a bright blue sky. I spun around and I would say thank you to Louis, but he was gone. I just stared at the door and immediately my thoughts started to spin. I had the chance to try to escape, but at the same time maybe they tested me? I looked around me, and my heart began to beat hard. Damn, he couldn't test if I stayed! It wasn't fair.


I chose to go by my gut feeling. I aimed myself to a chair and I sat down on it. I pulled up the dress over my legs, for the sun. I was stiff all over, and I listened for sounds. Maybe that Louis was standing behind a window and looked at me? Maybe they had a surveillance camera as I didn't know about and that they now sat staring at the screen, and at me? The seconds in a minute seemed like hours. It was as if it took ages before I again heard the voice from Louis.
"I just took a call!" he excused himself with. I closed my eyes against the sun and I tried not to show how close it had been. I had perhaps reached the gate, but I doubted that I'd taken me over it.
He sat next to me and I heard he sounded happy. So it was a test? It must be a test to see what I did?
"Niall is coming soon!" I heard him say. "He only has a few things to do first."
I nodded a little bit.
Louis put his hand on my thigh and this time I opened my eyes and I looked at him in surprise. He smiled big and he showed a friendly face.
"Thank you for yesterday!"
I swallowed and I felt his hand slid up against the edge.
"It's I who should say thank you!"
His fingers slid down, down between my legs and I felt him directly searched it up, that sensitive part. I groaned.
"It's not your day today?"
He didn't seemed to care. Slowly back and forth, outside my panties. Gently moisten up and slowly I parted the legs. He put them hard against me and he bit his lip.
"I like to see you horny!" he muttered hoarsely. "Niall went away and the others are busy." he pressed his fingers against me even harder and I gasped. He knew he could get me to like it. "Spread your legs more."
I obeyed as if I were hypnotized. He took the hand inside the fabric and I couldn't stop looking at him. He brought his fingers down, around, up and down, and he made me groan.
"That sound I love." he whispered hoarsely and dully. "Put your feet at your sides."
My feet slipped up and I landed with them against my thighs. I spread now on everything. Direct he let two fingers penetrated and I groaned again. He stopped to smile and I realized he wanted me. Slowly in and out and slowly he gave me more. I closed my eyes and leaned back. I liked it and I thought actually let him do it. I brought the hips up and down in his movements. He brought his hand quickly back and forth and then I heard a different sound. It took me only seconds before I realized. He had unbuttoned his pants and with the other hand satisfied himself.
"Oh come on my hand!" he muttered hoarsely. Four fingers in and he made me groan higher. Faster movements and eventually I forgot about everything else. I put my hands over his hand and I showed how I wanted it. I bit my lip and I stopped caring about everything else. I whined, I groaned and I enjoyed.


It took only Louis seconds to land on his feet, ripping my panties away and quickly put me down in the grass. We did it right in front of the sun bed, in the green grass, and I wanted the same thing. He kissed me desperately and he filled me right up. I tore my nails into him and I took his legs around his waist. We kissed and our tongues played with each other. When I come, it was as in the same way as the last time. I couldn't lie still and I shook and I lost control. Louis continued to pump straight into me and I think he saw me coming. He came straight afterwards and he filled me with cum.


"Do you want to come away from here?"
Louis whispered in my ear, hoarse and breathless. I gasped.
"What do you mean?"
He kissed my cheek and then he lifted his head.
"Home to me, my own house?"
Okay, he wanted to keep me?
"But this is your house?"
Louis laughed a little bit.
"No, this is One Direction's house. Everyone has their own home." he whispered happily. "Niall's at his house and gets something."
A new news? I just stared at him. Louis seemed to want to undo the truth and he pulled his hands through my hair.
"The fans know where we live. Here we can be free. That's why we chose this house."
Still, I felt disappointed.
"But you have your own home and here I'm stuck?"
He shook his head quickly.
"No, you are free!"
I frowned.
"Then I want to go to my apartment!"
He laughed a little
"No, you belong with us."


I pushed Louis away from me. Quickly, I stood up and I just wanted to scream.
"You have freedom, but I have fucking nothing!"
He stood up quickly and he pulled up his pants.
"But darling, you are free?"
I screamed, I just screamed and then I went into the house and left him. It was unfair. I was a prisoner in their common house, but they could go home to his own house and live normal lives. There were so many lies, but the truth was that they had me to feel more power. I was just a toy, a whore and I wasn't worth anything. They bought sex from me by giving me things. I quickly went into the closet, picked up new clothes, went to my room and I locked the door from inside. I took a long shower and then I threw the panties and dress in the trash. I would, from that day throwing everything, I had on me when I was with them. Then they would realize that I cost money, and then they would release me! It was a silly plan, but it was the only thing I found out when I was pissed.


I think I fell asleep in bed. Of course, they had a key to my room, so my little outbursts of rage didn't get any effect. Niall came into the room and he sat down on the edge of the bed.
"Are you awake?"
I didn't want to talk. He leaned over me and he saw that I was awake.
"It's still my day?"
I took a deep breath.
"Louis has already done it with me, when you were away."
I didn't know if he would be angry, but I was hoping for that. I had given up and I was going to play out all my cards for them. "And I didn't like you come in this morning. I was disgusted."
To my big surprise, he laughed. I was surprised and I spun around to look at him. Niall seemed not at all disappointed or angry.
"I know!"
I frowned.
"And how do you know?"
He was grinning.
"Louis sent a message and told me that I can be with you on Monday, on your day if I want as a thank you!"
I frowned.
"You mean that you agree that he was all over me today?"
Niall nodded with satisfaction.
"You're everyone and why should I get angry when he took the chance?" He cleared his throat a little. "And you liked it, according to him?"
I frowned.
"You are hell more worse than I could dream of?"
Niall didn't agree with me.
"You like us, you love to be here with us. I know you deep down inside want us to be here for you."


I was silent. After we ate dinner, I heard the guys talking, but I couldn't listen. What were my chances? In front of me I saw instead my old life. I saw my apartment and I saw my clothes. I lacked even my bed, although it was inferior to that which I had now. Maybe my parents hadn't given up hope? Maybe they were looking for me? The only question was whatever they would find me? I was unsure about it, but hope remained. Maybe my friends suspected that the guys wore beards just to not be recognized? I doubted hat to, but the hope was still there.


"If you do not want to be with Niall, I have time?"
I looked the cold at Liam and I shook my head. I was tired of them and I was just eager to not do a single thing for them.
"But I am a little horny." he murmured. I left him quickly and I went back to my room. Four crazy guys, one prison, and me.... could it be worse?

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