Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


17. Missed and love

I woke up in the morning with wonderful smell from Liam's kitchen. It took me a few seconds to remember that I wasn't in the house any more. I was in another house. I sat up and instantly I  felt that the body actually ached. I had pain in my arms and my legs felt as if I had muscle soreness from a marathon. I whimpered when I put my feet down on the floor. Damn, I didn't liked to not being able to move the body normally. Liam had put a bathrobe by the bed for me. I managed to stand up and I put it on. I couldn't bother that I was naked underneath and I didn't care.


I couldn't hide what I felt. Liam saw how bad it was right away, and he was quick to help me to the chair.
"You would have shouted for me."
I whimpered a little when I felt the butt towards the chair. He only had on a pair of soft gray pants, which highlighted his muscles. I hadn't realized it before, but he was actually quite stylish.
"You hadn't heard me!" I got up. He sighed and he went and fetched a plate for me, with fried eggs, bacon and some more on. He placed it in front of me and he smiled big.
"An authentic English breakfast. You need food in your stomach."
He brought another plate with him, and then he sat on the other side of the table. He looked really pleased and he seemed proud that he had cooked breakfast for us.
"You don't feel good?"
His question was given. I looked up at him and I felt small. Actually, I felt like I almost had a fever.
"It's okay."
That was a lie and he saw that I was lying.
"You shouldn't defend him!" Liam got up. "Louis is such a guy who never needs a girl who understands him. He has been doing that room for a long time and I'm not sure he's doing things the right way in there. You're not the first and you aren't the last he will take advantage over."

I wasn't hungry. The conversation made me lose my appetite and actually I didn't like the memories from that room. Liam noted how I reacted. He took his hand across the table and he put it over my hand.
"I'll take care of you. I'll make sure you get well again."
I swallowed. Okay? And that week, when I'll go with them? Think if they chose to leave me at home? I didn't know what I wanted. Stay in the house and be with them in a bus?
"I care!" he continued, and I felt his thumb slid over my hand. "I promise it will get better."


After breakfast we checked my temperature. I had a fever. Liam was quick. He lifted me up in his arms and he carried me all the way to the bed. I got in bed and he put the blanket around me. At the end of the bed there was a TV and Liam put on a movie channel for me. He drew the curtains so that the windows dissipated and it was as if he cared. I put my head on the pillow and I chose to be a good girl.


Liam was on the bottom floor and I was alone. I was too ill to even try to try to flee away and I didn't have the strength to  even think about such things. I lay instead and dozed off, and I had no idea if I slept or if I looked on the television. There was a fog and I felt like a sack of potatoes, but with pain.


Liam crouched down beside me. He opened up my robe and he started to kiss my neck.
"No!" I muttered hoarsely as I didn't feel like having sex. He smiled and he continued anyway.
"I kiss away your pain."
He slid down to my breasts and he sucked in one of my nipples. I reacted instantly. I felt how he continued to care for it and a hand slid down between my legs. I felt I woke up and I took my hands around his head. He kissed my skin tenderly and he showed that he didn't want to hurt me. I spread my legs and he let his fingers lightly stroking the entire area. I whimpered and I bit my lip. He slid further down and he kissed my stomach, down over my pubic hair and down between my legs. I closed my eyes and I held my hands over his head firmly. He took my legs over his back, and he let his tongue play with me. He bit, he kissed me and he used his tongue. I forgot that I was sick and I forgot that I should say no. He quickly managed to arouse my innermost to life. His tongue was in me and I hadn't felt that feeling before. I liked it and I whimpered higher. He was like a hurricane, and he took care of all the parts. I lifted my hips up and down and I pressed my hands around his hair.
"A bit more!" I squealing hoarse. He seemed to like that I was so close. He grabbed my waist and forced me to be still. He drove in the whole tongue and that was all that was needed. I screamed and it was as if I fell apart into a thousand pieces. It was wonderful and it slipped through my whole body.


Liam disappeared into the bathroom and he washed himself and brushed his teeth. He came back with a smile and I saw that he was boner. It stood straight out and it wanted me. I had nothing against it, and he laid on top of me. We made love! There was tenderness and it was gratitude. I felt he again got my body shaking and it was as if he was made for giving me orgasms. He moved hard against me, he kissed me and he held me. I arrived and I whimpered his name. I took my legs around his waist and I held him tightly.


When we finished, he lay still on top of me. I felt his lips on my cheek and I felt his arms around my body. He didn't want to release me and he seemed almost taken of what had happened.
"I've called for a masseur." he whispered hoarsely. "He will be here in an hour to massage your muscles."
I just nodded. He slid inside me, but he didn't slide out of me. Instead, he became hard again and instead he continued. He groaned against my cheek and I felt he again started moving the hips up and down. One more time?
"I'm so horny!" he muttered hoarsely. "I'm so crazy about you."


My God! What was wrong with me. Four guys and all they wanted to do was to have sex? When I showered, I wondered what it was that caused them to go running after me? Was it just because I couldn't resist and I had to do what they said to me? Perhaps they had shitty taste regarding girls? I washed carefully, and then I put on my underwear. I had time to dry hair before Liam came into the room.
"He's here now!"
After him came a handsome dark guy. He smiled wide and he had with him a bag.
"Here, or should I take up my massage table?"
Liam frowned.
"Here and I'll be here with you."
I lay in bed. I couldn't even bother over that Liam was a supervisor, and I didn't want to talk to this guy. Instead, I let him start massaging me. He commented my bruises, but Liam lied.
"She was and trained all weekend."


A few days went by. I had a fever and I had pain in the body. But the masseur came in every day and he massaged me always careful. Liam was constantly with us and slowly I began to understand why. He didn't want that I would tell everything to this guy. Liam was afraid that I would mention that I was a prisoner.  Actually, I myself hadn't thought to do so. I was almost surprised over myself. Instead, I let the days go by and I almost forgot my old life. Maybe it was because Liam treated me as a person and in his home, it felt more free. Okay, I couldn't go out, but because I had a fever, I needed to be inside.


Harry came to visit, if you can call it visits. He went straight to the sofa and he sat next to me. I saw at him that he had been worried and he felt with his hand if I had fever.
"How are you?"
I hesitated. Liam stood in the doorway and he had an eye on the situation.
Harry smiled and he kissed me lightly.
"No, you're sick. Liam called me and I went here right away."
I wanted to feel gratitude and I wanted to know that he cared, but for the moment I just wanted to be alone with Liam. I was secure in his house, and here, I didn't need to keep track of the days of the week.
"She is with me!" we heard Liam say. "Harry, you can go home and take it easy!"
Harry frowned and he gave Liam a cold look.
"I haven't treated her badly. It is Louis who should be punished and not me?"
Liam snorted.
"I'm not sure about all of you. All you do is to talk about what day it is, and neither of you cares."
Harry didn't agree with him and he looked at me.
"Jenny, you know that I love you?"
Maybe not? Okay, he was kind to me, but none of them loved me.
"You didn't hurt me." I therefore just said. Harry smiled gratefully. Liam didn't seem to care.
"She must be healthy when we go with the bus. I can't take her if she is ill and up to the journey she stays here."
Okay? Actually, it sounded like a good idea, although I had no idea when we were going on tour. Harry stroked my cheek and he kissed me again. I realized that he was missing me. He kissed me gently, almost as if he was afraid to hurt me.
"But come on!" muttering Liam cold. Harry ended the kiss and he almost growled at him.
"I also want to have time with her. Please give me space."
Liam disappeared. Direct Harry kissed me again and I felt him pressed his body against me. He laid me down on the sofa and I knew immediately what he wanted. He pulled off my panties and he undid his fly. He penetrated and he groaned.
"I've missed you!" he muttered hoarsely, and I felt how he came in all the way. I whimpered and I took my legs around him. He got me and I was annoyed by it. But I couldn't yell at him and ask him to stop being so good with my body.


Fast movements and he was like a steam engine in me. I tore up his shirt and I caressed his chest and his skin. He kissed me and he took me there, to the fog. I felt the whole body wanted more of him and it was as if I didn't get enough. He banged straight into me and I felt how he quickly got my body to reach the top. His hands were everywhere and he caressed me with love. I came! I pushed myself up and I bit his lip. It ran straight through me.


Afterwards he kissed me. He slid out of me and he was still there, on top of me. He kissed my lips, he kissed my face, and he smiled big.
"I missed you so much."
I hugged him. I couldn't say the same thing, but I liked that I was missed.


"But hell, Harry!"
Liam appeared. I chose to be on Harry's side and I kept him over me. I had both legs and arms around him.
"He hasn't done anything wrong!"
Liam growled.
"You are sick!"
I looked at him coldly.
"That doesn't stop you."
Liam become silent for a few seconds.
"It's not the same thing. I love you."
Harry laughed quietly and he kissed me.
"I love you more!"
Liam growled
"I love her the most!"
Harry gave him a teasing glance.
"You can't. I love her more than you, and that means more all the time."
They was like teenagers and I couldn't help laughing. This was silly. They argued about who loved me?
"Shouldn't you go now?" hissed Liam cold. Harry kissed me and he groaned quietly.
Liam was pissed but he seemed to try to stay calm, just because I was there.
"I have other plans and Jenny shall be with me."
Harry didn't care what he said.
"She's with me now!"

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