Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


15. Louis in his playroom


Contains violence and for those who are sensitive, skip.
My words: I know that Louis would never hurt a girl and I'm sure he's a gentleman. Louis in this story is the opposite, and I'm sure you understand that it is my crazy fantasy?





On Saturday, I decided to see a film on the TV. I sank down on the sofa and it felt good to just be alone. Liam had gone over to his parents, or that was what he said. Harry was with friends and I assumed he would stay away overnight. Niall had left us for Ireland, and I realized that although that he missed his family. Louis was in his room and I was sure he was going to stay up there. It was my free Saturday and I wasn't going to give up my freedom for him. What was sad was that the guys had block all channels on the television that had with news to do. I had tried earlier in the day, when I was alone, to find out what happened in the world, but I couldn't. My first thought was that my parents still was looking for me and that they mentioned my name in the news, but it was pretty far-fetched. I wasn't exactly a girl who the world desperately was looking for.


I lay down on the sofa and I took a blanket around the body. It was a love movie and I tried to follow the action. It almost felt like I was at home in my home, at my place, as I was all alone and spent Saturday in the sofa. I missed that feeling. The feeling of just being myself and feel that the world was a pretty okay place to be in.


Louis appeared. He sat down on the couch, where I lay, right on the couch and I was forced to look at him. He only thing he had on was a pair of jeans, and he smiled mischievous toward the television.
"It's ridiculous." he murmured. "That film are just nonsense."
I smiled a little bit and I chose to look on the TV again.
"I like to watch such films." I got up. "It leads me to believe that it always is a little love in the world."
He looked at me and he seemed surprised.
"There's no such thing as true love. In reality, you never get the one you want and you usually get content with standing in line and hope."
I didn't want to argue with him. Not this evening.
"Sure!" I muttered hoarsely. "If you say that?"
He laughed a little bit and he put a hand on my hip.
"Want to be with me tonight?"
I frowned.
"No, I'm free and actually I want to spend the night alone."
He didn't give up.
"Is just you and me at home?" he whispered happily. "Can't you make me some company?"
I gave him a quick glance.
"And do what?"
He grinned and he looked at me closely.
I snorted.
Hand slid over my hips and he leaned slightly toward me.
"The Play room?"
I rolled my eyes.
"We can go there on your day, but today is my day and I say no."
Slowly, he pulled off me the blanket, and he let his hand continued to stroke my hip. I wasn't afraid of him, and in fact I had even gotten over the fear for his room. I tried to look at the TV, and he continued. His hand slid over my hips up over my arm and he leaned almost over me. He pulled his fingers through my hair.
"I just want to play a little." he muttered hoarsely. "I promise that you will be rewarded."
I rolled my eyes and I sighed.
"Louis, you know that I'm free from you today, and you know that I have the right to say no?"
He groaned.
"I miss your body."
I swallowed.
"You get it on Tuesday."
He bent down and kissed my cheek. He breathed deeply, and I knew that he would continue.
"Come on!" he murmured. His tongue licked my cheek and he was almost disgusting to me.
He sat up and took my hand in his, which he quickly took between his legs. Couldn't miss what was there. I looked at him with big eyes and I tried to get my hand away, but he held it against his pants and against the hard part.
"Just for me?" he whispered. "Playing a little bit with me?"
I swallowed.
"Louis, I..."
He interrupted me and he brought my hand up and down over his hardness.
"You don't need to do anything. I take care of everything and I promise you wont be dissatisfied."
I stared at him. He closed his eyes and he bit his lip. He brought my hand a little more desperately up and down. It was as if he thought I would like it more now when I felt that he wanted.
"Oh Jenny, I want you."
I didn't know what to do. He wouldn't accept a no for an answer and he would just use me if I said yes. What was right in between?
"I can jerk you off?"
Stupid question, but it was the only solution. He opened his eyes and he looked straight at me.
"No, I want more."
He was red all over his cheeks and he looked straight into my eyes. I swallowed.
"Suck you?"
He shook his head.


I was angry at myself. Why couldn't I just say no? Louis held my hand tightly and he pulled me into the playroom. He closed the door and he lit the lamps. I watched his smile, he was more than happy and he looked at me with big eyes.
"Thank you sweetheart, that you do this for me!"
I just wanted to growl. He started to rip my clothes off and he had to do the job on his own. When I stood naked in front of him, he pointed toward the chains from the ceiling and immediately I shook my head.
"No I'm not..."
He stood behind me and he took his arms around my body.
"If you don't like it after testing, I believe in you."
He brought me there, by just starting to walk behind my back. He stopped and he raised my arms. I felt how he used handcuffs and I felt the chains cooled down my wrists. My feet touched the ground, but he went to the wall, where the end of the chain was. He pulled in and immediately left my feet the floor. I frowned.
"This is sick!"
He just laughed. He walked away and put on music and then he brought something black. It was a new kind of cap. I was surprised when he took it over my head. It went down all over my face and the only hole was for my nose, so I could breathe.
"Just enjoy!" I heard him say. "I want you to understand how wonderful it can be."
I realized that I couldn't talk. It was sitting tight over my lips. Damn, he thought about everything?


I froze. He had a whip, and he pulled the tip of it over my body. First over my breasts, then over my belly and then around my body against my butt.
"Just try it!" Louis moaned hoarsely and then he beat easily with the whip against my butt. I shivered, but it didn't hurt. He let it slide down between my legs and I felt how he pulled it back and forth over my sensitive part. I bit my lip. Okay, that was okay!
"You are mine!" he murmured. He stood close to my back and he pulled the tip of the whip against my hole. I groaned as it slid in. What was he doing? It slipped a in and then out.
"You are like a perfect doll."
Okay, he admitted it. I was a toy! He brought again the whip in and out. Faster, harder and actually I felt some pain. I whined and the sound made him only more enjoyment.
"Spread your legs."
It was difficult to do such a thing. My legs had already started to go numb, because they hung right under me. I still managed to obey him. He slid around me and then he hit the whip hard against my sensitive part. I screamed. Louis laughed a little bit.
"So you're going to scream!" he muttered hoarsely. "I like to hear screams and I love seeing the pleasure as much as I love to see the pain."
He hit me again and again down there. I screamed and I didn't like to be exposed. Right as it was, he just got hold of me with his hands. He took my legs around his waist and I felt he penetrated. It was as if he was desperate. He held his hands tightly around my thighs and he moved quickly to the hip. I heard how he panted and I could hear him groaning. I wanted to be down on the floor, and I wanted to walk from out from there, but I was stuck in the chain.


I felt his hands parted my buttocks. He stopped up with the hip and have let his fingers find my rear hole. I was afraid when he began to massage and I felt his breath on my neck.
"Everything should be used." he muttered hoarsely and then a finger penetrate. I screamed and he enjoyed. "Oh, you are so hot."
At first it did hurt, but I got used to the pain. He took me in both holes and it was if he had wanted to do this for some time, with me. Two fingers slid in and he groaned higher. I didn't think he should do it, but he didn't seemed to care. My hands became numb and I almost didn't feel that I had any arms. I don't know how long I hung there and it felt like an eternity. He went on and he groaned loudly. He removed his fingers and instead he pushed something else in, in the wrong hole. There was something hard and something bigger. I yelled but he loved it.
"You are so filled!" he whispered hoarsely. "Both holes!"
I whimpered and I almost started to cry. I felt I got used to it, but it was wrong that something was right in my rear hole. Louis began to use his palms. He massaged my butt and then he started hard to hit on it. I was squealing. He was like a hurricane that couldn't be stopped.
"Do you like it?"
His voice was muffled, hoarse and he enjoyed. He moaned higher on my cheek, and he let his hands beat my butt again and again. Every time he hit me, he seemed to be more excited.
"Oh, you like that?"
I also lost the feeling in my ass. It was as if my body wanted to defend me, myself, and I was grateful for that.


In the end, Louis took me down from the chain. By that time, my body wasn't normal and I couldn't even stand up. My arms had no strength and I felt almost nothing in the body. He laid me down on the floor, with my head down. He pulled out that out from my rear hole, then he lay down right over me and I felt how he took his hardness against my rear hole and penetrated. I screamed, but only in my head. I didn't want to give him that pleasure to hear my scream. He parted my legs and then he lay down right over me. His lips were against my cheek again and he brought the hip rapidly up and down. He took the wrong hole and he did that hard. He let a hand slide around me, down under my stomach and down to my clit. He fiddled and he began to caress. He groaned louder and I just wanted to die. This time I felt nothing and he couldn't even make me enjoy. It didn't matter what his fingers were doing.


"I'm coming now!"
He grunted and he was panting. He held me tightly between my legs and I felt how he was pressured in everything that was. in my second hole. He shook, he screamed and he whimpered. Then he sank together. He lay still on top of me, and he continued to caress me with his fingers.
"It was nice!" he muttered hoarsely. "I love to whip you."
I was surprised when I started to feel something down there. He continued and he was purposeful.
"You are my girl, love!" he mumbled on and I felt my body woke up. Slowly, he took me there. I bit my lip and my hip was moving a bit up and down. Louis liked it and he kissed me on the back.
"Come against my hand!" he whispered, and he chose to slip out from me, from the wrong hole. The hand continued and finally I was there. I pushed myself up and down on his hands and I whimpered higher. My body lost the ability to resist and I began to tremble. I was there, it felt as if it just ran over me and I was imbued with an orgasm.


Louis remained over my back and he took off my hat. It took me several minutes before I was used to the light.
"Never do that again!" I growled hoarsely. He laughed and he kissed me.
"You liked it!"
I disagreed with him.
"I hated it."
"You screamed!"
"Yes, by the pain!"
He didn't understand that it hurt. I was still sore and I knew that Sunday would be a nuisance fro my body.
"I intend to do more things with you." he whispered hoarsely. "I'm going to beat the shit out of you one day and you will worship me."
Okay, now he was really on the verge of losing his mind.

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