Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


10. Liams day

Monday? It meant Liam-day. I woke up in my bed and I realized that I would be forced to be with him. It was as if I just wanted to go back to sleep and sleep away the day. Tuesday was Louis today. That meant two days with idiots and then with Niall and Harry. Damn, I was compelled to obey. And Liam showed it clearly. I went down to eat breakfast and he was waiting for me. It was just us in the kitchen and I could almost read him like an open book.
"Do I get to eat without you touching me?" I got up. He laughed a little bit and he nodded.
"I promise!" he got up. "I still have other plans for you."
I took my food and I sat down on the chair. Did I wanted to know what he planned? No, I wasn't eager to ask and I just wanted to forget about what could happen.
"I will choose your clothes." he continued hoarsely. I looked up at him and I saw immediately that he was single-minded and that he wouldn't accept no for an answer.
"Is it important what I have on?"
He leaned against the table and he just smiled. It was as if he said yes, but he thought I wasn't seeing that. I chose to eat and pick up after me.


Liam took me to my closet. Quickly, he pulled me naked and then he took out clothes that I hadn't seen yet. A black corset which he quickly took on me. He made so my waist become narrowed and I noted that my breasts almost looked bigger. It really encircled my waist and held my breasts in place. I whimpered when I felt how hard it was sitting around me. Liam smiled contentedly.
"You get used to it."
Then he took out a black tight-fitting dress, without arms or shoulder straps. It resembled a tube of fabric. It was drawn up from the bottom and landed over the corset and concealed the only my butt. It ended up high up on the thighs, and I felt that he could see more of me than I wanted.
"And Panties?" I got up. "I have no panties on?"
Liam stood near me and he moaned a little bit.
"No, you should be naked and ready."
I frowned.
"But it's easy to take them off?"
He quickly shook his head and he let his hand landing on my thigh. He stroked my body, he let his hand slide over the dress and he pulled his hand up to my face. I heard his breathing changed. His hand landed on my face, and he drew a finger across my lips.
"I want you to be ready to fuck, That's all!"


Liam took my hand and he pulled me into my room. Quickly he took me to the bathroom and he pointed to my collection with makeup.
"And makes you beautiful. You get ten minutes to bring order to your hair and your face."


I was nervous. This day would end up crazy and I wasn't sure what he wanted to do. I obeyed him, and I fixed so I looked good in my eyes. I had no idea what he was after. I had time to finish before Liam again appeared at the door and he smiled big at me.
"Good!" he murmured. I tried not to show my insecurity.
"And now?"
He took my hand contented and he looked me up and down.
"Now you are ready for me."


We went down the stairs and I was surprised when we walked toward the front door. I had no shoes on, but it was hot outside and the sun was on a blue heaven and maybe he knew I wouldn't freeze. A black car was driven up and immediately he opened the door for me to the back seat.
I obeyed. I sat down and I put on my seat belt. He closed the door. I heard the sound when the door was locked and I realized he had planned everything. I couldn't open the door from the inside, only from the outside. Liam got behind the wheel and it almost felt okay when we left the house. For the first time since I arrived there, I could leave the house and actually it was exciting. Liam drove purposefully and he was quiet all the time. I was satisfied. We didn't talk and I didn't knew what I would say to him. He drove the car well and I tried to note if I knew where we were. Maybe we were near my home? Maybe I had been here before? But it was as if I was in another country, and what I saw was nothing that was in my memory from before this day.


We arrived to a barn, a large, red barn in the middle of the forest. Liam parked the car right at the entrance. He jumped out, walked around the car and opened the door for me. I collected myself a little, and I chose to obey him. We went to the door and he opened it. I slid in. I was surprised. The whole barn was rebuilt. Inside, it looked like a disco. There was a bar, there was a dance floor and an upper floor where you could hang out with friends and talk. There were no tables and no chairs, but there were sofas here and there.

"We had parties here in the old days." said Liam cheerfully. "And sometimes, we still have parties for all we know."
I went in and I looked around in the barn. It was actually nice and I could almost see how their friends gathered together in there and had a fun time. He walked to the bar and I heard he poured some into two glasses. He came back.
"It's only ice water!" he said, and he smiled at me. Actually, I was thirsty and I took the glass. He took my hand and we walked behind the bar, by it's side. He opened a door and we entered another room. Where there were tables and chairs on one side of the room. On the other hand there was a small stage with a mattress on the floor. Quickly, I noted that I also saw the cameras and I frowned.
"And what are you doing here?"
He smiled at me.
I was stiff all over, and immediately laughed Liam.
"Yes, I suppose you guessed it. In here we have it good together. You can choose to have spectators looking at what you do, but it's perhaps a little early in the day for that?"
I swallowed.
"And the cameras?"
He laughed and he released my hand.
"We like to film in when we make it good for a girl. It's a good habit, and in fact we have many different films as we collected during the past years, if you want to see them?"
I shook my head quickly. He took the glass from me and he put them down on the table. Then he looked straight at me. He began to strip naked, but he kept his pants on. I didn't like this. He pulled me up on the small stage, and he put me on the floor. He went away to a cabinet on the wall. He opened it and I saw a lot of switches. He pressed a switch and immediately the room started to get dark. The only light available was over where I was. He pressed another switch and immediately I heard music playing in the background. He closed the cupboard and he then smiled at me.
"The dress, darling! Take it off and show me your body."

I blushed. He looked at me the whole time, as he slowly left me and went away to the cameras. I understood that he wanted to shoot and he put up a stand in front of me, a few meters from the small stage, and he placed a camera on it.
"Well?" he asked hoarsely. "Take it off!"
I frowned, but I obeyed him. It was just to grab the edge of the fabric and pull it down onto the floor. I slipped out of it and laid it beside me. I heard Liam liked it.
"Lie on the mattress!"
He stood by the camera, and he saw everything that I did. I nodded and I went to the mattress and I lay down on it, on my back.
"Spread your legs and show me."
I spread my legs. I placed my feet just enough apart so that he could see right in between my legs.
"Oh darling, you're so perfect!" he murmured. "And now caressing yourself."
I hesitated. What?
"Come on!" muttering Liam quickly. "Moisten your fingers between your lips and then you caressing yourself between your legs. I want to see you enjoy your own body."
I hesitated. This was the first time that I had done such thing. I obeyed him. I brought my hand to my lips and moistened my fingers and then I brought down my hand. I spread more on the legs and I tried to figure out how, for example, Harry had touched me.


I did it! I closed my eyes and I knew how I worked, where I would put my fingers. I could give it to myself. Liam moaned quietly, and I knew he liked it. I don't know why I let him get me to continue, but somehow it was okay. I let my fingers slip over my clitoris and I let them penetrate. I whimpered and I came to the state that he wanted me in. I whined higher, I whimpered and I fingered. I came to a different state and in the end I felt how close I was. I hitched the body, I brought them hard in and out and in the end I came. I felt it just ran over me and I reached there. It was as if time stood still and I slipped through a flutter of emotions.


Liam just showed up, naked. He slipped quickly over me and he penetrated. I took my arms around him and I kissed him. He took me hard. I was already ready and he didn't need to do much with me. He was fast and he was horny. Our kisses were as desperate pressures and he was all over me. I took my legs around his waist and I felt how he filled me out.
"Oh, Darling!" he muttered hoarsely, and he ended the kiss. Instead he kissed my neck and my shoulders and the skin he could reach. I closed my eyes and I just followed with him. It was crazy! It was wild and it was like I forgot who I was myself. Liam had got me to stop thinking and he made me to like it. It was like I lost myself and the only thing that mattered was what we did.


We spun around. Sometimes I was on top of him, sometimes he was on top of me. It was like a spinning carousel and we didn't want to stop being on the journey. I don't know how many times I came, that day. It was as if time and space didn't matter and the carousel just continued.


Afterwards we were tired. I lay on top of Liam with my head against his neck. He was still inside me, but I felt he went limp down there. He held his arms tightly around me and he smiled with his whole face. I was out of breath and I heard how he breathed as fast as me. We were sweaty and we were anything but normal.
"It was wonderful!" he whispered. I blushed because I didn't want to admit that I had liked it.
"You were like a cat." he continued happily and contentedly. "And one thing is for sure, you are the best girl in the whole world. I love you and I really need you in my life."
I felt proud. I was happy and I smiled big. My uncertainty was gone and I wasn't afraid. I was sure about him, although he could sometimes be a little bossy. Actually, I realized that I liked Liam. He had qualities that I liked, but at the same time he may not be my kind of guy?


That day we spent on the small stage. We did it again and again. It was as if it didn't end for us. I don't know why I let go of all the catches, but for the moment, this was the only thing that was important. Liam took me in every way, and we tried almost everything. I couldn't understand that I could be so totally open to him and what he wanted. I didn't care any more about myself and what mattered was we who lay on the mattress.


When we got back to the house all slept and it was dark inside. We took a quick shower and we put on new clothes. Then we went to the kitchen and ate leftovers, from the others dinner during the day. We were hungry because none of us had thought about eating food. Liam laughed and actually he showed me affection and love. We sat close together and he had his arm around me.
"Do you know one thing, darling?" he whispered in my ear. I smiled at him.
He kissed my cheek and he let his nose playing with my hair.
"You're the best there is."
I just blushed and I tried to eat. He said it so many times that I believed him.
"I love you." "I want to always have you near me!" and so on.


That night, I spent sleeping with Liam. It was like I forgot about the other three guys and I just wanted to be near him. I fell asleep before him, and it felt wonderful to fall asleep with my head on his chest, my arms around his body and knowing that we had had a successful day.

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