Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


9. I have no voice in the house

In the morning I awoke when the door was opened. Liam came in, and after him a dark guy as directly staring at me. He looked nice and I liked his kind eyes, but something told me that he could be the opposite.
"Stand up." muttering Liam cold. I didn't want to do that and I chose to obey. I still had that feeling remains that it didn't matter what I wanted and they would still force me to things. I stood up on the floor and Liam smiled contentedly.
"Well?" he asked Zayn and the dark guy came up to me. I wanted to go back away, but at the same time perhaps he had been angry if I did so?
"I like her!" he muttered, and he stood too close to me. He looked straight into my eyes and then down over my body. "You really have thought about what you wanted and chosen from everyone's taste and liking?"
Liam nodded and he seemed pleased with himself.
"She's young and she has a great figure."
Zayn didn't care that I was a unique individual person. I felt like a cattle they were talking about. He raised his hands and he let them slip up over my hip. Slowly they drifted up over my body and up over my breasts. Finally they stopped around my face and he forced me to look straight at him.
"Hey Nelly!" he muttered hoarsely. "I'm Zayn."
I swallowed and I didn't know what to say.
Liam laughed.
"And now you should make sure he gets what he wants."
I gasped.
"No I..."
Liam backed out and he closed the door. I panicked and I was scared. Direct Zayn took down one arm and let it hold me. He held it tightly around my back and he was amused.

"You don't need to be afraid." he whispered hoarsely. "I wont hurt you."
I just wanted to scream.
"You don't belong to the family?"
He put his head askew and he smiled big.
"Maybe not, but in this house we share everything we have and I want a part of you."
He backed me against the bed and I landed with my back against the mattress. He soon died down on top of me and I felt how he pushed me down.
"A little fuck in the morning." he muttered hoarsely and dully. He pulled up my nightgown and he tore my panties away. I didn't wanted to feel and I didn't want to be there with him. He groaned loudly and a hand slid down between my legs. He parted my legs with his knees and quickly he caught up all my sensitive part with his hand.
"You must be moist." he muttered hoarsely, and he continued to smile. Hand caressed me and he let his fingers slide in me and out. I was stiff all over. He thought I might like this?


In the end, it was the opposite effect. I liked it. He took the time to caress me and his face landed on my cheek. He moaned just by thinking about what he did.
"Oh, I like to feel your hot part against my hand."
I frowned. Yet I moaned and I was forced to like it. I felt how he woke me up and he brought everything that was dead back to life. He brought his fingers faster in me and in the end I closed my eyes. I took my arms around his neck and I brought the hips up and down, the same rate as his fingers slid into me. I spread on my legs even more and I felt myself slowly approached the end. I was wet, I was damp and he took care of the part that was awake.
"I want you to come." he whispered hoarsely. "And I want you to scream when you come."
I was surprised.
He lifted his head and smiled at me.
"I don't want to hurt you. Liam is out there, and when he hears you coming, does he think I fucked you."
In the mist, I smiled. He was on my side? Maybe he just said a lot of things to Liam, but he realized that this was wrong? He didn't use me and he wanted to be nice. I actually got up a real a smile.
"Thank you!"
He increased his speed with his hand and he kissed me lightly on the tip of the nose.
"There's nothing to thank for." he whispered hoarsely. "I want to be your friend and nothing more. I don't want to do like the others."
I came! I pushed myself up against him and I whimpered loudly. It was as if it didn''t end and I managed to get out what I felt, just because Liam would think otherwise.


I was surprised when Zayn still took out his hard part. He lay on top of me and he took over his hand from me to that hard thing. He began to jerk off and I froze. He lifted his head and he smiled uncertainly.
"I just want to come." he muttered hoarsely. "Nothing more."
I let him do it. He brought his hand quickly over his hard part and I pressed his face to me. I took my arms around him and I noted the sound outside the door. Liam stood there and listened. Zayn seemed to understand it.
"Ah, you are so wet." He moaned hoarsely. I smiled, because after all, he didn't have sex with me.


I showered and I put on my clothes. It didn't feel uncomfortable that Zayn was there and I felt that he and I could maybe become friends. Perhaps he could help me?


Liam grinned wide when I came downstairs to the kitchen. He walked up to me and I was surprised when he hugged me tightly.
"Thank you for giving him something to remember." he muttered hoarsely. "Zayn has had a tough time and I'm glad you gave him something good."
I blushed, because I hadn't done anything. I chose to smile and when he released me was Liam in a good mood.
"You will be rewarded." he said kindly. "You said you wanted a bigger couch and maybe a table? You'll get to choose what you want and I'll buy it for you."
I felt relieved. They believed the lie and I was saved this time. He took me over to the sink. There were some glasses and plates.
I was surprised. This wasn't one of my chores? Yet I sighed and I obeyed him. I filled the sink with water and I took the detergent in it. It was then as I understood what he wanted. He stood against my back, and he pressed himself against me. His hands slid around my waist.
I obeyed. He slowly pulled up my dress and slowly slid the panties down. He undid his fly and began to rub it against me. I frowned. I realized he had tricked me.


A hand pressed against my back and I had to bend foreward. It all happened so fast. I felt how he penetrated in the right place, and he quickly began to move on his hip. He held both hands over my back and he groaned loudly.
"You made me so excited." he muttered hoarsely. "I heard what you did with Zayn and I wanted the same thing."
I just wanted to cry. I tried to keep my hands on the bench, not slapping foreward. Liam did what he wanted and I had no voice. It was his rules he had and he didn't care that I was free. I had thought that I would be left in peace, but he betrayed my trust.


"Oh yes!"
He came straight into me. I felt how he shook and I felt how he emptied himself of liquid. He held my hips hard and he pushed me up against the bench. Finally it was over? I could return to something else? He stood there and he caressed my butt stock and my back. I felt that he was still inside me and he showed no signs of letting me go.
"You are so wonderful!" he muttered hoarsely and foggy. "I love you and I hope you know I'm glad you're here?"
I swallowed. I didn't answer. He lived in a fantasy in which I was grateful. I had a day off and yet he destroyed everything.
would like to live inside you." he mumbled on. I just wanted to puke. I tried to stand up with a straight back and Liam allow it. But his hands slid around my body and he held me firmly.
"Nelly, you're mine!" His lips landed on my ear. "Do you know how much I love you?"
Thank God appeared Harry inside the room. He came into the kitchen and he just stared at us. I knew what he saw. Liam had his pants pulled down to his knees and he was still inside me. Harry saw what we had done and he blushed.
"Am I Disturbing?"
Liam smiled at him.
"No, we are finished!"
He slid out of me, pulled my panties up and my dress slipped down. He took up his pants and it was as if nothing had happened.
"I thought she was off work?" Harry got up. I was too embarrassed to look at him.
Liam laughed a little bit.
"Yes, she is, but I felt really for a quicky and she's actually everyones, even when she is free."
I looked down at the whater. Just to do something, I started washing the dishes. Liam disappeared and direct Harry came up to me.
"Let it be Nelly!" he whispered, and he took my hands away from the water. "Liam did wrong and I apologize for that. But you shouldn't be ashamed that he's using you."
I just wanted to cry. What did I had to defend myself with. Harry took his arms around me and he hugged me gently.
"Darling, you're free and I'll make sure no one touches you. Okay?"


I chose to be with Harry that day. He seemed to understand that I wanted to follow the rules on my wall and not the rules as Liam had. We sat in Harry's bed and we read books, instead of hanging out with the other. Somehow it felt nice to not have to worry about what would happen next and Harry cared about me. I could relax and it felt like I was sitting in my parents' house, along with a friend.

"We all are sterile!"
I was startled and I looked up at Harry.
He blushed and smiled a little bit.
"I thought you might worry about getting pregnant, but everyone in the band made the choice to sterilize themselves a year ago."
I didn't know what to say.
"Isn't it a bit wrong to do that when you are so young?" I got up. "You might want to have children in the future?"
He laughed a little bit.
"I know, but we were afraid to make girls pregnant."
I swallowed and I thought about what he said.
"So you have had more girls in this house?"
He shook his head
"No, but we might accidentally been with the fans a few times too many." He blushed just more. "And finally, we said that it was a good resort to become sterile."
Did I wanted to know more about their past? Harry seemed to understand what I was thinking and he laughed a little bit.
"It's easy to follow with a girl home." he started with. "Many fans would like to do everything with us, and indeed we have been with some of them. But it was wrong and we realized that we couldn't live that way. It was then the thoughts around you showed up and when we found you, we wanted all to have you. Now we wont have to go with the fans and do things we regret. We got you and we can do it all with you."

Small pieces of a big puzzle. I understood that it was a lot I didn't know. Actually, I hadn't thought about that with children or that I even could become pragnent. I had been more worried that I was stuck in the house.
"Okay?" I got up. I took Harry's hand in mine and I smiled at him. "Thank you for being honest with me."
He looked down on his knees and he seemed ashamed.
"I just wanted to tell you so that you wouldn't be worried." he whispered hoarsely. "Now you know about a secret that nobody else knows about. Not even our families know about this."
His eyes slid up and he looked into mine. He smiled and he understood that I wouldn't tell the others that I knew the truth. This was our secret.
"Then I'm not worried." I replied. "I'm not even thinking about whether I'm pregnant or not."
He laughed a little bit.
"No, you can't get pregnant with us."


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