Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


7. Harrys day

I woke up early in the morning. Niall was still asleep. He lay on his back and he was snoring. I smiled a little bit. For once, I was rested and actually I felt pretty good. Niall hadn't even tried to take advantage of me and I realized that he probably was my salvation in the house. I sat up and I listened carefully. Everyone slept! I therefore chose to leave Nialls bed and his room. I slipped into my own and I showered. I chose clothes from my closet and I then sneak down into the kitchen. No one was awake. The thoughts spun around. I knew that all the doors were locked, but maybe I could find another way out? Okay, I also had a wall to take myself over, outside the house, but I thought about my choices. I opted for a quick breakfast, because I was hungry and with a teacup in my hand I sneaked around in the rooms. I saw no places that could give me hope for an escape. The doors were locked and I was sure that they had special windows as couldn't be beaked in the hole house. Liam had been careful to talk about that my windows, in my room, was bulletproof.


"Good morning!"
I jumped and I was close to losing my teacup. Quickly I spun around and I looked directly into Harry's eyes. He laughed apologetically and he noted that I had become frightened.
"Excuse me." he muttered hoarsely and he let a hand caressing my cheek. "I didn't want to scare you."
I chose to play dumb.
"I was just inside my own thoughts."
He didn't seemed to care. He looked instead down at my cup and he understood that I had eaten.
"Do you wanna join me in the kitchen? Everyone is sleeping and we could always get a proper time together?"
I chose to nod. He quickly took my hand and he pulled me back into the kitchen. I sat down at the kitchen table and I watched as he took what he wanted to eat. Actually, it felt different. It was as if we were a normal family, but all wasn't normal and all the time I was reminded of it.
"Tonight you will be with me."
Just to hear Harry say those words, got my stomach to fold. So was this how my life would be? He smiled at me, and for him it was normal.
He seemed satisfied and he sat down on the other side of the table.
"I thought we could spend the whole day together." he continued cheerfully. "I had thought that maybe we could be out a little on the yard? You've only been inside for some days?"
Actually, he got me to look up at him and actually that sounded like a good idea.
"Do Liam allows me to be out there?"
Harry quickly looked at me and then he began to eat.
"I don't care." he murmured instead. "I'm with you and you can't escape."
I frowned. He had planned everything, as if he sensed that I wanted to come from there.


On the back there was a covered terrace. There were chairs and everything a patio needed. The sun shone on a cloudless sky and actually it felt wonderful to come out. I sat right down on a chair and I aimed the nose towards the sun. Harry seemed to follow me with his eyes all the time, but I couldn't bother me about that. Perhaps he planned things to do with me?


"You want me to help you with the suntan lotion?"
I opened my eyes. He stood beside me and in his hand he held a bikini and suntan lotion. I hesitated, but at the same time, he didn't seemed to be looking for something special.
"And a bikini?"
He smiled and he nodded his head a little bit.
"I thought you wanted to sunbathe?"
I chose to smile and I chose to play along with his game. I stood up and immediately stood Harry behind my back. He let my dress slide off me and he took off my underwear. I don't know if he wanted to touch me or what his plan was. I was surprised when he started putting on my bathing suit and then he smeared me with suntan lotion.
Slowly slid his hands gently over my body and indeed he seemed to really care. When he was finished, he smiled with satisfaction.
"There we go?"
I just smiled and I sat down again. He took off everything except his boxers and he sat down on a deck chair next to me. I was almost surprised that he could make a friendly gesture without an ulterior motive.


It was wonderful. I lay both on my back and my belly. It felt as if I could dream myself away for a while. It felt like I had my freedom and in my imagination I was lying outside my parents' house and sunbathed. Before me, I saw how my dad worked with weeds, to remove them from the flowers. I saw how my mom came out with iced tea and the way she smiled at me. Actually, I realized how good life I had got, before I ended up with the guys. My parents made sure that everyone would be alright so that we had a good life. For them, the yard was important. Every spring they planned flowers and they made so that the house looked good. My mom was pedantic and she was always walking around and picked up things. Many times I had become annoyed at her, but afterwards, I realized that she just wanted everything to be perfect.


I lay on my stomach and I felt Harry lay down on my back. He parted my legs and I felt how he moved his hardness against me. I opened my eyes and I was close to resist, but what was my chances?
"You make me so hot." he murmured against my ear and he pulled the cloth from my most 
sensitive part. I felt his hand slipped down and he began to caress me. I wanted to say no, but he was determined.
"Spread your legs more." he murmured. I obeyed as if I had no choice. I felt he caressed my clit and then slid a finger inside me. He groaned and he didn't seemed to notice that I was against it.
He pulled down his boxer and he took his hard part against me. I whimpered when he penetrated from behind, but in the right hole. He continued to caress me and he slowly began to bring the hips up and down. He took the other arm around my neck and it was as if he wanted to keep me down by force. I didn't dare do anything. He groaned against my cheek and he took me hard. I closed my eyes and I let him do it.


After a while, he managed to still get me going. I felt myself slowly came to life and how my body started to like it. I bit my lip not to moan and I felt how he increased his speed. Fast in, fast out. His fingers stroked me harder and I whimpered, by it all. In the end, I forgot that I should dismiss it. I groaned silently and I approached pleasure peak. It smacked down there and I knew I was damp. His lips glided over my cheek and I felt almost his entire body against my back. I spread more on the legs and they came off the sun lounger. Harry noted it and quickly he pulled me away from it. He put me down on all fours and he was then behind me again. I lost the ability to display anything other than the pleasure that was in me. I rocked back and forth and I met his movements. I arrived before him. It just ran over me and I was close to fainting by the wonderful feeling that bubbled through my body. Quickly, I landed on my back. He was all over me and he pounded into me. He lay flat on me, and he came with power. He held his arms tightly around my body, and his lips searched desperately for mine. I took my arms around him and my legs around his waist and I responded the kiss. It was crazy and it was almost excessive.


Afterward, he lay still on top of me and I felt his breath on my cheek. Damn, they made me always want something I didn't wanted to do.
We both reacted and we peeked to the door. Louis came out and he looked at us with big eyes. I blushed and I wanted to get away, But Harry remained on top of me and he didn't feel ashamed.
"You are better than those porn stars." he continued, and he came out on the patio. He stood beside us and he looked down on us. I was embarrassed, but still didn't Harry feel the same as me. He stayed on top of me and he didn't care that he was still inside me.
"You liked it?" he asked instead Louis. Louis nodded and he corrected something inside his pants.
"May I borrow her?"
I become stiff all over, but then relief. Harry shook his head quickly.
"No, this is my day with her. You get to have her in the weekend or on your day."

Louis frowned and he looked disappointed at Harry.
"But just so I can come?"
Harry was determined.


Harry took me to his room and he took me into the shower. He washed me, as if I was his daughter and he even helped me with clothes. I still felt how wrong it all was. Louis had seen what we had done and Harry felt it was okay? In normal families you didn't stared at the people who chose to have sex in that way. You always chose to withdraw. Okay, I had never done that before, but I was annoyed that everything was so open. It was as if they were competing to see who could do it with me most times.


"You did learn our rules?"
Liam asked when everyone was eating dinner together. I looked up and I chose to nod. Liam seemed happy and he smiled then towards Niall.
"And you're happy with her?"
Niall chose to nod and he didn't mention that we hadn't done anything other than to sleep during the night. Liam then looked at Harry.
"...and you enjoying her?"
Harry laughed a little bit and he nodded. I blushed, since the subject was too private to me, and Liam shouldn't bring it up. Louis sat next to me and he seemed to be the most satisfied of all.
"He fucked her hard."
I gasped and I hated that he even named it. Liam laughed a little bit and I think he saw my reaction.
"Louis, it's not nice to look, in secret, when others do it good for each other."
Louis snorted and he seemed to dismiss that he had done wrong.
"But they was right in front of me and I couldn't miss what they did out there?"
Liam still chose to be angry at him.
"Next time, you don't need to behave as if it's okay?" he got up and I was surprised that Liam said that. "Harry wanted to be with her, and you would have accepted it."

Louis sighed and he looked quickly at Harry.
"Pardon... I'm sorry!"
Harry just smiled and he didn't care.
"I think it was okay. We was on the free surface in the house?"
Liam looked quickly at him and then at Louis again.
"But we said from the beginning that we wouldn't look when someone else was with her in that way?"
He caught my interest. What's more had they come to the conclusion that they wouldn't do?
"But I couldn't stop looking at them." Louis defended him selves with, and then he looked at Harry. "And in fact, you were good. You took her hard and she liked it."


I was raised in a home where you didn't talk about sex. Therefore, it was difficult for me to realize that these guys were the opposite. They seemed to like to talk openly about everything and they weren't ashamed of their bodies. I felt that the body was private and it wasn't created to be everyone's property, but in this case I couldn't prevent it. I realized that I was just a thing they had. They talked over my head and they didn't look at me as you looked at a girl. I was their companion dog and nothing more.


When evening came, Harry pulled me to his room and I was actually a little uncertain. I knew everything could happen, but I personally wanted only to go to bed.
"Undress yourself naked!" Harry said quickly and he locked the door behind us. I sighed and I chose to obey. I took of me naked and I watched as he did the same thing. He folded our clothes
on a chair and then he lay down on the bed. Although Harry had also got an television set at the foot end of the bed and I was surprised when he started it up, and he was more interested in that against in me.He seemed to understand that I hesitated and he smiled at me.
"I like being naked!" he said cheerfully. "It's just a pain to have clothes on the body, and when I'm in here, I'm always naked."
I puffed out and I chose to slide down on the bed beside him. It felt odd to be naked, without any reason, but at the same time it was okay.

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