Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


21. Get away

I showered and I put on my clean clothes. I chose a pair of jeans, a better looking sweater and a jacket. On the feet, I got ordinary tie shoes and I chose the shoes as I could run in. Everything was planned and no one saw it. The guys didn't put any energy on me for the moment and they talked instead about the evening. I felt hopeful. Okay I would have two bodyguards next to me, but I was sure I might somehow be able to hide, run away or trick them. There was a tingling in my stomach and I was nose overjoyed. Liam thought it was because I would get to see them perform, but I had a second thoughts. I was going to come from them.


Two large men appeared, the bodyguards. Liam talked with them for a while and I sensed that he said something about that they had to look after me. It was wonderful to slip into the street, without One Direction and I chose to play the faithful one. I went before the bodyguards and they followed me with quick steps. We got to go in a different door, because I was a VIP. The arena was already filled with people and the fans screamed, but without that they had seen the guys. It felt almost unreal. Keep in mind that so many girls yearn for the guys and they have no idea of their dark side. We landed on the left side of the stage, upstairs. I got my own chair and the bodyguards stood behind me. In a way it was silly. Little I had bodyguards! I could almost laugh by that thought. Pretty soon I forgot about them and instead I looked over at all the fans. They cried and they seemed ready. I sensed that this was their happiest moment of the year.


It was unreal. Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam ran out on stage. All the screaming and you could hardly hear what they sang in the beginning. They jumped around and they flirted with the fans. I frowned and what I saw wasn't the guys that I knew. In front of the fans they were different. They smiled and laughed. They sang very well and in fact, I was so badly forced to admit that they had the talent. Niall played on the guitar. Harry ran around and jumped around in dance. Louis spraying water with a water gun on Liam and Liam were trying to be the more mature of them. I was forced to smile. They had different roles and I could understand why the fans loved them. It was as if I saw the individuals who all thought they were. If I hadn't been me, I had been charmed.


"Do you like it?"
I gasped. Zayn turned up and he smiled big. The bodyguards recognized him, so they didn't seem to care. I hugged him and I was surprised that he come there. We sat down and I realized he hadn't come because of the guys.
"So it is good to be where you are?" he asked cheerfully. I frowned and I saw at him that he already knew the answer. He laughed a little bit and then he leaned toward me.
"I have a car outside the stadium." he whispered hoarsely. "If you want, I promise to help you from here."
I froze and quickly I peeked at the bodyguards, so they didn't hear what we were talking about. Zayn seemed to understand.
"I bribed them!" he whispered hoarsely. "I understand you don't like to be with them and I heard that Louis wasn't directly treated you well."
I swallowed.
"Why are you helping me?"
Zayn smiled wryly and he looked straight into my eyes.
"Because I want to!"
I doubted that it was the truth. I doubted many things and I wasn't sure that he was serious.
"You might just testing me?" I got up. He shook his head, and he became more serious.
"I have a black car outside and I promise I can take you out of here before they miss you."
I gazed at the scene and then I looked back at Zayn again.
"Honestly, why?"
He seemed to think, and he raised his eyebrows.
"Let's say I want to give back. I'll help you and you get your freedom, at the same time, I enjoy that they don't always win."
Why did I hesitated? I frowned.
"and what's the catch?"
He laughed.
"There's no catch?"
I felt something different.
"What is it you want from me?"
He laughed a little bit and then he leaned toward me.
"One night in bed, that's all."
I put almost in the throat.
"Then you're not better than them?"
Zayn just smiled and took his arm around my shoulders.
"Both you and I know that one night with me is better than an eternity with them. We go to a hotel, stay there over night and then I drive you home to your parents."
I just stared at him.
"Do you promise?"
He nodded.
"I promise!"
I looked at the guys again and I wondered. Did I dared to trust Zayn?
"Why do you want to give back?"
He rolled his eyes, but he realized that I really wanted to know the truth.
"They got my girlfriend to leave me." he got up. "I was about to marry Perrie, but all the time the guys did something so that she became angry. Eventually she dumped me."
Okay, and that meant he wanted to help me.
"Was she having an affair?"
He laughed.
"No, she didn't even like the guys. She hated them and it was about little things that constantly was going on. She got tired."


There was a tingling in my stomach. Zayn gave an envelope to the bodyguards. I realized that there was money, and then he took my hand. My whole body was totally with what happened. We slid down the stairs, down to a door and some minutes later we stood by his car. Could it really be that simple? He made it look like a trifle, to flee. It was as if I had put my energy on the small stuff, and instead I should have chosen an easy path to follow


In silence drove Zayn the car. I was also quiet and it felt strange. Could it be this easy? Was it just to walk away? Still, I felt how the truth slowly dawned on me. I had left them! I was free! Okay, I would be with Zayn one night, but I was free.


The hotel was by a large park. We went up to one of the top floors and I realized that he had actually allowed himself a more luxurious room. It still tingled all over and I could almost see before me how cursed the other would be. Louis was certainly the one that was most angry at me? Zayn opened the door and immediately I got into something that resembled of a common room with a bar counter. The bedroom was on the side and the view was colossal beautiful. We looked out over the city and I saw lights that were lit everywhere. It started to get dark and I understood that now there was no turning back.
"Dress your clothes off!"
I was startled and I looked at Zayn.
He smiled big.
"I want to see you naked. Take off your clothes!"
Okay, this was the moment I'd pay it back? I started to walk to the bedroom, but he stopped me quickly.
"In here!"


I took off my clothes. I knew I had said yes to this, and I felt compelled. Zayn looked at me carefully and when I was naked, he smiled big.
"Okay, let's get going?"
I hesitated. He had clothes on, and he wasn't yet naked.
Zayn enjoyed. He took my hand and he took me to the couch. He sat down and he looked happily up at me.
"You do what I want."
I nodded. He sat me down on the table in front of him and he looked down over my body.
"Caress yourself!"
I frowned.
He looked straight into my eyes.
"Lie down on the table and caressing yourself."


I did as he said. I lay down on the table and I let a hand landing between my legs. Direct Zayn lifted up my feet on the couch, so the he looked straight between my legs and I heard him breathing heavier. I closed my eyes and I tried not to think about that he stared. My fingers moved over the area and I got the body to react. I whimpered and I bit my lip.I don't know how long I lay there. Right as it was stood Zayn up and he quickly pulled down his pants. He sat down and he pulled me up. He pulled me towards him and I landed in his lap, straight over his hard part. He penetrated and he took his arms around my body. He groaned and he breathed heavily. Our lips met and we kissed. He held me down and it was like he just wanted to be near me. I took my arms around his neck and I felt how he got me going, but without to do so much. He grabbed my waist and brought me around in circles. I felt he was moving in me and I moaned just by the feeling.


We landed in bed. I think he carried me there. Zayn lay naked on top of me, and he moved quickly on the body. He kissed my lips, he kissed my face and he groaned loudly. The whole bed moved and we were in heaven. He was more of the soft guy and he tried to treat me well. He wanted me to appreciate him as much as he appreciated me. We spun around in bed and it was like a game. We enjoyed the close proximity and the important thing was to be close, not to do it. I felt how he got me to land in the fog, somehow in the end, I lost the ability to do something about it. Tingle came and I were overwhelmed with emotion. I screamed and I felt my body trembled. I hugged Zayn with my muscles in there and I felt I was close to fainting by it all.


Afterwards rolled Zayn off me and he landed on his back beside me. We were sweaty and we were tired. He laughed a little bit and he then looked at me.
"I understand why they love you!"
I snorted.
"They don't know what true love is."
He watched me closely and he looked straight at me.
"They know what love is but they can't keep it."
I didn't understand.
"How do you mean?"
He smiled a little bit.
"When Liam become single, he was angry at all girls. Louis became single after him and he was completely destroyed. Harry is afraid to venture and Niall are too cowardly to open up."
I met his gaze.
"And what does that have to do with me?"
He laughed a little bit.
"You saved them!" he whispered hoarsely. "All four had something to take care of and something to look forward to. They knew that you would never get bored because they are four and you will always get everything you want."
I frowned.
"But don't they believe they can have their own girlfriend, without sharing her?"
He shrugged.
"Something like that, and instead of making four girls disappointed, they wanted to make one girl happy. They wanted to prove that they are good boyfriends and they can give a girl everything."
"So they kidnapped me?"
Zayn nodded.
"Just to prove that they are insufficient."
I swallowed and I began to understand. Slowly I realized why all four were so frantic over me.
"But why not choose a volunteering girl?"
He laughed.
"It proves nothing. All girls would say yes. They wanted one that gave resistance, and as they were forced to fight with. If they could convert you, then they had succeeded, but they didn't succeed?"
I felt guilty. Actually! It felt as if it was I who betrayed them, but still I didn't want to be forced into things.
"Liam said yesterday that he has never been so happy." continued Zayn. I closed my eyes and I regretted this almost. Maybe I would have stayed, but at the same time, I wanted my freedom. They gave me everything, but they gave me no opportunity to think on my own.
"And Louis has received a thought! He understands that he can't do some things against girls."
Damn, I wanted that Zayn would just be quiet. I didn't want to know more. I started to change my mind.


I chose to shower to avoid listening. Damn now I knew about the causes. I saw before me how disappointed they were and I had done so they lost hope. They would never be able to have a girlfriend and everything was my fault, but at the same time it was wrong to have me locked up. They could have trusted me sometimes?

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