Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


2. First morning

In the morning I awoke to the smell of coffee, tea, eggs and bacon. I opened my eyes and it took me only seconds to realize that I wasn't in my own room. I was somewhere else, in a different place. I tried to think clearly, but all the memories from the evening was foggy. Okay, I remembered that I had tasted that drink, but everything else was iffy. When I then tried to sit up, I quickly realized that my body didn't want the same thing. My head ached and my whole body was like a sack of potatoes.
"How are you?"
I almost jumped to the voice. I tried to look away towards the door, but not even my eyes worked normally.
"Where am I?"
He came in and he closed the door behind him. He had short-cropped hair and stubble. Okay, he looked good, but I was sure that I hadn't met him before. He smiled and he came up to the bed. He held out a glass of water and a pill. I understood that he wanted me well, but I hesitated.
"Come on!" he said right away, and he sat down on the bed with a smile. "Take this and I promise you will feel much better after a while."
I frowned and I chose to obey him. I swallowed the pill and then he took the glass back.
"You see, it's not so hard to listen?"
I didn't understand what he was talking about and I actually had a few issues to ask about, such as when I'd get to go home.
"Who are you?" it came out of me. He laughed and he raised his eyebrows.
"Don't you recognize me?"
I shook my head.
"Should I recognize you?"
He seemed almost surprised. The thoughts spun around. I was sure that he wasn't a friend or family to my friends. I was sure he didn't go to the same school as I had gone and I was sure that he didn't lived on my street.
"Liam!" he replied to an end quickly. He put the glass down on the floor and then he looked at me again. "And the others who live here are Niall, Louis and Harry. We have all four been looking forward to get you here."
I swallowed. What was he talking about? I had never told this man that I wanted to come to their house? Okay, maybe I had talked a lot after that drink, but it wasn't like me to say yes to strangers.

"We have actually many surprises for you." he continued, as if he really know me. "And I promise that you will be satisfied on all levels."
I just wanted to scream. I wanted to go home and I wanted to meet my own family. I was sure that this wasn't what I wanted and I was sure I didn't volunteer had followed them here. Actually, I remembered that bus and that I had been lying on the floor in the vehicle.
"Where am I? I mean, I don't recall that I have agreed to come here."
Liam didn't seem to care. He stood up and he looked at me closely. Something told me that he really had many thoughts about what he would do with someone like me. Something told me that I should get home, and that now.
"You know what!" he muttered. "I'll go down and talk to the guys. We come up with food in a moment and when you have eaten, we will tell you what the rules are in this house. You're our girl and it's our job to take care of you. You shouldn't have to worry about a single thing. Okay?"
I swallowed.
Liam didn't seem to have the patience to explain, so instead he went to the door. Before he went out again he gave me a quick warning glance,
"The door is always locked, the windows are shot secured so you can't break them. You have a toilet in here, so you'll be all right."


It took me a few minutes to understand what Liam actually had said. I heard that he locked the door and quickly I peeked toward the windows. Did he meant that I couldn't walk away from here, or was it just something he wanted to say? I saw the door to a toilet and actually, I become a little scared. I struggled to sit up, his legs off the edge of the bed. My whole body was like a heavy bag and my head was anything but normal, but the pill had helped. I could at least sit. I looked towards the door and I listened for sounds. I wasn't sure if he was just joking with me, or he was crazy and really wanted me to stay in this room? I didn't belong here and even that they had surprises for me, or something like that, I just wanted to go home.


I become just more frightened when all four guys showed up. They came up with food and a small table, which was placed beside the bed, so that I could sit and eat. Actually, it was only one bed in the room. Nothing more! Niall was blond, blue-eyed and in fact, he was such a guy as I normally had considered interesting. Louis was more frisky and he couldn't stand still. Harry had long curly hair and he didn't say so many things. He seemed more pensive and I understood him. Maybe he wanted to save me from this?


"You are ours!"
I looked up at Liam and I frowned. I had tried to eat the food, but my stomach wasn't normal for the moment. Actually it was nothing as was normal with me anymore.
"Excuse me?"
Liam laughed a little bit.
"Yes, you belong to us. You'll stay here and you'll be ours. We'll take care of you and we'll make sure you will be happy."
I had to just stare at him. Okay Liam was crazy and if the others wanted the same thing, they was almost more crazy than him.
"I have parents who will look for me." what more could I say? "I have friends who were with me yesterday and they will remember that you brought me here."
Louis shook his head and he looked complacent at me.
"We had clothing that obscured our hair and we had beard, so I don't think they remember exactly how we look like." He almost smirked at me. "And when we left the bar, it wasn't direct a single person who saw you with us. Your friend Sandy was more interested in dancing and if I don't remember it all wrong, you made no resistance."
I was flabbergasted. Okay?
"I never said yes to coming here?" I got quickly up and I tried not to show my fear.
"There isn't needed a yes!"
This time it was Niall who opened his mouth. He was Irish, I heard it directly.
"You usually don't force people to..." They didn't let me speak. Liam interrupted me.
"We didn't force you."
I was almost angry.
"No, you drugged me."
Liam laughed a little bit and he leaned toward me.
"Have you got any proof?" he hissed coldly. "I just know that there are many people in your age who have the habit of being impaired by alcohol and I'm sure it was like that, even in your case."
I wanted to stand up and growl at him, but so far I lacked control over my own body.
"I want to go home!"

They laughed at me. They stood around me and they just seemed amused by that I didn't give up hope. Okay, I didn't realize yet that this really happened. For me it was just a bad joke and I was sure that they wouldn't keep me, like an animal, locked up in this room.
"You are home!" Harry whispered to an end. I noted that he almost put tons in the words and his dark voice made it almost magically. But he couldn't fool me.
"No! This
isn't my home!"
Niall and Louis began to pick away the food and they left the room with both the table and the tray. Liam looked cool at me and I understood that he was the leader, or that he at least thought he decided over me.
"You are home." said he cold. "And now you going to shower and make sure that you smell good. We don't like girls who got the smell of alcohol and that isn't clean."

He then left the room and was it only me and Harry there. I just wanted to scream and ask what they wanted, but at the same time perhaps it didn't matter? No one wanted to let me leave this house.
"I'll help you." Harry said quickly. "Come on and showering so that Liam don't get angry. When he's angry you don't know what will happen."
I frowned.
"I don't need your help!"
Harry immediately got a big smile on his face and he put his head askew.
"Okay? So try and stand up."
I hesitated. Okay, maybe I actually needed help, but I didn't want their help.
"Can't you just go and leave me alone?"
Harry shook his head.
"No, and you have two choices. Either you do what I tell you to do, or I use violence."
I become quiet and I just stared at him. Harry really meant that seriously, and he showed with the entire body that he was ready for battle.
"I don't undress myself naked in front guys."
Yes, that was a poor excuse, but it was the only reason as I could think about. Harry laughed, and without asking for permission, he lifted me up in his arms. It was as if he couldn't be bothered to care
what I wanted to do or not do. He could do what he wanted with me for the moment and I noted that he was strong. He lifted me all the way to the toilet and he sat me down on a stool, which stood in the middle of the bathroom. Then he put on tap and he started filling the tub with water. I noticed quickly that everything was there. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and even an razors if I need a shave. At the sink was a toothbrush. There was a hairbrush, and I also saw that they had put there makeup. Talk about that they had planned to bring a girl to this room.

  Harry worked methodically and when he started to pull off my dress, I didn't resist. I slowly realized that I was stuck. I was a prisoner and I had no chance against the four guys in this place. Harry showed no signs of anything and when I finally was naked, he lifted me over to the bath, as if I were a toy. I fell into the water and actually it felt good. It was the first time that day as something was good for my body. I felt the water was warming up my body and now I could finally move my arms normally. Harry picked up my clothes in his arms, and then he smiled at me.
"I'll go and get clean clothes for you. I'll be back!"

When he left me, I could finally relax. Okay, I should have tried to take myself away from there, to my real home, but for the moment I first wanted to bring order to my body and I wanted to have the strength to resist them.   I got to be alone for a while. It was nice to just collect my thoughts and this time I actually obeyed Liam. I washed thoroughly through the hair and I made sure I didn't smell. It was as if I cleaned myself and I combined forces.


I think I dozed off. I woke up by a hand that slowly slided from my chest and down to my most sensitive part. As soon as I opened my eyes I noticed that Harry sat squatted beside the tub. He looked straight into my eyes and he let two fingers slide in between my legs. I wanted to resist, but right away he put the other hand over my lips.
"Let me do this for you." he muttered hoarsely, and he slowly began to rub his fingers against my clitoris. I wanted to resist, and I wanted to say no. but he got my body like it. I don't know why I parted on my legs, but something told me that I should obey him this time. Pretty soon took the body over all my thinking. I felt how he got me started and in the end I parted even more on my legs. Harry let two fingers penetrate inside me and he brought them prefect over my sensitive part. I bit my lip not to moan and I closed my eyes. I felt how he managed to do something no other guy had done before. He got me to slowly approach an orgasm. I should have been ashamed, and I should have thought more logical. I shouldn't endorsed that he caressed me, yet I allowed it. I felt Harry's lips against mine, and immediately I answered the kiss. I took my arms around his neck and I brought my hip in the pace as he let his fingers slide into me. He seemed to like it, because he kissed me perfectly and he just could play with me, if he wanted. His tongue was like a hurricane in my mouth and I realized that he knew how to do everything for a girl. I actually groaned and I allowed him to hear that I approached the end. He moved his hand faster and faster. It was as if he had read a manual, "How to get Nelly to have an orgasm." I stopped thinking and I stopped worrying about everything. I ended up with everything and I only allowed me to accompany him
through this.


I was totally in Harry's power, when he quickly lifted me out of the tub and laid me down on the bathroom floor. He lay down on top of me and he proceeded to kiss me. I took my legs around his waist and I felt how he penetrated. I was like another girl and I should have guessed that he wanted to have sex with me, yet I allowed him. It was wonderful, it was fantastic and when I arrived to the end, it was as if the whole sky was opening up. I cried almost straight out and I felt my whole body lost control. He filled me to the brim and he was deep inside me. He was really big down there and he was perfect. He took me to a place I hadn't visited before and I was close to fainting by all the emotions as was overflowed.


Afterwards I realized that I had been seduced. He had taken advantage of me and although it had been wonderful, I was slightly irritated.
"You planned it?"
Direct lifted Harry on the head. He looked into my eyes and he was shaking severely on the head.
"No, I would never plan such a thing." he whispered hoarsely and dark. He pulled his fingers through my hair and he smiled. "You were so tempting and I couldn't keep my hands in my control."
I tried to get him away from me, but he was stronger against me. Quickly, he took hold of my wrists and stretched out my arms over my head.
"No, darling!" he mumbled quickly. and he frowned. "This is my gift to you and you have nothing to be ashamed of. We made love and we liked it."

I felt the tears almost came. This wasn't what I had wanted to do deep down inside, but maybe I couldn't accuse him for my mistakes?
"I just want to go home!" I was sobbing back and then came the tears. Harry kissed me and he let his lips then caress my cheek. I think he licked away my tears.
"No, you shouldn't cry." he whispered. "We are here to make you happy and you shouldn't cry. I promise it will get better and you will understand that we want you here just because we love you."

I groaned.
"What do you know about love?"
He lifted his head and smiled at me.
"I know a lot about love. I fell
for you and that made my life to be all as I want."
I didn't understand what he was referring to.
"You can't fall in love with a person you just met!" I threw out of me. Harry laughed and he released my wrists. He placed a elbow on each side of my head and he eyed me carefully.
"The first time I saw you, you were out with friends at a café. Liam said right away that you're the one we're looking for, and he had no idea that I also wanted you."
What? I just stared at him. With friends?
"Have you seen me before?"
Harry nodded.
"Yes, six months ago. It was then as we began to plan to have you here and take care of you. That's when we started to create a future for us, you me and the others. This is something that we dreamed about for so long and now we got you here."

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