Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


25. Eventually

Louis slipped into bed next to me and he had the puppy dog eyes. He lay down on his stomach and he eyed me carefully.
"Please don't say no!"
I swallowed and I pulled the covers up over me.
"What you want is not possible."
He disagreed with me.
"We can live our lives our way and we don't need to care about what is right or wrong."

I smiled weakly.
"I don't want to go to your playroom again!"
He raised his eyebrows and he came up with a wry smile.
"We've talked about doing on the playroom into something more."
I was listening. He put himself closer to me.
"How about a place where we make other pleasures?"
I sighed.
"Like what?"
Louis lay close and he put his lips to my ear.
"Pool table and that kind of game?"
I got a up smile
"Would you want that?"
Louis nodded and he smiled. He put his lips against mine, but he didn't kissed me.
"Let us make entertainment but it's not all about sex!"
I got up a smile and I giggled.
"You mean we should do fun things in there?"
He kissed me now. Small gentle kisses, and he laid down on top of me. I felt how he actually treated me with respect.

"Play with you." he muttered hoarsely. "With your rules."
A hand slipped down and he pulled up my nightgown. A hand inside my panties and a hand over my sensitive part. I moaned and I took my arms around his shoulders. I spread my legs and I welcomed him.
"My will?"
Louis ended the kiss and he nodded. Hand made miracles. He made me get started.
"Nelly's rules and all her needs!" he muttered hoarsely.


Fast movements. Moans, breath and I ended up in the sky. Louis was now a completely different person. He kissed me with love, and he took every inch of me to his. I took my legs around him and followed in his movements.
"You own me!" he muttered hoarsely. I smiled and I answered all the feelings that he sent to me. This was what I wanted. To make love and to feel that I was in control. Louis made me get there and I screamed out his name. It was as if the whole body was dissolved and I got in the fog without being able to take myself back. I shook, I gasped, and finally he came.


"Please say yes!"
Louis was out of breath and he caressed me tenderly. He kissed me and he showed that he was desperate. He wanted me to stay and he didn't want me to go.
"And if I say yes?" I got up. He blemish on his head and he looked into my eyes. He smiled weakly, and he tried not to breathe quickly.
"If you say yes, you make four guys happy and you will be well treated." he whispered hoarsely. "You taught us a lesson and we are ready to change."


Yes! I should have reported to the police about One Direction and I should have said no, but at the same time, I made a drastic choice. I chose to say yes. Direct I made them happy, and immediately it was as if we were a normal family, though we were abnormal.
"You get to choose the house!"
They let me do all big choices.
"You get to decide everything!"
It was me who decided, and they were like my little puppies.




One year later


We lived close to my parents and they had agreed that Harry and I lived under the same roof as his friends. They got to know all four guys and they assumed it was normal rules in the house. I was with Harry and they lived in separate rooms. The fans thought the guys just wanted to be together, even when they were free. They agreed that I was with Harry and they felt that we were normal.


I lay in bed and I felt his lips against mine. I answered the kiss and I whimpered quietly. I felt that someone penetrated and I felt a pair of lips around my breasts. I was in heaven. I didn't do a single thing. I had four guys who did everything for me. I felt I was filled (four times) and I felt my body ended up in Paradise (four times). I questioned nothing and I followed. It wasn't my job to please. It was their job!  It was my job to just be there for them and decide everything. For me it was as if I regained life, and some more. No girl in the world had it as good as me. I got everything and I gave everything. I gave love and I had four loves back. My and their secret was hidden. No one knew that I lived in One Direction home and that I was their girlfriend. 








Thanks to everyone who reads or has read!
I'm grateful for all likes that I receive and I'm grateful if you give me a comment. I know I crossed the line sometimes, but for me this was just a fantasy. I know the guys aren't as in my story, and I know I should have been kinder. But the world isn't always a kind place, and life goes on.


Love you all ♥

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