Bad Direction

"It's just a dream!" I tried to tell myself. "In the morning when I wake up, I will be back home. This is just a dream. This can't happen to me!"
Yet it was precisely what happened! And it happened just me! Maybe it was planned, or maybe it was just by chance? I had no idea why, but there I was, in a house with five known guys, as wasn't nice.


18. A free week

Harry stayed in the house. I don't know if it was because he wanted to tease Liam, or if it was due me. I was still grateful for the company. Then something happened that made me overjoyed. I got my period and that meant an end to the guys. Liam had to go and buy sanitary pads. Behind their backs, I smiled big and finally, I would have time for other things. I still had a fever. My body slowly began to recover and I chose to stay in bed more than on the sofa. The reason was that it was nice to cover the body and to lie slumped against a soft pillow.


Harry slipped into the room and he lay down beside me. I saw a movie and he didn't want to disturb me. He crawled under the covers, put an arm under my head and he seemed to want the same thing as me. Take it easy! I crept closer and I laid my head against his chest. He smiled and he seemed to like the easy nearby. No sex, just close by hugs.


"What the hell do you mean?"
Louis voice caused me to wake up. Harry took his arms around me just to show that I was safe. I didn't hear what Liam said, but Louis voice echoed through the house.
"You shouldn't come here and decide over me. I'm part of the family and you can't deny me to meet her."
I swallowed. Actually I didn't want to be near him again. It was he that was the reason I was bedridden and I blamed him for everything. Harry kissed me in the hair and he hugged me gently.
"He can't hurt you again." Harry whispered hoarsely. "Liam will make sure he doesn't get the opportunity. How, I don't know yet, but none of this is your fault."
Louis seemed to want to go up the stairs but Liam stopped him and now he raised his voice.
"She got fever and her body was damaged. Don't you see that you are doing the wrong thing?"
Louis didn't listen.
"Where is she?"
Liam lied.
"She's not here. She's in the hospital."
Louis responded and he calmed down.
"Are you serious?"
Liam said something, and then it became calmer. I didn't heard what happened, but eventually was the front door closed and I understood that Louis left the house.


Laim came up to us. He stood in the doorway and he leaned wearily against the door jamb. He watched me closely and he smiled weakly.
"He don't believe you're here."
I swallowed.
"I heard what you said."
Liam blushed a little bit.
"I had to lie." he whispered hoarsely. "And I have to get him to calm down. He's like a mad fool, and nobody can get him to be normal."
Harry laughed a little bit.
"He has ruined enough." he said, still serious. Liam was with Harry on that and he came over to the bed. He slid down on my other side, and he lay down.
"We can't contact the police and the management doesn't care." he sighed. "Talk about that I must do something drastic?"
I fell asleep. It was nice to know that none of them would touch my body, more than through hugs. Harry didn't mind that I was next to him. I held him with my arms, and through my ear, I heard his heart beating. Actually, this was such a moment when everything was good. Just then, in that bed, I felt okay and I was myself. No theatre and no violence, just me with Liam and Harry.


"How long time do you have your period?"
It was Liam as asked. I twisted around in the bed and I looked at him. It was morning. On my other side was still Harry asleep and he was in really deep sleep.
"Sometimes a few days and sometimes for a week."
Liam sigh but not due dissatisfaction.
"It's not easy being a girl?"
I smiled a little bit.
"It's okay!" I replied. "It's worse with you as you have to shave every morning?"
He laughed and he headed a little bit.
"Yes maybe?" he whispered hoarsely, and he laid his head down on the pillow. "I guess everyone has things that happens and you can't stop it?"
I looked at his profile carefully. He looked up at the ceiling and he looked quite happy. I smiled a little bit and I almost wanted to say something nice to him. He had taken me from Louis and he had done everything so I would feel good again. In that moment it was okay to be kidnapped. My life wasn't all right, for the moment, but I knew anyway that I had two guys that cared. Maybe there was hope for them too?


The days passed and my period ended. I chose not to tell that for them. Instead, I took the days to look through the TV, read some books, and actually they bought some magazine that I could read. Okay maybe it wasn't news in the selected ones, but it was still something to learn about the outside world.


Liam took my hand and he took me into his office. The office was small. There was a lot of boxes that were unzipped. He had a desk with a laptop on. On one wall there were records and prices he had received. A room which then was his. He placed me on the couch and he went away to a box. He picked up a photo album, which he gave to me. Without a word, I opened it and immediately I saw the pictures of the boys when they were younger.
"Everything hasn't been like now!" he began, and he sat down next to me. "We won a competition and after that we became known."
Okay, now I got to know their history?
"The fans were like crazy back then, and through the net, we were known everywhere. It was like it wasn't possible to stop and today we almost can't go to another country without being recognized."
I switched sides and I chose to look at the photos when he talked.
"It started with some fans as wanted to come to the hotel."
His voice was quiet and he seemed to choose his words with care.
"We had never received so much attention before, and it was as if we couldn't stop. I don't know how many virgins as I was taken care of." He looked straight at me. "I've fucked a lot and today I regret some of them."
Would he explain why I was here now? He let a hand caressing my cheek and he eyed me carefully.
"I admit that it's wrong to use fans and I recognize that it was wrong to take them to the hotel." he continued hoarsely. He took his hand around my neck and then slid his hole arm around me. "Now when I have you here, I realize that we were idiots. We also let Louis run his thing and we defended him."
I switched sides and I felt a certain uneasiness in the body. He didn't say he was sorry he had taken me away from my life?
"It ended up with that a girl ended up in the hospital." he whispered hoarsely. "She got the money to be quiet and she signed a contract. We have many contracts that girls have been signed."
I looked at him. I hadn't signed a contract? Did that meant that I could to tell everyone the truth?
"I know!" He smiled at me. "You haven't signed, but it's another thing with you, you are here because we love you."
Yes? But I didn't love them, not in that way, not yet and maybe never. He kissed me softly.
"You are part of us and we are so grateful that you are here."
Please tell me that all this is wrong! But he didn't give me the words. He looked at me as if I would be grateful. They wanted me and I should smile and say thank you.
"Maybe one day we split up, we guys, and then I will take care of you. We will stay together and we will straighten things out between us so that everything is fine again."
My God! When would they stop living in a fantasy? He didn't understand that I wanted to live as before, free and close to my real family?
"You are my Everything!" he whispered hoarsely, and he picked up the other hand and put it on my cheek. He kissed me again and this time it was more passionately. I felt his tongue, I felt his lips and I heard him groan out of pleasure. He let his hand slide down and he hugged one of my breasts with it. So he was hungry for more? I hadn't my period and my first thought was that he had already figured that out. He took my hand and he took it between his legs, right over the hard part. He brought my hand up and down and he groaned a little higher. Okay, he didn't want to have sex? He wanted me to touch him?


I haven't exactly done that before. He picked it out, and just because I didn't want to do anything else, I obeyed him. I wielded my fingers around it and I brought the hand up and down over it. He took both of his arms around me and he shook with excitement. I took my hand faster all over the hardness and I felt the shaking in my hand. He kissed me harder, and his breathing became deeper. He groaned and he showed that he liked it. Liam ended the kiss and he leaned his head back. I looked down on his hard part. My hand slid straight over it and he liked it.
"Oh Jenny!" he whispered hoarsely. "You make me so insane with desire."
Yes? Tell me something that I didn't already know? He whimpered and he bit his lip. He spanned the entire body and he showed that it was okay. He grimaces and he moistened his lips.
"Oh, go on!"
In the end, he reached the top. Quickly he tore my hand away. He went off to the bathroom and I heard his last groan.


When Liam came back, he was red in the face. He unbuttoned his pants and he smiled big.
"Thank you, darling!" he said cheerfully, and he sat back down. "I needed it."
I frowned and I looked straight at him.
"The only thing you want is sex?"
He laughed.
"No, it's not everything, but it's an important part of life."
I disagreed with him.
"You always want to do it and you don't care when I say no."
He raised his eyebrows in surprise, and he looked straight at me.
"But you like it?" he got up in defence. "I've got you screaming straight out and you love to be with us."
I sighed and I rolled my eyes. He would never understand.

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