Remember those deaths that you couldn't help but feel sad about?
Don't worry, i'm sure their fine.
Join Newt, Chuck, Fred, Adam and Tadashi. On their venture to find their wings.
The 2nd book in my series!
Read Chasing hearts first!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10. The silver room

The walls of the silver room move.

Like they're alive but surely cannot be, they move.

"Newt?" Chuck steps away from the walls, and I put my hand on his shoulder protectively.

"Ahh!" Adam screams and Fred and I swiftly turn around. 

He's gone.

Tadashi moves towards me, Fred and Chuck.

"Adam..." He says.

"She said some of us wouldn't make it. She knew from the beginning."


"Ava Paige."

Suddenly the room goes black,

"Newt?!" Chuck screams and I squeeze his shoulder.

And then I black out for good.

In fact, we all do.

But we wake up in a factory, or a lab for experiments.

I struggle to make out where we are until i see a plaque on the wall.

It only has a few words printed on it.

World In Catastrophe Kill-zone Experiment Department.


WICKED is back.




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