Remember those deaths that you couldn't help but feel sad about?
Don't worry, i'm sure their fine.
Join Newt, Chuck, Fred, Adam and Tadashi. On their venture to find their wings.
The 2nd book in my series!
Read Chasing hearts first!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. That one Gal

"What's Me?" I yell, confused as hell.

"Do you remember her?" 

"Remember who?" I look inside my mind but i can hardly remember anything. Just blurry images from my past life.

But I remember him, Tommy. I remember my last words, 

"Please, Tommy. Please." I mutter under my breath. A tear makes its way down my cheek.

"Tommy." I whimper. "Tommy." 

"Thomas?" She asked, and I nodded. 

"Where is he?" I suddenly yelled. "What have you done to him?"

"Nothing your 'Tommy' is perfectly fine." She says mockingly.

"Can i see him?"

"I'm afraid you cannot see your friends yet."

"Then will you at least explain where the bloody hell i am?" I scream frustrated.

"Indeed." She nods.

"but first let me introduce you to some new friends." She points at the tallest boy, he has red hair and long limbs. Very freckly too, "This is Fred." 

"Nice to meet ya." He nods at me.

"Next," The lady explains gesturing at the second boy, just a little shorter that Fred. "Adam."

"Greetings." The boy says, bowing. I silently bow back.

"And lastly," She says. Pointing at the last boy. "Tadashi,"

Tadashi holds out a hand, which i shake. "Hello, Newt. We've been waiting for you."

"Waiting for me?" I ask. I'm so bloody confused.

"Let me explain, You lot are dead. Yes?" says the lady.

"Well yes i was shot in the head." I reply dully.

"But, you died when you weren't supposed to. In fact you weren't supposed to die at all..."

"Indeed." She nods, you lot will have to complete a series of challenges in order to earn life again. Life with 'Tommy' again." She explains further. "So? What do you Say-"

"I'm in." I yell,

Anything to see my friends again.





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