Remember those deaths that you couldn't help but feel sad about?
Don't worry, i'm sure their fine.
Join Newt, Chuck, Fred, Adam and Tadashi. On their venture to find their wings.
The 2nd book in my series!
Read Chasing hearts first!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9. roasted

Through the door into a barren wasteland we go,

Sandy dunes and broken buildings litter the area, smashed into the ground like ruins.

The Scorch.

"Where to next?" Adam asks,

"I have no bloody idea... Any suggestions?"

There's a few murmurs from the boys, but nothing from Chuck.

"We walk?"

"Erm,Guys? Chuck finally speaks after many hours of silence.

"Yes, Chuck?"

He looks scared. Terrified even.

"How about we say hello to the flying reptile?" He nods to one side,

"Huh?" I look in the direction he nods,

Perched on top of a broken building to our left is a scaly reptile, it's black with large yellow eyes and large black wings, a dragon.

And it happens to be looking right at us.

"Oh great, bloody brilliant, we're not only in a freaking desert, but we have to kill a dragon ten times our size too!"

"Lets think about this logically," Fred, obviously trying to think logically.

"Yes, if we stay still it might not notice us?" Adam buts in with an idea that will get us all killed.

"BASICALLY WE'RE ALL BLOODY SCREWED!" I yell, and the boys all jump and stare at me. The dragon flies down closer to us kicking up a sandstorm.

"Just trying to be helpful," I shake my head and laugh at the reptile. I may not be a crank but like Chuck's pointed out more than once. I sure can act like one.

The boys dare not move, so I take a step forward and present my idea to the over sized reptile.

"Greeting young fellow," I greet the reptile, Yes I must be crazy...

The dragon stared at me with its yellow eyes, steam billowed from it's nose.

"Please, my friend. We come in peace?" I gesture to my friends, the dragon snarls.

"Oh come on!"

The dragon tilts its head then says, to our surprise,

"Greetings young human, i'm guessing you wish to get to the next challenge?" His chest puffs in and out as he breathes.

"Yes, that would be our intentions..."

"Then I can help you," He arches his back down low, "On one condition,"

"And what is that condition, my scaly friend?"


"Blood, my friend?"

"Fresh blood,"

If it gets us out of the Scorch...

I take a smashed piece of glass from the sandy ground and raise it to my hand.

"Wait! Newt you can't do that!"

"Watch me." I smirk and then wince as I cut my palm open.

"There. You happy?"

The dragon moves his head as if he's nodding and then burns the ground,

"Through the portal you go."

"What portal?" Adam asks.

The dragon glances at my bleeding hand, and I understand.

"This one." I walk over to the burnt spot and let my blood fall to the ground. A portal opens up and we head for the next step.

We end up in a silver building,

"Come on, lets get out of this." Chuck says,

"Just gimme a second." I ask, as i rip my shirt and wrap the fabric round my hand.

"And we're good to go."






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