Remember those deaths that you couldn't help but feel sad about?
Don't worry, i'm sure their fine.
Join Newt, Chuck, Fred, Adam and Tadashi. On their venture to find their wings.
The 2nd book in my series!
Read Chasing hearts first!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Old Friends

"Newt? Hey! Newt! It is you!"

Huh? That sounds like... No, that's impossible, Chuck?!

"Hiya, Newt!" 

"Chuck?" I groan. "Where am I? Where's Tommy?"

"Thomas? Oh Newt, I don't know. I'm just as clueless as you. All I know is one minute I was dying, the next i'm here, perfectly intact."

Hmmmmmm sounds suspicious to me...

"Hey Chuck is Alby here?"

"No he didn't come up"

Chuck, died when he wasn't supposed to! That's it,

"Chuck I figured it out you and me died when we weren't supposed to! That's why we're here!"

Just then a Lady came into the room with Three boys around my age.

I heard her mutter, 

"He remembers," She sighs.

"It's Newt." 



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