Remember those deaths that you couldn't help but feel sad about?
Don't worry, i'm sure their fine.
Join Newt, Chuck, Fred, Adam and Tadashi. On their venture to find their wings.
The 2nd book in my series!
Read Chasing hearts first!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13. Freedom takes time

I am a crank.

A lousy, useless, evil and mental crank.

Like a lifeless zombie, brain mentally impaled, with no memories of a past life.

But i'm not past the gone, yet.

Like chucks pointed out before, I still have time.

"Newt, you have to believe me when I say, you come from different worlds. You have to say goodbye." Janson explained carefully, outlining every little detail. And when he finished, Fred and Tadashi had to leave.

"I'll see you around Newt." Fred says his goodbyes first,

"Goodbye my friends." Then Tadashi,

"Adios, buddies!" And then me,

They stepped through a portal back in there own worlds, for good,

will I ever see them again?

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