One More Night

All I ever wanted was some fun, and I got it. I asked for one night, one night only. Instead I got a throbbing heart from not having him by my side for so long. It probably wasn't smart to start something with him, but now that its done, it's done and I just can't stop.


1. Night Changes

I looked over the crowd and wished I was home being a loser eating ice cream and crying and laughing over some romantic comedy like every weekend.

Instead I was a hostess for one of my husbands business parties. I knew how much this party meant for Kyle, but i wished I wasnt their to be a hostess and having creepy dudes staring at my boobs.

I made way through a thick cloud of cigar smoke. A tight circle of conservative men were laughing and talking about god knows what.

I pushed past laughing men and got to Kyle who was talking to a bunch of other guys.

I looked around and was stunned to see a younger person. he was what seemed to be about 20 years old surrounded awkwardly by a bunch of 40 year olds.

He laughed lightly and smirked when he caught my gaze.

"well you all know my wife Carter, beautiful huh?"Kyle said placing his hand softly around my waist.

"hello"I say quietly.

I stand there for a good 20 minutes before I excuse myself and made way towards the champagne table.

The crisp bubbles made way down my throat relieving me of my annoyance.

My sight was blinded by an array of silks and satinsand the pearls and diamonds. I looked down at my own diamond necklace and even though I loved it, I still hadnt grown used to the luxurious gifts I got from my husband. Ive always been the simple Carter and still am even though I am now Kyle Ryan's wife.

I drunk some more of the champagne as I hummed to "Free Falling" as I looked around and continued to stare at people, my usual habit at business parties.

I take the first sip at my new glass when I turn and some boulder like man bumped into mt causing me to spill a bit of champagne on the silky black dress I wore.

"watch where youre going next time"I mumble unaware that I seriously just made the rudest comment to one of Kyle's business partners.

"sorry love, I didnt mean to bump into you that hard"he smirked.

"wait what?"I asked relieved that I didnt mumble that to someone majorly important.

"ummm...nothing"he said nervously.

"no, you said you didnt want to bump into me that hard. You meant to bump into me?"

"well I kinda had to. It was that or turn into a glass of champagne so youd notice me. You were a lovely woman sipping on some champagne and I felt like I needed to join you. You wouldnt have noticed a boy like me so I had no choice but to run you down"

Oh I noticed you.

"Im Harry Styles"he smiles cheekily offering a hand"you are?"

"Carter Ryan"

He was fully staring at me now, he looked absolutely incredible, tanned and adorable, curls wild and cute with a smile on his face that meant pure trouble.

He was taller than me by a few inches; id say he was about 6ft. He had curly straggly brown hair curled to perfection. His eyes were a piercing green, almost like two emeralds sat in his sockets instead of eyes. They bore into my dull dark brown eyes as he stood eyeing me waiting for me to make my first move.

"why are you staring at me like that?"I ask as I take a sip of a newer glass full of a new liquid, the burgundy colored wine making the adrenaline rush through my body.

"staring at you how?"

"staring at me like as if you know some sort of secret of mine"

"secret? Hmmmm...I know that you are dreading this party as much as I am"

"true..."I shrug and stare at him from behind my glass drinking the last of it"why are you even here kid? I wouldnt expect someone like you to surrounded by 40 year olds drinking and smoking. Just letting you know that is no weed or cocaine being passed around at this party so youre pretty much wasting your time"

"im here for business reasons...I didnt know you were Kyle Ryan's wife unitl he presented you"he says a bit surprised.

"why is that a surprise to you?"a little smile is placed on my face.

"well lets just say he could be your father"

"he's not as old as you think and im not as young as you think I am"I slip a giggle.

He smiles at the ground.

"youre a pretty fit woman if you ask me. id say youre in your early 20's"

"26"I smiled"I can tell you like your older women"

"truth is im a 19 year old with a soft spot for older women with experience"

I smirk.

He smiles and bites his lip softly before staring down at the dip of my dress where my boobs basically hung out of my dress.

I raise a brow and he looks back up to my eyes.

His eyes filled with a mischievous humor that I wanted to take in. He exhibited seductive air just by staring at me. I immediatley concluded that he was charming, warm-hearted and most importantly, deadly to women.

The thought made a smile curve my lips. I had a bit of a soft spot for curl haired, deep dimpled womanizers.

I'd never cheat on Kyle and I wasnt planning to.

I think...

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