One More Night

All I ever wanted was some fun, and I got it. I asked for one night, one night only. Instead I got a throbbing heart from not having him by my side for so long. It probably wasn't smart to start something with him, but now that its done, it's done and I just can't stop.


2. Chivalry Is Dead

"husband alert"he spun me away from Kyle's glance.

"behave Harry"I held in a giggle as we danced"this is the fifth time youve kept me away from my husband"

"then I am doing a hell of a job arent I? he doesnt pay attention to you alot does he? I can tell"

I sigh and look up at him.

"he's too focused on making money that he forgets he has a wife but lets forget about it"

"you sure you dont wanna talk about it?"

"men suck...I dont wanna waste my tears on him"

"sometimes. some know how to treay a woman. How lovely it wouldve been if I had gotten to you first"

I rolled my eyes and sigh.

"chivalry is dead my friend"

"who says it is?'

"I do, when was the last time Kyle ever held the door for me? years ago!"
"chivalry is not dead and im the living proof"

"it seems now that every guy expects a girl to laugh at his stupid jokes and take her clothes off before the second date"

"I still hold door for girls and I only have sex with a girl if she initates it"

I smirk,

"chivalry is dead"

"it is not"

"I guess it wouldve been different if I wasnt married to someone who has parties almost every day or doesnt travel and dedicates most of their time to me"I shrug, tears threatened to spill.

Ever since I married Kyle, things have been way different since when we were only dating. We met in highschool over some friend of ours and we hit it off pretty good. We dated, had a good time and boom! we're married now. I miss the Kyle I thought I married.

"love, are you ok?"he asked

"im fine"I lie.

"no youre not"

"im fine, really"I force a smile not sure why I was trying to convince him when I shouldnt even care.

one of his hands moves up to my face and wipes away a tear that fell unnoticing.

"no girl deserves to be crying over some douche that doesnt treat her like a princess"his thumb traces my cheekbone and falls slightly back to my waist where his hands carresed the exposed skin from my dress.

I smile at the ground and roll my yes playfully at him.

"if only love was that easy kid"I sighed.

We danced a while longer, had some more champagne and danced some more.

"I see youve met Mr. Styles hun"Kyle laughed as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

"yeah"I smile as Kyle's hand slipped around my waist and lay on a lower place as his lips grazed my ear lobe and his nose muzzeled my ear.

I wanted Harry badly, not Kyle...Harry. What am is happeneing to me?

"so nice to acquaint you Mrs. Ryan"he smiled.

"likewise Mr. Styles"I say as he gives a light squeeze at my hand grazing his fingertips against my skin allowing me to endure the last of his touch for the night.

"I'll be expecting a call"he whispers as Kyle walks over to some other guy.

"you dont know me and I have no clue who you are"

"thats why we should talk"


"you dont even have my number"

:I have a strong feeling youre gonna get your way to get my number even if I denied it"

"and you say you dont know me"he smiles.

I roll m,y eyes playfully.

"leave before someone starts saying we're lovers"

"do I have a chance to be?"

"let fate be the judge of that. now leave"

He smiles and kisses my cheek before saying one last goodbye to Kyle and leaving my house.

I was breath taken.




"morning hun"

"morning"I walked into the kitchen and placed a small peck on Kyle's lips before heading to the refrigerator and retreating a water bottle.

"so...tell well did you get along with Mr. Styles?"he asked.

I gulped and smiled.

"he's quite lovely, really nice and such a gentleman"

"so then you wouldnt have a problem being his escort during our business parties?'

"escort? why?"

"look hun, Mr. Styles is at the top of the list of clients we need to be involved in our business. HIs friends are next in line and we need them"

"ummmm...I dont understand why I should be his escort."

"well you seem to get along with him. If you can get some information, great! But if you really convince him and score us a win, say hello to a better pay check"

"so what youre insinuating is that you wouldnt mind if I slept with the guy for business purposes?!"

He stayed thinking for a bit.

"oh my fucking gosh"I turned on my heels and proceeded on leaving for my usual run at and began my race, my mind is dazed with the thought of Harry Styles.

His voice seemed to turn on everything in my body, the ache to just have him returned. God this kid was driving me crazy.


I stop my run and calm my breathing before turning and facing the cute dimpled smile i dreamed of.

"Oh, hello"I smile breath taken...literally and metaphorically.

"what brings you here?"

"well as you can running. The extra weight is gaining up and I dont want that to happen"

"what extra weight?"

"The extra weight growing on my thighs and waist"
"you have no extra weight. youre perfect"

"no girl is perfect"
"but you are"

"I wish"I smirk.

"wanna go get some breakfast?"


"you sure"

"yeah why?"

"well you dont so convinced about your decision"

"you know what? Id love to have breakfast with you"

"that would be great"he smiles cheekily.

"good, lets get going"

We walk and talk all the way around to a nearby cafe where we got breakfast. The first few minutes were in silence as I picked at the plate of food. The silence wasnt awkward, it was the silence you have when you first meet a person.

:so what were your intentions for me to notice you at the party?"

He shrugged.


"Should we go an use one of my empty rooms or go back to your place where my husband wont catch us?"

A grin formed on his face that was mixed with the emotions of lust and shock.

A mixture of temptation and disapointment carved out the lean features of his face.

I laughed to ease his shock and he called out my sarcasm but wishing it was a definite offer that he didnt want to turn down.

"youre teasing no?"

"I am"I twirl the fork in my hand.

"youre such a wicked woman in teasing a man like that"he tuts.

"youre a wicked man for thinking id be capable of such cruelty. Im a very very good person and I would never tease a boy I barely met. I have a husband you know?"

"I know you do. Id like to have a word with him and punch him in the face becasue no woman like you should ever be left alone in the presence of another man. youre like treasure on a pirate ship...could be his for a moment and mine in the next"

I feel my face flush on how this kid was saying such a thing.

God grant me the strength to stay away from him.


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