Broken (1D)

He's broken. But so am I. We're all broken. Like mirrors, one tap and they shatter. Gone forever.
Adeline is not your normal 16 year old. Her mother died when she was 12. Leaving her with her alcoholic and abusive father. Four year later, Adeline still isn't over the pain of her mother's passing. Mentally and physically. She never expected the ever so famous One Direction to help her get back on track from her old life. But maybe they won't. Maybe they will realize that they are more broken than they thought...


3. Why dad?

Adelines POV

I looked around at my room one last time, and reality hit me. Hard. We were really moving. The house that my mom died in, the house that held all of my childhood memories. Gone. Just another house on the block...

I was so lost in thought, I didn't realize that my dad had walked in. 

"Adeline..." he said quietly. "I need you to know something. Since we're moving in with Lacy, I have to hide my ways. I think I'm gonna marry her, Addie."

"Don't you ever call me Addie! Only mom calls me Addie..." I think I was about to cry. I just couldn't take it. But not now I thought. Not in front of dad.

Then, he slapped me across the face. Hard. I just stood there, sobbing in my mind as I let a tear fall.

"And u don't talk to me like that."

And after that, he left. I just kept letting the tears fall. And they didn't stop. They just got worse, my face burned where he hit me, but it was starting to numb off.

"Adeline, are you ready?" Said Harry.

I looked back at him and he just stood there in pure shock. I had forgotten about my face... and I bet my mascara was running from my crying.

"Adeline...wha-what h-happened? How did this happen??" There was tears falling from his eyes too.

I could barely speak. It hurt too much. Emotionally. "D-ad. My da-d..." I just started to bawl. I felt Harry next to me. I cried softly on his shoulder and couldn't believe I had only known him for a few hours. It seemed like we had known each other forever. I wonder if he felt that way too.

Harry's POV

​​She just cried softly on my shoulder, not saying anything. I thought about that diary I had from her. I wondered if this was what she didn't want me to see. Her dad was abusive. Wow. That's just sad. I feel so bad for her, but I know there's nothing I can do for her. I feel so terrible that I can't help. I just need to hold her. Need to keep her safe from the monster she calls a father.

I'm feel like I've known this girl my whole life but we've only known each other for a few hours. 

"Adeline, we need to go. Do you have all your stuff?" I said very softly.

She just nodded. I picked her up in my arms as she continued to softly cry. I carried her down the stairs and out to my car. Lacy and Michael had already taken Lacy's car back to the house. Liam, Louis, and Niall had taken Niall's car back too. So it was just me and Adeline. We drove back to the house in silence. As Moments by well, the band played on the radio. It was so perfect.

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