Broken (1D)

He's broken. But so am I. We're all broken. Like mirrors, one tap and they shatter. Gone forever.
Adeline is not your normal 16 year old. Her mother died when she was 12. Leaving her with her alcoholic and abusive father. Four year later, Adeline still isn't over the pain of her mother's passing. Mentally and physically. She never expected the ever so famous One Direction to help her get back on track from her old life. But maybe they won't. Maybe they will realize that they are more broken than they thought...


1. We are Broken.

So to start off, my name is Adeline. When I was a little girl i swear my life was absolutely perfect. But when I was ten, that started changing. My parents started to argue a lot more, and it was because my dad had cheated.


​I walked through the door and I could already hear arguing. I knew that if I went to my room they would see me, and I definitely didn't want that. I stood by the corner of the kitchen and listened. They were yelling about some women at my dad's work. I didn't completely understand at the time, but I was still too young to understand what I did. My dad was screaming words I had never heard before such as b*tch and wh*re and sl*t. And my mother fired back the same. After that I heard a loud SMACK and I didn't know what had happened, but everything was way too quiet. I looked into the kitchen to find my dad standing beside mom and she was on the floor. I had realized then that he had hit her. And at that moment, I made a vow to myself that this man was not my dad. He was a father. He didn't mean much at all to me anymore. There relationship was officially broken. And at the time, I didn't give a shoot if my dad saw me run up the stairs to my room. If he had seen me cry then they'd both act like it never happened, creating a bigger dent in whatever had happened. I locked myself in a room and found my pocket knife...

*flashback over*

A few days later, things had started getting better. With them anyways. I remember having a huge cut on my arm from the knife, but I wore jackets and all to hide it. 

*present time*

As I walked in the house, I was very quiet. I had no idea if my dad was here or not. And if he was here, I didn't know if he was drunk or not.

When he's not drunk, which seems like a month or so out of the year, he's a pretty nice guy. But when he's drunk, he's abusive, angry and demanding...

I accidentally tripped over a chair then mentally cursed myself for being so loud, and listened for a yell or something. My dad walks and I thought oh here we go and he walks over to me and he picks me up off the ground and asks if I was okay. I looked at him weirdly and asked him if he was drunk. He said no and that he had a really bad hangover, worse than usual and decided to skip any alcohol today. I was absolutely shocked.

"Ill cook dinner because we have guests coming..."

"Who?" I asked. 

He motioned me to sit down

"Um... a woman I met that trip I took to California. We went on a date and talked and she seemed really friendly. Her name is Lacy. She's bringing her son and some of his friends. So do you think you could help me clean up a bit?"

Again, I was shocked. Speechless even...

"Uhh... u-u met-t someone?" I stuttered. "And she's bringing her son, AND HIS FRIENDS!?!? Oh god, what time??"

"At 7:00"

"SEVEN!?!?!?! That only gives us four hours to cook food for eight people and clean the house!!"

"Well I guess we better start cleaning"


*at seven* 

The doorbell rang and I opened it to see Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction standing in front of me. I thought I was gonna pass out. He stepped in front of me and gently put his lips to my hand.

"You, gorgeous, must be Adeline" he said. "I'm Harry, and it's a pleasure to meet you."

He then walked past and the rest of them did the same. They all greeted my dad respectfully and I turned around again to see who I guessed was Lacy. She was so pretty.

We all sat down and I thought to myself god this is gonna be a long meal...


Hey guys! This is my new fan fiction and I hope you like it. Sorry this chapter is kinda boring, I promise the next one will be better. Love ya!

~lovebird03 <3

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