Broken (1D)

He's broken. But so am I. We're all broken. Like mirrors, one tap and they shatter. Gone forever.
Adeline is not your normal 16 year old. Her mother died when she was 12. Leaving her with her alcoholic and abusive father. Four year later, Adeline still isn't over the pain of her mother's passing. Mentally and physically. She never expected the ever so famous One Direction to help her get back on track from her old life. But maybe they won't. Maybe they will realize that they are more broken than they thought...


9. Wait what's happening?

Michael's POV 

I knew that Lacy and I had to tell them eventually. I mean, we can't wait that much longer or its gonna be too obvious that somethings up with us. As for me, I think I'm gonna stay sober for a little while longer. I just need to keep the act up until we get married. That's because I know that Lacy has a no divorce policy that runs through her family. Anyways, she's obviously going to say yes. She knows I'm proposing anyways. That's why we're in this crowded restaurant with the kids. But I think they know more than they're supposed too...

Harry's POV

My hands are sweating like crazy and it's taking a lot of mental will to not go full on hulk here.

"Harry?" Lacy said


"Your sweating like a maniac. Stop it, I'm the one that should be nervous!"

"Well that's because my mom's going to get married and that can't happen!"

"How did you know about the marriage?"

"Its kinda obvious mom, you should pay more attention"

"Adeline and Harry" Michael said

Adeline's POV

"Adeline and Harry" my dad said

"We have an announcement to make."

All of a sudden, my dad got up and bent down on one knee to lacy...

Lacy's POV

​Michael came up to me and bent down on one knee. He hadn't even said anything but I was already screaming YES YES YES OF COURSE ILL MARRY YOU I DO YES I LOVE YOU but anyways you get the point. 

"Lacy, I have loved you ever since the day I saw you. You were wearing a beautiful blue tank top and your blond hair was blowing against the wind. We were in California three years ago on our first date. Lacy, I loved you then, and I love you now. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. Lacy Marie Styles, will you marry me?"

​Adeline's POV

​It was happening. Nothing could stop him now. He had her right where he wanted her and they were gonna get married.

"Yes Michael, of course I will marry you❤️"

Ugh figures. Like what happens now??

Harry's POV

Of course she would say yes and shit up our lives more than they already were. Figures. Like they haven't even thought this through, why would they get married already?? Wait, unless...

Lacy's POV

I had to say yes. Michael knows about the other announcement which I have to tell them tonight before it's too late.

"Adeline and Harry. I know this is kind of a shock to you both but there's a good reason that this is happening. Um... we have another announcement to make. It's really exciting too. Okay, here goes. I'm pregnant!"

Adeline's POV

"... I'm pregnant!"

Holy shit. She's what!?!

"Wait, what did you just say?" I asked

"Adeline I'm pregnant! Isn't that exciting?"

"Oh uh yeah. That's great."

Harry's POV

Oh my God. Did I just hear what I think I heard?

"Damn mom your pregnant?!? With his baby? You did not have sex with him mom. Are you fucking serious? If this is a joke, it's pretty fucked up."

I stood up and walked towards the exit. I heard footsteps behind me but didn't bother to turn around. I ran outside to my car and locked the doors.

Adeline's POV

"Um... I'm gonna go check on Harry."

I walked outside and saw him in his car, swearing under his breath. I mean, what do you expect? He's been through two dads in his life, and now another one. And my dad got his mom pregnant. They're gonna have a baby! Oh my gosh, they're gonna have a baby...

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