Broken (1D)

He's broken. But so am I. We're all broken. Like mirrors, one tap and they shatter. Gone forever.
Adeline is not your normal 16 year old. Her mother died when she was 12. Leaving her with her alcoholic and abusive father. Four year later, Adeline still isn't over the pain of her mother's passing. Mentally and physically. She never expected the ever so famous One Direction to help her get back on track from her old life. But maybe they won't. Maybe they will realize that they are more broken than they thought...


8. The truth

Adeline's POV

​​"Married? Our parents are getting married?" 

"Yeah. They're gonna get married and Lucy will be your step mom. And I guess that also means your dad will be my step dad." 

"Oh my God when is the wedding"

"Well i don't know since your dad hasn't technically proposed yet. But Lucy is obviously going to say yes."

"This is insane! They can't get married yet they've barely known each other for five months!"

"No actually, Adeline, they've known each other for about two years now. Your dad just didn't want you to know I guess."

"Wait... what?"

"Um.. they've been having an affair for a while. I found out because Lucy accidentally texted me when she meant to text your dad. And trust me, it wasn't a good fun loving text."

Just then the front door opened.

"...hahaha oh wow Michael you make me laugh!"

"I know I'm super hilarious and I bet i can make anyone laugh."


"How would I not hear you" Harry muttered, clearly annoyed."YEAH SHE'S UP HERE WITH ME" He yelled.


"SURE MOM ILL HAPPILY DO WHATEVER YOU SAY"  Wow Harry was definitely pissed off now

We walked down the stairs and met Michael and Lucy standing together in the kitchen. They were laughing and I was glad that neither one had noticed that all of the alcohol. I gave my dad the look that said "what- do-you-want-I-was-in-the-middle-of-something-so-make-this-quick." 

"What do you need?" Harry asked

"Ask him not me" Lucy replied happily.

"Well, Lucy and I going out to dinner and it's somewhere fancy so dress nice. We'll leave at 7:00 so be ready."

Harry and I looked at each other and walked up the stairs silently. When we got to the top Harry mouthed, oh shit. We both went into my room and locked the door. 

"Oh my God Harry, what're we gonna do?? They can't get married and he's obviously gonna propose to her tonight and I get watch that. Harry they can't get married!"

"I know they can't get married Adeline! Let's both just get changed and ready to go and then we'll continue this conversation and that'll give us both time to think."


After Harry left the room, I went into my closet and pulled out my nice, tight fitted black dress that went right above my knee and my necklace that says Adeline on it from my mom on my tenth birthday. Then I put my hair into a half ponytail and clipped a pearl into it. I lightly did some makeup and I was ready to go. I stepped out into the hallway and Harry was standing out there, in a nice fitting black and white tux.


"Ready as I'll ever be." I replied 

"Okay, let's go wait in the car and talk this over."


Harry's POV

Adeline and I walked out to the car and decided that I would drive. The thing that bothered me the most was that Adeline didn't even know the worst about our parents getting married to each other. The fact was, one of our parents was bound to commit suicide. Or worse. Murder... she doesn't know Lucy's backstory. My real dad died of cancer, but my step dad died. And she knows that. What she doesn't know is how he died. Connect the dots here! It was murder. When I walked home the day he was murdered, I watched my mom drag a body out the back door. I saw that one of my mom's kitchen knives was gone. I immediately ran up to my room and locked the door. I had and emergency kit in there so I didn't come out for three days.

Now with all these terrible memories flooding through me, I almost cried. Until the two back doors opened and we were on our way. Holy crap, this is gonna be a long dinner.

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