Broken (1D)

He's broken. But so am I. We're all broken. Like mirrors, one tap and they shatter. Gone forever.
Adeline is not your normal 16 year old. Her mother died when she was 12. Leaving her with her alcoholic and abusive father. Four year later, Adeline still isn't over the pain of her mother's passing. Mentally and physically. She never expected the ever so famous One Direction to help her get back on track from her old life. But maybe they won't. Maybe they will realize that they are more broken than they thought...


4. New House

Adeline's POV

We pulled up in Harry's driveway. Omg his house was huge! It was like a mansion or something. 

"You like?" Harry said

I just nodded and thought in shock that this was gonna be my new home. When we walked inside, my dad and Lucy were already sitting at their kitchen table and Liam, Louis, and Niall were watching T.V. in the living room to the left of the kitchen.

"Would you like me to show you to your room Adeline?" Harry had asked 

"That'd be great!"

"Okay well, some one the heavier stuff is already up there so you don't have to worry about that."

As we were walking up the staircase to my new room, I really was admiring the house, it was so big and beautiful. 

We got to my room, and it was huge! I had a queen sized bed and my own bathroom in my room. Wow, I thought. Harry started to help me unpack my clothes but he stopped when he got to my undergarments, which I very happily took away from him.

We finally finished and I had several boxes to go still, but I had gotten all of my clothes unpacked. 

Harry had left my room already, so I was left alone. I took out my diary and started writing. I had written almost two pages about today's events when I heard a knock at my door.

"Come in."

"Hey Adeline it's just Niall."

"Hey Niall"

"How are you liking it here?"

"Good I guess. I haven't been here very long though"

"Yeah" he started moving closer and motioned if he could sit on my bed. I nodded.

"Adeline, I think your really pretty." 

I blushed so much. I was ugly, what does he mean I'm pretty? 

"Do you not think your pretty Adeline?" It was like he was reading my mind. 

"Never mind about that. So how are you? And why are you here so late? Shouldn't you be home?"

"I'm good. And I'm here because I live here. Lacy lets Liam, Louis and I stay in the guest bedrooms"

"Thats so nice of her!"

"Yeah, hey if you need anything, my room is the down the hall, third door on your right."

"Thanks Niall. Goodnight"

"Goodnight Adeline" then he leaned in and kissed my cheek.

I was so tired that as soon as I lied down in my bed, I fell asleep.

Harry's POV

I was in my room, reading another one of Adeline's diary entry's. I know it's wrong to invade her privacy, but I just felt so bad for her. This one was from when she was 12.

November 24

​Dad says that mom died tonight. But I don't believe it. Mom was healthy and all perfect this morning. The doctor said that she died because her heart died on her or something. I wasn't really listening. She left dad and I a note. It said stuff like how she loves us, sorry she had to leave. But she's not really gone. There's no way I could live without a mom for the rest of my life. She's not gone. She's not gone. She's not gone...


I wonder if Adeline is asleep yet. I really just want to give her a hug. She needs it. I got up out of bed, and walked over to her room. I knocked. No answer. Knocked again. No answer. I walked in to see Adeline sleeping in her bed, talking about something. I listened really close.

"! No! DAD NO!!.... stop... you can't do th-is-s s-ttop" she was crying now. Well, that's an understatement. It was more like weeping. I decided I would wake her up.

"..harry?" She sobbed

"Its okay Adeline, shhhhh. Your okay"

I continued to hold her until she stopped crying. 

"I'm sorry I ruined your shirt Harry." 

"Its fine it's just a shirt. Goodnight Adeline"

"Wait! Harry will you stay with me please?"

I crawled into bed with her. She fell asleep in my arms. I held her like that until morning.  

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