Traveling| C.H

Beauty is a word not used on me. It's a word that people limit to girls who are popular, "sexy", but I call them fake. Maybe, just maybe if he hadn't traveled, I would be considered beautiful too.



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Can people just learn that I'm not like them? No? Point taken, this is the society we live in. I miss the one person who cared for me, my parents died, everyone turned on me, I had such an amazing life before, you know, maybe I shouldn't tell you. But he was special. Even my band consisting of my 3 best friends turned away, and I can't leave the band.

Well, since you're reading this, you probably came to learn about my story. I'm Mailyn, an American-Finnish girl with problems. Everyone has problems. I just don't know why the hate me after sharing one of mine. I live in Seattle, Washington, but I miss my family in Finland. Honestly, if the family I stayed with after my parents died live back home, my life will be upside down. America will never be my home. I mean, Donald Trump has been elected people!

I go down stairs of the house I live in. I live near a lake with super steep roads you would feel pain walking to my doorstep. The lake was beautiful, I admit, but I feel that this house it out of my league. I remember when I met my best friend here.

*4 Years Ago*

A new family was visiting our school for 3 months, and if the liked it here, they could stay. Calum Hood was here, with his mom and sister. Him and his sister went to my school, Olken Wood High School for the time he was here.

I went to school the next day and tried to find one of them. I fell a strike of pain flash through my body as someone elbowed my books into my stomach.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, are you okay? Here let me help you" A boy. I've never heard this voice. I look up to see someone with chocolate brown eyes and hair

"I'm Calum Hood." He said, shaking my hand.

"And I'm Mailyn Saukern." I say.

And with that a new friendship was born, leaving Mailyn finally feel accepted in society.

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