The Promise

Ever felt an undeniable attraction to someone?

Even though you know he can never truly be yours?

Well, I have, I'm the girl who will settle for even a glimpse of happiness.

Well, here we go, here's my story.....


1. 10 years before.


Ever felt like you're drawn to someone, like you've been undyingly attached to another person's soul and you won't feel settled until you're reunited with that person? Yeah well I've felt that and I've the guilt of loving another girl's man, making me feel even guiltier as that girl was dying.

Let's reverse 10 years, I'm sitting outside Milbrook Hospice under the massive hawthorn tree in the courtyard, when a young boy, he's just turned 19 comes running out of the hospice and throws up all over the beautiful flowerbeds. I jump to my feet and run inside to get him a cool facecloth and a glass of water. You see that's what I'm good at, looking after people, looking after my ill mother, looking after my little brothers, looking after my devastated father and now looking after this poor suffering boy even though I was 5 years his junior.

I ran back outside to the boy, he was called Liam and in my eyes he was the most perfect human I had ever seen. I placed the cold compress on his forehead and made him take small sips of water.

"Thanks, Curly Sue." He grimanced on account of my long curly auburn hair. He then proceeded to burst into tears.

"She's going, How can I possibly watch my best friend leave me?" He cried.

He was talking about his girlfriend and business partner, they had known each other since birth, in fact Liam was only 5 days older than she waa and they had grew up together inventing different machines together. I thought about them as the pair of mad scientists but then Shelby got ill and they married at 18 because they had promised each other as kids that they would be together forever. I knew all this because sometimes when my mother was asleep and Shelby was alone, I would go and read to her and let her talk, I didn't say much to her just gave her some time to vent her own feelings but talking to her gave me that attachment to Liam to look after him even though he didn't have a clue who this little 12 year old girl that he called Curly Sue was.

It was during these chats that Shelby had made me promise her that once I was settled in my own life, I was to go back and check on Liam to make sure he had moved on and was finally happy.


So here we are ten years later and I'm on the doorstep of Liam Payne's doorstep, to fulfil a promise that I had made as a little to her a girl about a boy that I could never ever forget.

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