The Selection ||A.I||

(Yes I am aware of the book called The Selection by Kierra Cass, I'm simply just making a parody of the book, just like people do of the Hunger Games)


1. Prologue

"I'm only here for two things...‚Äč" I said....

"Hmm, and what is that love?" He questioned....

"Well, obviously its not you... But its to support my friend, and to help my family" I smirked, walking away..

I left him there, shocked, gob smacked, whatever you want to say..... But he ran after me..

"We'll see about that..." He grabs my wrist, turns me around, kisses my hand, smirks and walks away...

Then there I was, my mouth dropped open, I was shocked... God, this will never end will it?


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