The Selection ||A.I||

(Yes I am aware of the book called The Selection by Kierra Cass, I'm simply just making a parody of the book, just like people do of the Hunger Games)


2. Introducing the Characters

Omg Guys you dont know how excited i am to write this!!!
So without Further a do im going to the characters!   Prince Info:
Ashton Fletcher Irwin, Age: 21, he has Prince Like Manners, and loves practicing music, and obviously 1.   THE SELECTED INFO:
Actual Name            |           Character Info:
Ally(@EmotionallyUnstable): Kassima Louise Morrison, she's a 4, she loves to practice music, her father is dead, and she has 4 siblings.  

Meli(@xxXMELIXxx): Melissa Marie Moon, she loves to sing, write and draw... She loves to design and she is a 3 and has an older brother..  

Savvy(@Robotica): Savanna Rose Mills, she love love loves Animals, especially cats, she has 2 older brothers and has a talent for cooking, she is a 3.  

Elizabeth-Lizzy-(@TWSShadownight): Elizabeth Rosemary Stylinson, she loved to read, she wrote a book, still waiting to publish it, her fathers a Northen Rebel, she is a 4.  

Mickey(@Mickayla)- Mickayla Marie Sanchez, she can speak many languages, she is one of the only hispanics left, loves to dance, she is a professional dancer, she is a 3.  

Danii(@Danii Brown)- Daniella Elizabeth Rogers, she can only play violin, but is very famous for it,has 5 siblings, she is a 5.  
Ally #2(@Ally Boo)- Alliyah Christine Rosemary the 4th, she is a model, she has 4 siblings, and is a 3.  

Lauren(@Punkassmikey)- Lauren Marie Simpson, she's studying to become a teacher, she has a twin sister, and is a 3.  

Thymka(@Cara<3)- Thymka Elizabetha Quizphi, she dances, plays music, and has 6 siblings, she is a 6.   Lara(@Quoter)- Lara Louise Simon, she loves science, and has 2 siblings, and is a 5...  

Lily(@Wonder Lust) Lillian Rose Rogers, she loves reading and writing, she is a 4..  

(And one more because I feel like it)
Briar Rose Marie Brookes, she loves computer science, has 2 siblings and is a 6.....

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