The Selection ||A.I||

(Yes I am aware of the book called The Selection by Kierra Cass, I'm simply just making a parody of the book, just like people do of the Hunger Games)


4. Chapter 2

Elizabeths P.O.V

"Thank you all for coming!" My voice boomed through out the dining hall. "This means a lot to me that  this many people came to here for the debut of my book" I smiled and started the projection and then the words Selection popped up on the Slideshow. "I forgot to tell you all, I am signing up for the Selection! I adore Prince Ashton, and he adores reading like me! Hopefully I can write a story about my experience!" The audience cheered. I moved to the next slide and talked about my book more.

-1 hour later-
I signed a couple of books and smiled at how many kids enjoyed the story of MY Cinderella Story a girl and a celebrity. Some girls dressed like 'Cinderella' while the boys dressed like 'Prince Charming'. After that we had a mini Cinderella ball, and some of the girls had their first kiss, and it was so cute! It was so cute that, I almost died of cuteness!! Before the event ended I got asked to dance by someone so familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. After the dance he kissed my hand and said farewell, which left me dumbfounded. Not many boys do that these days, so that's why I cant put my finger on it anymore.

Mickeys P.O.V
"And twirl!!!" My dance instructor said. I twirled like a ballerina. I do many dances, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Irish Jig, everything you can name, I can do. I can even speak many languages, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and etc. I take dance lessons to keep up with new trends. Anyways now I have to go a private school, and my teacher is making me read Elizabeth Stylinson's new book. She was like 'Oh its such a good book you'll enjoy it love!'. I.Hate.Reading. It's horrible! I prefer Mathematics over English any day. Even though I prefer Mathematics I have no idea how to do the problem. 

Suddenly, my thoughts drew me to thinking about Prince Ashton, and how toned he is and.......
"MICKEY!" My mother shouted. 

"YES???" I shouted back.

"SIGN UP FOR THE SELECTION PLEASE MIJA " I knew she really wanted me to sign up when she said Mija.

"Si Mommy! I willy tomorrow!" 

Looks like my dream is coming true.

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