The Selection ||A.I||

(Yes I am aware of the book called The Selection by Kierra Cass, I'm simply just making a parody of the book, just like people do of the Hunger Games)


3. Chapter 1

Thymka's P.O.V

It was dinner time in my little house, if you could even call it that. It was so tiny, my brothers don't even have their own rooms. Out of 7 children, I was the only girl. So therefore I get my own room because i'm special an their not. Anyways, my mom said the selection was coming around and that I have to sign up and act all princess like and shit like that. I'll tell you a couple things, 1. I FUCKING HATE LONG DRESSES, 2. I despise tiaras 3. I HATE PRINCE ASHTON, and last but not least, 4. IM A 6 AND THE PRINCE WOULD HATE ME, WERE NOTHING ALIKE. And those are the 4 reasons I hate and will never do the selection..

"THYMKA!" One of my younger brothers asked, I think it was Julio. "CAN YOU POP A PIMPLE ON MY BACK?"
This was my glorious life... Its like god hates me...And the problem was, my Mum wasn't even alive anymore! It was 7 boys against 1 little 18 year old girl, I do all the cleaning, cooking, laundry and I had a fucking job! If this is what parenthood is like, I don't want kids ever then.
"DO IT YOURSELF!!!!" I yelled at him, hoping he wont beg, but of course, he was going to beg, I don't know why I even bother.

"B-but Thymka I cant reach it!" He runs out of his room shirtless, and pouts at me.

"Fine! Turn around and ill pop it for you okay!?" I nearly popped his little head, as if it was a giant pimple its self. He turned around and I started squeezing is pimple, and I swear I gagged about like 15 times. I gave up, I gagged and then ran to the bathroom and puked, and what did you know, more of a mess for me to clean up. I swear to god I hate these boys. I just wish my Mum was still here, she would've helped me. I ran to my room and started crying, god, why is my life so horrible?

So how did you guys like the first chapter?

I promise the next one will be longer..

Comment how you feel about it!

See you later!

Chrissy <3


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